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Daily Kos: GunFAIL XX

May 31, 2013 Gun Control, Gun Gallery No Comments

This week’s image is courtesy of The TSA Blog, and features six of the 29 guns discovered by TSA agents at airports across the country this week. That’s how many Responsible Gun OwnersTM claim to have completely forgotten about that object to which they otherwise claim to have attached so much importance in their lives, that they’d only let it go when pried from their cold, dead hands. But at least the total is down from the record 65 such guns discovered just the week before.

Our compilation this week—the 20th we’ve designated with our official-looking Roman numerals—features three gun-cleaning accidents, four home invasion shootings, six target practice accidents (including one in which the victim was shot at a toddler’s birthday party over a mile away), four people showing off new guns who accidentally shot themselves or the people they were showing off to, three who bought guns for family or self-protection and ended up shooting themselves and/or family members with them instead, and two cops and two soldiers involved in accidents. Additionally, the Kids of GunFAIL are a little older this week, the victims being 2, 7, 14, 15, 15, 17 & 17 years old, plus two teenagers of unknown ages.

Post Continues: Daily Kos: GunFAIL XX.

Anyone care to point out the logic failures in this piece below?

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