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Should Dwight Howard Face Charges For Gun In Bag At Houston Airport?

September 3, 2015 Featured, From The Right, Question of the Day: No Comments

“Of course he should not face charges. Not only is carrying a gun legal, it is the smart thing, and the right thing, to do. Dwight Howard has the right to protect himself as an American.” -RightToolForTheJob

“The anniversary of September 11th is coming up and we still allow this kind of risk? Airports, of all places, need security and DO NOT need random people with guns. As a celebrity, Dwight Howard should known better. He should be ashamed. The State of Texas should be ashamed for being so behind-the-times with their gun laws.” -LeftExposure

ESPN (HOUSTON) — Rockets center Dwight Howard was detained at George Bush Intercontinental Airport on Friday for having a handgun in his carry-on bag.

Houston Police Department spokesperson Kese Smith said Wednesday that Howard was stopped at Terminal E at 7 a.m. when Transportation Security Administration officials discovered a pistol in the bottom of a carry-on bag.

Howard told officials the gun was his, and after being detained by law enforcement officials he was allowed to give the handgun to an associate.

The Houston District Attorney’s office was contacted after Howard was detained and declined to press any criminal charges against him.

Howard was allowed to board a later flight.

photo credit Ira Bostic /

photo credit Ira Bostic /

ESPN has the full story…

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