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Jeb Bush Echoes Many Americans With His Opinion

Jeb Bush on Gun Laws:

Federal Government Should Stay Out

Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush answers questions from employees of Nephron Pharmaceutical Company in West Columbia, South Carolina. Before talking with the employees of the Orlando, Florida based company Bush took a tour of the facility in West Columbia, South Carolina.

photo credit Rich Koele /

photo credit Rich Koele /


Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday that the federal government should stay out of gun regulations, calling for a greater focus on mental illness following last week’s on-air shooting of two journalists in Virginia.

“Here’s what I know to be true: Gun violence in the country has dropped significantly, but these sad cases of very public cases, like last week in Roanoke, Virginia, where a reporter and cameraperson was shot down by a person who was deranged, and I think that’s where we need to focus our issues, is the mental illness,” the Republican presidential candidate said at a town hall event at La Progressiva Presbyterian School in Miami.

“He bought a gun, apparently, legally. He had no criminal background record,” Bush said, referring to the Virginia killer. “I don’t know how you would solve that problem unless we began to identify people that had mental health issues, which this person clearly did.”

Jeb Bush is going about the issue in the complete opposite direction many have chosen to take on the Roanoke shooting. Many immediately jump on guns, saying if there were stricter laws in place, shootings like that wouldn’t have happened. He also answered a future voter’s question about stricter gun laws and whether or not teachers should carry during school. Jeb also shares the opinion with several other pro-gun politicians by saying guns in large cities and guns in rural areas (where it is also a part of the culture) are two different things. He thinks the country is very different and should operate by state laws, and that the federal government does not need to be involved.  I couldn’t agree more, we need to address the people behind the guns, it’s laughable to even say that there have been instances where a gun shot a person by itself. People kill people with tools, and we need to actually look at the issue of the person who is killing rather than the tool. Guns have been used by good people for good and bad people for bad, but never should we allow our Second Amendment to be infringed on, in any way.  Regarding gun control, he makes a very valid point.   More at:  Defend and Carry

Jeb also stated: “Historically when this happens, the 99.9 percent of the cases of people using guns safely for their private pursuits, using them legally, their rights get restricted, and it doesn’t solve the problems of these isolated sad tragic cases,” Bush later added.

Could he be onto something here?

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