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Law-Abiding Foster Parents Lose Kids Because They Own A Firearm

September 2, 2015 From The Left, Laws No Comments

The Bebers have cared for over 100 foster children and keep a legally owned firearm in their home, as reported by Patriot Outdoor News.

Meet Kristi and Rod Beber; they’re foster parents who have cared for over 100 children and live in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. After waking to a domestic dispute on their property on the night of April 3, Kristi called 911 and Rod grabbed his legally owned firearm, according to local NBC-affiliate station KSNS:

Father Son with gun

“You want to protect your family and your house,” Rod said. “As a (Conceal and Carry a Weapon card) holder, one of the first things you want to do is take control of the situation.”


The incident ended when police arrived. A report was taken, no one arrested and no one was charged – but that wasn’t the end. Three months later, the Department of Family Services pulled the Bebers’ foster license.

The agency told the Bebers in documents that “the incident did not describe an adult exercising sound judgment.” And it cited a law that forbids any foster parent from having a loaded firearm in their home, regardless of the situation. Continue reading at



LeftExposure “These foster children have been through much already… Unfortunately they were placed in a home with foster parents who ignore rules about having a loaded gun in the home. I am thankful that none of these or past foster children were harmed by the gun. We should focus more on helping children and less on the possession of dangerous weapons.”

RightToolForTheJob “The Bebers are clearly loving people who have done great work with foster children over the years. Additionally, they maintain the ability to protect those children when bad people try to do bad things. This case presents a loss for the children and a win for the criminals… and the gun grabbers. Way to go, Liberals… you just destabilized the lives of more kids, all in the name of gun control.

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