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Cartoon: Gun-Free Zones Are A Big Fail

“I completely disagree. Think of how many lives are saved by gun-free zones. Because nothing happens there, you  never hear about it.” -LeftExposure “Gun-free zones are mass-shooting zones. Bad guys won’t try anything if armed citizens are ready to defend themselves.” -RightToolForTheJob  

Cartoon: Arming Teachers

September 6, 2015 Cartoons No Comments

“Ever notice how many times Liberals invoke images of children to push their gun control agenda? Their arguments are based in emotions, not logic or facts.” -RightToolForTheJob “Children are not soldiers and their teachers are not Drill Sergeants. Putting more guns in school only hurts all of us.” -LeftExposure

When Rednecks Attack.

This image is important because this is the image media outlets such as The Los Angles Times put out with attempts to sway the ignorant into taking away your constitutional rights. The goal of the image is to scream overweight stupid Redneck. A man child with barely an IQ above …

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