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Why Gun-Free Zones Will Never Prevent Violence

October 4, 2013 Featured, First Responders, Self-Defense 3 Comments

After the Washington Navy Yard shootings two weeks ago, the gun control and background check issues have come up for discussion again, as has the idea of creating more gun-free zones. I don’t know how to break it to the anti-gun people, but it’ll never work to lower violence.

Washington, D.C., Chicago and New York City have the most stringent gun-control laws in the nation, and yet they still have a huge number of gun-related incidents every year, by people who usually have possession of them illegally. But let’s look beyond gun-related crimes. How about violent crimes? A number of individuals in the anti-gun crowd tout the idea of being passive. In a study of rape cases, there was a 32% instance of successful rapes on women who were unarmed, and a 3% instance in women who were armed and defended themselves. Are those numbers counted in cases of gun violence? Not unless the woman shoots her attacker, in which case it increases the numbers of gun violence incidents, not rapes or murders prevented.

I saw a definition of gun control recently that really grabbed my attention on how the repercussions of gun control are glossed over by the media: β€œThe theory that a woman found dead and raped in an alleyway, strangled by her own pantyhose, is somehow morally superior to one explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal gunshot wound.”

It should be about Equal Rights.

This is exactly the route we should be taking with governments and individuals who are in favor of stringent gun control laws – they are against equality. Equality says that I have a right to level the playing field against an attacker, no matter if I’m a woman, disabled, elderly or small in stature. Why is it that the same people who are crying out that everyone must have equal rights no matter what are ALSO espousing an idea that says I’m not equal because I am not allowed to meet force with force to defend my life?

Wasn’t my right to life part of the Declaration of Independence? I’m pretty sure I remember something about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness somewhere in there. Why are the same people who are in favor of equality and against capital punishment of convicted violent felons saying I am inferior to and have less right to life than a murderer who has taken life? They don’t say that out loud, but that is what their words and actions equate to.


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