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Question of the Day: Your thoughts on the Trayvon Martin Trial.

July 1, 2013 Featured, Question of the Day: 4 Comments

We want to know what your opinions are of the Trayvon Martin case thus far.


Specifically at issue is the Florida “Stand your ground” law that initially kept George Zimmerman out of jail until a public outcry led to his arrest and being charged with 2nd Degree murder.


Now that we are entering the second week of the trial, we wanted to know your thoughts on how you think the trial is going for both sides. Sound off in our comments below this post. 


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  • EdRobin FerrariJr

    This trial is a waste of Tax payers money ,The Stand your ground law was supposed to partly get rid of most of these expensive trials !Florida you screwed yourself and made Zimmerman a very rich person for violating his constitutional rights ,Cant even follow your own laws fn liberals

  • EdRobin FerrariJr

    Tm got what he deserved !!!!!!!

  • Jerry Patterson

    I am still looking for justice for Zimmerman by those that were persecuting him for not letting Martin kill him. There should be disbarment for the judicial and prosecutorial withholding of exculpatory evidence. As well as penalties for the false reports of the media.

  • DMJo

    Trayvon would have been alive today if he had just walked to his father’s girlfriend’s home. Instead, he chose to cop an attitude and teach that “white-a** cracker” (Trayvon’s words) a lesson; in doing so, he caused his own death. It’s sad that such a young man died, but he did bring it on himself.

    Hopefully, other teenaged boys will learn a lesson from this to be respectful, follow the laws, and don’t go looking for trouble.

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