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Man being Robbed Defends Himself With His Concealed Weapon

September 7, 2015 Education, Featured, Gun Control, Self-Defense, Video No Comments

Teenager Puts Gun In Driver’s Face, Demands Sunglasses

— Gets Bullet Instead


A 17-year-old boy is listed as being in critical condition after he tried to rob a concealed carrier at gunpoint.  The event took place late Wednesday afternoon in Detroit’s east side.  A young father who was working as an exterminator saw a teenager approach him and try to rob him for his sunglasses.

Angela Lanier tells 7 Action News her 24-year-old son Joe fired his gun when the teenager tried robbing him while he was sitting in his car. She says he was on the job as an exterminator when the teenager pulled a gun on him for his sunglasses.

Joe Lanier says, “The boy tried to rob me, and I shot him. That’s what happened.”

He also went on to say, “That’s why he’s in the hospital and not me.”

According to WXYZ, Joe Lanier has a legal permit to carry a concealed firearm in the State of Michigan and pending a ruling from the district attorney, the incident is expected to be ruled self-defense.

story –WXYZ

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