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Guns at Kroger: The Next Target of Moms Demand Action

It’s happened to Target, Chipolte, Sonic, Starbucks, Chili’s and Jack in the Box. Moms Demand Action, a gun control group headed by mom of five Shannon Watts and backed by $50 million of Michael Bloomberg’s money. Time and again, they’ve gone after establishments who allow their customers to open carry and lobbied against them.

They start by circulating petitions to ask the store to not allow open carry in their stores or restaurants, and then when the store stating it will follow state and federal regulations, the organization starts a boycott and social media nightmare until the business capitulates and no longer allows open carry on their premises.

Apparently Kroger, the national grocery chain, is next on their agenda.

The Problem

As I stated back in October, gun-free zones just don’t work to keep people safe. Someone who is open carrying is usually well aware of their legal rights, is a peaceful citizen and probably isn’t there to shoot the place up. Someone who is getting ready to rob or shoot up the store probably isn’t that worried whether the store  has a policy against open carry or not. In fact, they may prefer that the store not allow weapons because it creates a soft target – or would that be Target?

All the business knows is that its losing business. What it may not realize is how much more business they stand to lose from law-abiding citizens who will not shop or eat at an establishment where they cannot protect themselves or their family. Because these same citizens aren’t willing to slink to the same lows that Moms Demand Action will, the business only realizes that their share of the market never really recovered and can’t figure out why. They may even blame gun owners for bringing the wrath of MDA down on them and think they’ve permanently lost customers affiliated with MDA who hadn’t heard the store capitulated in the end.

Possible Solutions

How do we, as gun owners, support Kroger during this time? Send letters or email to their corporate office. Talk to the clerks and the manager when you go in the store. Be sure to tell them that you realize that they’re under a lot of pressure from MDA to ban open carry in their stores, but that as a gun owner, you appreciate that Kroger has been standing up for your right to defend yourself. Tell them that you only feel comfortable shopping in businesses that allow you to defend yourself and your family from harm. Tell them that a no weapons policy makes their store less safe, not more.

Image courtesy of mcsquishee at Flickr.

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