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Question of the Day: If You Saw This Would You Respond?

Question: If You Saw An Officer Being Beaten/Assaulted, Would You Step In With Your Firearm?

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This very good question comes in from a  Concealed Nation reader, Lance, and we wanted to share it with everyone to get your thoughts on the topic.

Let’s say you’re walking around downtown and happen upon, say, two people who were attacking a police officer. The officer, for the purposes of this discussion, seems to be unable to defend himself at the time.

As a concealed carrier, do you step in to try and help?


I was asked this by a coworker the other day and didn’t really have a good answer. Q- if you were out somewhere and saw a LEO being jumped and beaten would you intervene? I said that the laws don’t favor civilians intervening. Also told him that I really wasn’t sure what I would do in that situation. With all that’s going on right now I felt this would be a good topic for discussion.

While it’s definitely not an everyday occurrence, it has happened before (although I can’t find the link right now). So, what would you do?

So many variables, but IMO, it’s all about saving another human being. Them being a police officer isn’t factored into the equation. If I saw anyone being brutally assaulted, I’d step in if able. I’m sure they’d be glad you were there.

Guys Lets us know how you would react.  Comment Below!

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