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Shootings In New York Have Risen

August 19, 2014 Education, Laws 3 Comments

Shootings have risen in New York by 12% during the same time frame as the federal court ruling against “stop and frisk” police tactics has taken hold, with one Brooklyn district seeing a spike of nearly 50%.


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  • That is interesting and not entirely unexpected. We knew that Stop and Frisk was having some effect, the question was whether it was moral and Constitutional policy. The Federal court ruled that it was not Constitutional (under most circumstances) and has limited the practice. The question becomes: given that it is having such a large effect on public safety, what OTHER techniques are potentially available which would pass Constitutional muster but might have at least a portion of the same effect?

    Also, how much of this effect is because of the unique lack of deterrent in New York City? Very little law abiding carry means that ONLY the criminals are armed and an armed assailant has little fear of encountering armed reprisal. In the short term, adding more arms to the situation would probably increase violence, but it cannot seriously be argued that armed defenders are NOT also a deterrent feared by criminals and used judiciously it would have a long-term effect. Another option might be armed undercover officers, constables, or VIPS/watch (would have to be armed/armored for their own safety) to enable LE to react more quickly to reasonable suspicion to an actual offense rather than Stop and Frisk with insufficient suspicion. When I was living in Arlington, armed undercover officers (honey traps, basically) were often used to deter/catch muggers.

    • CatKinNY

      Hey! Remember when I told you this would happen because of VA changing their sale of hand gun laws? It was long before an easing of Stop and Frisk (which is not gone).

      Here’s what’s going to happen. NYC will once again trace the majority of hand guns used in homicides to VA, and this time we’re going to sue VA for the cost of their idiotic laws. What a court will decide, I don’t know, but I certainly predicted all of this before De Blasio was ever elected.

      • “…and this time we’re going to sue VA for the cost of their idiotic laws.”

        So, why precisely do these Virginia guns have such a startling effect on residents of NYC which they do not have on residents of Virginia, even given that VA residents have much better access to them than do NYC residents? Could it be related to the artificial scarcity of guns among law abiding citizens in NYC as created by NYC policy? If VA is at fault for that, then Mexico is at the root of our drug problem.

        Personally, I think that *we* are at the root of our own drug problem and that NYC is responsible for its gun problem, but that’s just me.

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