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Gun Debate.comĀ is a joint project between Liberty Alliance, an INC 500 media publishing network and RejectedMedia a company dedicated to bringing you thoughtful, yet entertaining content about issues the traditional media would reject. Our goal with GunDebate is to surface the best content around the web around the issue of guns, the second Amendment, crime and governments worldwide.

Our goal, is to increase your passion, create a community and to make you think. At times, you will see a guest columnist who differ with the some of the positions of this editorial staff. We are actively seeking to respond to those who wish to put limits on the 2nd Amendment and consider ourselves supporters of the right to bear arms. Because to our way of thinking- the right to free speech was wisely proceeded by the 2nd Amendment’s ability to protect that liberty with life.

sic semper tyrannis

Molon Labe

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