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Teen takes guard duty for deputy pumping gas, and the story goes viral!

A Texas deputy’s story and photo about a teenager who stood guard in the rain to make sure she was safe is taking the Internet by storm. With the execution-style murder of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth still in the public mind,  Harris County Deputy Constable Tommi Jones Kelley wrote …

What an embarrassment to this community! [Video]

The Memphis HOOD Came Out In FULL FORCE To The Local Fair. . . And They BEAT UP The Ride Attendant . . . Because They Line Was MOVING TOO SLOW!!!                                                                    (If You’re From MEMPHIS . . . Can You Please Explain THIS MENTALITY??) I guess Black lives matter sometimes, …

Cartoon: Gun-Free Zones Are A Big Fail

“I completely disagree. Think of how many lives are saved by gun-free zones. Because nothing happens there, you  never hear about it.” -LeftExposure “Gun-free zones are mass-shooting zones. Bad guys won’t try anything if armed citizens are ready to defend themselves.” -RightToolForTheJob  

Cartoon – ‘How Liberals View Gun Violence’

September 11, 2015 Cartoons, From The Right No Comments

Cartoon: Arming Teachers

September 6, 2015 Cartoons No Comments

“Ever notice how many times Liberals invoke images of children to push their gun control agenda? Their arguments are based in emotions, not logic or facts.” -RightToolForTheJob “Children are not soldiers and their teachers are not Drill Sergeants. Putting more guns in school only hurts all of us.” -LeftExposure

9 Devastating August Cartoons That Show How Incompetent Barack Obama Is! Truly Mind Blowing.

There is zero doubt the Obama administration is proving to be the most incompetent in American history. These cartoons just from the events of August of this year show just how out of touch he truly is. Share these to Facebook and other social media so that the low information …

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