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Obama’s American Schadenfreude.

Schadenfreude as defined by Webster’s is deriving pleasure from the pain of others. And while the term is German the application is very much politically American. What else could it be called when the President of the United States seeks to punish the American people for not going along with …

Why Gun-Free Zones Will Never Prevent Violence

After the Washington Navy Yard shootings two weeks ago, the gun control and background check issues have come up for discussion again, as has the idea of creating more gun-free zones. I don’t know how to break it to the anti-gun people, but it’ll never work to lower violence. Washington, …

Mo. Man Tries to Stick Up Clerk Who Also Happens to Be a Four-Deployment Iraq War Vet — Guess Who It Doesn’t End Well For | Video |

September 3, 2013 Featured, Self-Defense No Comments

Bad idea: holding up a store clerk who happens to be proficient in firearms. Worse idea: holding up a store clerk who is not only proficient in firearms, but who also happens to be an Iraq war veteran and a former prison guard and private investigator.Jon Lewis Alexander, 54, is …

Hestons Tradition continued by Ice-T- NEWSMAX

Tracy Marrow is better known by his stage name, Ice-T. Ice-T initially secured fame by being one of the early practitioners of a form of rap music known as gangsta rap. After co-founding the band Body Count, the urban music artist became even more famous for a public controversy that eventually …

More Americans Are Standing Up for Stand-Your-Ground Laws – Businessweek

President Barack Obama, Senator John McCain, and a host of others may have doubts about stand-your-ground laws, but a majority of Americans in a new poll favor the controversial provisions. With respondents dividing along racial and gender lines, voters back stand-your-ground provisions 53 percent to 40 percent, according to a …

Is it OK to kill in self-defense?

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