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Are blacks treated differently when they open carry?

by Eric Vought We have had media attention recently to two different types of open carry demonstrations, the members of Open Carry Texas and the controversy over Chile’s, Sonic, etc., and the Huey P. Newton Gun Club’s demonstration in Houston whose black members marched as a statement of post-Ferguson community-solidarity. …

Tennessee v. Garner and Missouri’s Use of Force Statute

Case Law Books

by Eric Vought A grand jury is currently convening in the matter of the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson and whether the shooting was a justified use of force by Darren Wilson. This post will detail some of the issues of law in Missouri in determining that question and perhaps …

Alternative to the Police State Violence in Ferguson

by Eric Vought Gun-control advocates like to say that the militia, and therefore the Second Amendment, is obsolete. We have professional forces of police, Guard, and military now, and citizen participation is simply not necessary. Ferguson gives the lie to that argument. If a volunteer law enforcement chaplain, black, had …

3 Reasons the Ferguson Riot Happened

Image of street with police officer in riot gear

by Eric Vought It will likely be some time yet before we have any real idea why and how Mike Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri. The Chief of Police has said that if the shooter is indicted, the evidence will be released as part of the trial record, and …

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