NRA Gun of the Week: Savage Arms 11/111 Hog Hunter Rifle

NRA Gun of the Week: Savage Arms 11/111 Hog Hunter Rifle American Rifleman’s Christopher Olsen introduces the Savage Arms 11/111 rifle. Like and Share!

NRA Gun of the Week: Tristar Arms Viper G2 SR Sport

American Rifleman’s Christopher Olsen dissects the features of the Tristar Arms Viper G2 SR Sport shotgun.  Great for Sport Shooting and maybe even hunting. Awe sweet! How Gorgeous is this??? Like and Share!

Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults Review

I started using the HDX-250 about one month ago and have been thoroughly pleased with every aspect of this safe. The lock operation is smooth and fluid. Liberty Safe’s Brandon Payne about their new line of handgun vaults   Product Description of the  HDX-250: Safely secure your valuables or handgun …

Your Bug Out Vehicle Plan!

Here are a few options to pack your firearms in if it all hits the fan…. There is a big debate about what a bug out bag should contain and what would be the best survival gear one can carry. We can find all sorts of recipes for food preparation …

Recent Articles:

Why is American Sniper a Runaway Hit?


The Secret to the Success of “American Sniper” It shocked the movie industry, with its $90 million debut ranking as one of the top 40 in cinema history. It made twice the money of the second-biggest January opening ever. It posted the second-best opening on record for an R-rated movie. …

Should the A-10 be scrapped for the next shiny new thing?

A-10 warthog

From For those of you who don’t know what the A-10 is, it is the only United States Air Force production aircraft designed solely for close air support, including attacking tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets.  In short the A-10 Thunderbolt is a an up close and personal angel …

Green Beret Sniper’s Open Letter To Fat Mouthed Blowhard Michael Moore

camo sniper

The following is an open letter from Green Beret Sniper Bryan Sikes to obese left wing clown Michael Moore after Moore bashed both the United States Military and US Snipers in particular by calling them cowards. ——————————————————– Mr. Moore- Good afternoon there sweetheart, I hope this finds you alive and …

Racist Gun Control Laws Denied Martin Luther King Jr the Right to Defend Himself

January 19, 2015 Featured, Laws, Politics No Comments
martin luther king jr

The basis for gun control has always been racist in nature.  It started in the South to ensure that freed slaves wouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves. It has expanded over the years to encompass a larger range of goals such as controlling the populace at large and centralizing power …

Belgium’s tough gun laws didn’t keep Paris terrorists from getting their guns there

belgium waffle

By J.E Dyer of Most people probably expected, like me, to hear that the Islamist terrorists in the Paris attacks had gotten their guns in France. On Tuesday, however, French authorities announced their suspicion that the guns had come from outside the country.  The provenance of the guns appeared …

What if James Madison was a Liberal?

January 15, 2015 Education, Featured, Video No Comments

A humorous look at putting nonsensical liberal “reasoning” behind James Madison’s pen From On June 7th, 1789, the night before James Madison proposed the Bill of Rights before the House of Representatives, he sat down to pen the first draft of the second amendment. The following is what many (liberal) scholars believe …

Was Jets’ Johnson Arrested On A Bogus Gun Charge?

January 14, 2015 Featured, Laws No Comments

From Bob Owens at New York Jets running back Chris Johnson was arrested in Florida on an illegal open carry charge… but does the charge itself make sense? According to the report, Johnson was pulled over by police about 9 p.m. Friday in a white, two-door vehicle after an …

Gun Controller Leland Yee’s Trial For Corruption And Gun Trafficking Set for June

January 14, 2015 Featured, Hypocrisy No Comments

June Trial Set in Yee Corruption Case By MARIA DINZEO Suspended California state Sen. Leland Yee could face a jury as early as June for charges of political corruption and conspiracy to import guns. At a scheduling conference on Thursday, U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer said Yee will be tried …

Liam Neeson – Gun Exploiting Hypocrite

January 13, 2015 Hypocrisy No Comments

From Bob Owens at Actor Liam Neeson is thrilled to rake in millions of dollars acting in violent films where vigilantism is at the core of the plot, but he doesn’t think that the American citizens who watch his movies should have a right to own guns. Liam Neeson …

Guns and Taxes – Missouri looks to limit one by increasing the other

January 13, 2015 Buying a Gun, Laws No Comments

What happens when big taxing liberalism and gun hating statism come together?  Thanks to one state lawmaker in Missouri the answer is now revealed.  You get a “special sales tax” levied against gun owners in order to pay for something that doesn’t directly benefit them at all. As a libertarian …

Security vs. Sanctity: Carrying in Spiritual Settings


by Cathleen Vought Though carrying in a place of worship is often a matter of hot debate, regularly getting into the “faith versus security” argument, carrying can be balanced with a spiritual viewpoint. If you’re getting ready to start that discussion at your place of worship, here are some prime …

Female CCW permit holders dramatically increases


by Cathleen Vought Though the number of female CCW permit holders has been on the rise over the past several years, the last couple years have produced a sharp increase in their numbers. Statistics from a number of different states are showing that compared to the previous years’ steady rise, …

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