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Question of the Day: Are Guns Racial?

August 2, 2013 Featured, Question of the Day: 1 Comment

Three days ago, ran a story with the headline: “Guns Are For White People“. Since we are suppose to be living in a post-racial society, we wanted to pose two questions: First, are guns, in fact, for white people? Secondly, what is the agenda behind making such a broad statement from a magazine whose founder is so anti-gun? Please post the comments to the website so that a larger audience can see your thoughts.

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  • anoesis

    If one uses the statistics about crime in black communities and the fact that a convicted felon cannot LEGALLY own a gun then the logical conclusion is that guns are for white people. If there was no black on whoever or whatever crime data with which to be concerned there would then be the Hispanic crime data which is worse than white crime data. Eliminate that also and there would be VERY little violent crime in this country. OF COURSE there is TOO much but it is a proven fact that white people commit mostly corporate crime not violent crime. Considering the amount of legally owned firearms there are by white people, not to mention the ones that are illegal according to our government, and the small amount of gun crime committed by us, the agenda behind the article is to fool the FOOLS who believe that a gun will grow hands and feet and walk through the building killing heartlessly and they should be taken from everyone. Have any of you EVER noticed that the mass shootings (always by white people) are also ALWAYS committed in GUN FREE ZONES. Does ANYONE have smarts enough to understand that if there were NO gun free zones NO ONE would feel safe enough to go kill little innocent children. Makes me think it’s a govmint plot to discredit our guns because these people who have killed and maimed with KNIVES recently have gone almost completely UNREPORTED.

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