NRA Gun of the Week: Savage Arms 11/111 Hog Hunter Rifle

NRA Gun of the Week: Savage Arms 11/111 Hog Hunter Rifle American Rifleman’s Christopher Olsen introduces the Savage Arms 11/111 rifle. Like and Share!

NRA Gun of the Week: Tristar Arms Viper G2 SR Sport

American Rifleman’s Christopher Olsen dissects the features of the Tristar Arms Viper G2 SR Sport shotgun.  Great for Sport Shooting and maybe even hunting. Awe sweet! How Gorgeous is this??? Like and Share!

Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults Review

I started using the HDX-250 about one month ago and have been thoroughly pleased with every aspect of this safe. The lock operation is smooth and fluid. Liberty Safe’s Brandon Payne about their new line of handgun vaults   Product Description of the  HDX-250: Safely secure your valuables or handgun …

Your Bug Out Vehicle Plan!

Here are a few options to pack your firearms in if it all hits the fan…. There is a big debate about what a bug out bag should contain and what would be the best survival gear one can carry. We can find all sorts of recipes for food preparation …

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Nine-year-old girl Accidentally Kills Gun Instructor

Nine-year-old girl Accidentally Kills Gun Instructor

Comments? RightToolForTheJob “This is tragic and was caused, unfortunately, by a mistake on the instructor’s part. Children need to learn about guns and how to handle them. No doubt, Liberals will take an accident like this and turn it into a political football…” LeftExposure “How dare this girl’s parents try …

Girls With Guns -Fail Compilation.

Screenshot (21)

This video shows untrained female shooters given too large of a caliber weapon for their shooting abilities. I cannot understand the reasoning why a trained shooter would allow a beginning shooter to fire a large caliber weapon without any prior training. People have died because of this practice. Common sense …

Do You Have a Home Invasion Plan?


Hopefully your plan is to reach for your gun and walk down stairs….just saying! But what about a plan for the other people in your household, those not allowed to access your firearms.  Maybe its your girlfriend, or  your teenager who is at home alone, does your spouse forget you …

Law-Abiding Foster Parents Lose Kids Because They Own A Firearm

September 2, 2015 From The Left, Laws No Comments
Father Son with gun

The Bebers have cared for over 100 foster children and keep a legally owned firearm in their home, as reported by Patriot Outdoor News. Meet Kristi and Rod Beber; they’re foster parents who have cared for over 100 children and live in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. After waking to a …

Police: Teen Killed While Taking Instagram Selfie With Gun


  Maybe some people shouldn’t have guns…??    Thoughts?               HOUSTON, Texas – A 19-year-old trying to take an Instagram selfie died Tuesday. The teen tried to take a picture of himself holding a gun to his head when the gun went off, according …

Case and Point Why You Should ALWAYS Conceal Carry

Screenshot (18)

  We are loving this clip from Bizcuits N Guns and not just because I love biscuits! Case and point why you should ALWAYS Conceal Carry   Watch the video and tell us what YOU think. i     Always remember to like and share.

Do You Have a “Protection Gun?” She Wants One!


Did anyone else know about this secret classification of guns? I wonder if it is only applied to CERTAIN people. Bare with us here she does talk about a certan type of gun she wants. This is hilariously stupid, is she for real?  … What is the world coming to. …

Military Arial Response to ISIS attack (AWESOME)

September 1, 2015 Featured, Military, Politics, Video No Comments
Screenshot (17)

There has been footage uncovered of our U.S. military taking down ISIS. This is the best video of instant justice ever and I am sure you will agree that it is EPIC! This particular video has been watched over a million times and it was taken during the evening hours. …

Father of Murder Victim Will Campaign For Gun Control, After He Buys One

Gun and Constitution

BearingArms reports that Alison Parker’s father will buy a gun to protect himself BECAUSE he will be publicly advocating gun control laws. Story below… Comments? LeftExposure “This poor man is grieving and is not specifically calling for the outlaw of all guns. We need tougher gun laws and we need them …

Mark Hamill’s Gun Control Tweet Enrages Conservatives

Mark Hamill’s Gun Control Tweet Enrages Conservatives

Comments? RightToolForTheJob “Another Hollywood elitist who became famous in films that promote weapons and violence. Who is he to tell free people that they cannot protect themselves? And who is this guy in the video?” LeftExposure “You Conservatives are denying the facts. Sensible laws work in Australia and they would save lives …

Should Cops Be Using Mugshots For Target Practice?


Clergy across the country are asking North Miami Beach Police to use their pictures for target practice. Clergy from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America have taken to social media in response to reports that NMB police used mugshots of black men for target practice. The clergy posted pictures of …

Ivy League Training Next Generation of Gun Hating Journalists

January 24, 2015 Education, Featured, Politics No Comments

By Gabriella Hoffman No matter how many times anti-gun lies and correspondent misinformation are debunked, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and his gun grabbing organizations are adamant about disarming Americans. Everytown for Gun Safety is hosting a training for aspiring journalists  in Phoenix, AZ from April 17-18, 2015. …

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