NRA Gun of the Week: Savage Arms 11/111 Hog Hunter Rifle

NRA Gun of the Week: Savage Arms 11/111 Hog Hunter Rifle American Rifleman’s Christopher Olsen introduces the Savage Arms 11/111 rifle. Like and Share!

NRA Gun of the Week: Tristar Arms Viper G2 SR Sport

American Rifleman’s Christopher Olsen dissects the features of the Tristar Arms Viper G2 SR Sport shotgun.  Great for Sport Shooting and maybe even hunting. Awe sweet! How Gorgeous is this??? Like and Share!

Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults Review

I started using the HDX-250 about one month ago and have been thoroughly pleased with every aspect of this safe. The lock operation is smooth and fluid. Liberty Safe’s Brandon Payne about their new line of handgun vaults   Product Description of the  HDX-250: Safely secure your valuables or handgun …

Your Bug Out Vehicle Plan!

Here are a few options to pack your firearms in if it all hits the fan…. There is a big debate about what a bug out bag should contain and what would be the best survival gear one can carry. We can find all sorts of recipes for food preparation …

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11-Year-Old Shoots And Kills Intruder

11-Year-Old Shoots And Kills Intruder

“Where was the mother who left these young children all alone? Guns are part of the problem here, not the solution, and now a teenager is dead. This is a societal problem, and a parenting problem. There should not have been a gun in this home!” -LeftExposure “Home invasions will decrease …

BREAKING: Gunman Kills 1, Wounds 2 At Sacramento College


“It is time for all college campuses to allow concealed carry so that the students can protect themselves. Otherwise, entire campuses are “Kill Zones” where criminals know they can get away with it…” -RightToolForTheJob “More guns NEVER equal more safety. How can gun advocates sleep at night when they consider …

The Real Danger with Law Enforcement!


I believe at this time (due to all the surrounding events regarding law enforcement) We need to show support for those who enforce the law. This clip should give some insight as to the real dangers that our men and women in blue have to deal with on the daily. …

American Gun Violence Vs. The World

September 3, 2015 Featured, From The Right, Laws No Comments
American Gun Violence Vs. The World

“This is well-done and informative… It is interesting to note that Switzerland has the highest gun ownership and the lowest violence. I do not agree that US gun violence is “high” compared to the rest of the world. In the US, we own a lot of guns, we have enjoyed …

Should Dwight Howard Face Charges For Gun In Bag At Houston Airport?

photo credit Ira Bostic /

“Of course he should not face charges. Not only is carrying a gun legal, it is the smart thing, and the right thing, to do. Dwight Howard has the right to protect himself as an American.” -RightToolForTheJob “The anniversary of September 11th is coming up and we still allow this …

NRA Gun of The Week


 This Gun is Gorgeous!  Check it out! The NRA Features here its Gun of the Week an FNH Five-SeveN MK2 pistol   Hope you enjoy this gem as much as we do. Let us know what you think leave a comment below.   American Rifleman’s Kelly Young dissects the features of …

ISIS Showing Off American Weaponry Package

Screengrab of a video released by ISIS

ISIS appears to be making use of U.S.-made weapons in Iraq.  I think we should remind them what we do when they attack.   Check out this Clip –Heli Response A video released by ISIS’ media arm in northern Iraq purportedly shows more than a dozen of the terror group’s …

Guns Kill People,This Proves It….

Screenshot (22)

This video provides great insight as to how deadly this firearm is. Hope you enjoy! All who need a quick reminder of the damage this firearm can do… Sorry we had to do it. What are your thoughts on this Video??

Legal and Unregistered; Homemade Guns Kill

Legal and Unregistered; Homemade Guns Kill

This Is The Craziest Thing ….I Had No Idea. Guns built at home from kits bought online are increasingly becoming more popular and dangerous Do You Have a Homemade Gun?

Trump Just Made a Huge Announcement… Fox News Is Not Happy!

shutterstock_180961934 (1)

Just another day in Politics here.  Donald Trump’s rise to the top of every poll has stunned the political establishment. Trump, who stands for conservative values and never apologies, has broken the mold for what a winning candidate looks like. He’s a billionaire businessman who doesn’t need anyone’s money, and …

Police Cruiser In Massachusetts Crashes After Gunshots

Police Cruiser Gun Shots

Comments? “When will the government clean up these guns from the streets? Stronger gun laws will stop this kind of senseless violence!” –LeftExposure “Liberals have cultivated an anti-police culture for years and this kind of thing is a result. New gun laws will not help. These are criminals. They do …

Girl Pulls Out Gun During Fight

Girl Pulls Out Gun During Fight

Comments? LeftExposure “The fact that she had a handgun so easily available is sad, unacceptable, and should be stopped. How could she consider deadly force during broad daylight in a situation like this? Concealed carry permit or not, this woman should be prosecuted.” RightToolForTheJob “It is clear in the video …

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