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Mohave Daily News Supervisors lift weapons ban at libraries

July 3, 2013 Featured, Gun Control No Comments

KINGMAN — The gun debate raged on Monday when the county supervisors unanimously removed the ban of weapons at county libraries.

Several speakers spoke out for and against allowing guns in the 10 county branch libraries. The library district citizen’s advisory committee told the board that they opposed allowing guns in the libraries because of the number of elementary-age school children who use the libraries, which should be considered safe zones. Gun lockers are available at all 10 branch libraries in the county.

One speaker questioned whether there actually would be gun fights over the use of computers at the library. She also never heard of a legally armed citizen interfering with or being mistaken by police officers during a shooting situation.

In supporting a gun ban, the citizen’s advisory committee argued that an emotionally unstable armed person checking out a book or using a computer could get agitated and pull out the weapon, escalating a dangerous situation.

Two religious leaders, a deacon from Dolan Springs and a minister from Kingman, supported a gun ban, arguing that a library, like a school or church, is not a place for guns. One said he never heard of any stories where an armed law abiding citizen stopped a shooting but he has heard of a 5-year-old accidentally shooting and killing his father. Another supporter of a ban said it would be common sense not to allow guns in a library.

Another speaker who opposed the gun ban said if you create a “no weapons” zone, you only create a killing zone. She also argued that children see more guns in movies and video games.

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