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Australia’s Gun Ban Results in More Guns Than Ever…New Findings

September 10, 2015 Buying a Gun, From The Right, Gun Control, Politics No Comments

“More proof that Gun Control and Gun Bans do not work. The Australian Senator is correct: People kill people. Guns do not kill people.” -RightToolForTheJob

“The gun industry and gun nuts continue to twist the facts. I have been to Australia and felt safe the entire time. No guns required.” -LeftExposure – Isn’t it annoying when people say “I told you so”? Uh huh. Let’s just leave it at that and move down to Australia, where in 1996 the government flat out banned guns. Why? A looney lone nutcase went on a shooting rampage in Tasmania and killed a bunch of people. Because leftists believe the guns are the problem and people are just svengalis to guns, they banned all the guns. Of course, Obama, Hater-of-Guns-and-Freedom in Chief, praised the move. And may have been green with indignant envy that the Auzzies did it and the Americans hadn’t. Just guessing here.

While “gun violence” went down, “violence” of the every other variety kind of went up. Weird. Take away people’s means of self-defense, and they can’t defend themselves. That’s got to be called something…lemme think about it…Oh right, LOGIC. Behold charts:



But since the gun ban, guns have been creeping back into Australian hands. They’ve belly-crawled across the barren desert, they’ve slithered across rivers, they’ve infiltrated homes, they’re beating wives and abusing children! No, actually they’re helping the Australians. Defend themselves. Dang it, there’s that logic thing again. And now the Auzzies are hoping to get their hands on a Turkish shotgun, which has the leftists all in a crazy twitter of paranoia. So not much of a routine change, actually.


Since the gun ban, Australia has issued 37,000 gun licenses in the past five years, a jump from 177,675 to 215,462. In New South Wales (NSW), gun ownership has gone up 10%.

Alarmingly, in 22 of the state’s 600 postcodes, registered guns outnumber people.

Here’s the part that will annoy every anti-gun advocate in a thousand mile radius:

There did not appear to have been an increase in gun related crime that related to the increase in licenses.


Got that? Gun ban in 1996. The government flat out confiscated weapons. It was mandatory. A gun grab. Now more people than ever have guns. Gun crime has not gone up. Because gun bans totally work…NOT.

Not to worry, the Australian media is worried about impending doom and is already blaming the United States for any future issues they might have. They’re being sneaky about it, but here it is:

Detective Superintendent Mick Plotecki said the United State’s popular national gun laws, and the country’s influence on Australia through popular culture, was likely to be driving the increase in licence holders in the state.

‘There is an element in the community who are swayed by the US culture that guns are a right rather than a privilege,’ Supt Plotecki told News Corp.

Yes, they’re blaming the movies. It’s the Terminator’s fault, you guys. It’s totally Mad Max’s fault. It’s totally the fault of America and stuff. But hey, for now we Americans can revel in the idea we’re also exporting some of our nifty ideas, like freedom and the basic human right to self-defense. Which is a right, by the way, not a privilege. Man, that logic thing keeps coming up. Annoying.

“It’s not the gun that makes the danger, it’s the person that makes the danger, and blaming a gun for the danger is the wrong way around.”

Senator Leyonhjelm of Australia



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