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Grand Island Preschooler Asked to Change the Sign for His Name in School

June 2, 2013 Gun Control, Hypocrisy 7 Comments

Hunter Spanjer says his name with a certain special hand gesture, but at just three and a half years old, he may have to change it.

“He’s deaf, and his name sign, they say, is a violation of their weapons policy,” explained Hunter’s father, Brian Spanjer.

Grand Island’s “Weapons in Schools” Board Policy 8470 forbids “any instrument…that looks like a weapon,” But a three year-old’s hands?

“Anybody that I have talked to thinks this is absolutely ridiculous. This is not threatening in any way,” said Hunter’s grandmother Janet Logue.

“It’s a symbol. It’s an actual sign, a registered sign, through S.E.E.,” Brian Spanjer said.

S.E.E. stands for Signing Exact English, Hunter’s sign language. Hunter’s name gesture is modified with crossed-fingers to show it is uniquely his own.

“We are working with the parents to come to the best solution we can for the child,” said Jack Sheard, Grand Island Public Schools spokesperson.

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  • Darrel R Rhoades

    how much more stupid can they fet

  • John Broom

    Oh they can get a lot more stupid, the progressive left is attempting to demonize gun owners as the new ‘pedophiles’ and the district’s ‘statement’ is a typical political mealy mouthed non-statement that dodges the issue entirely, ask the school district straight up…. will Hunter have to change his name sign or not?

  • Rayban64

    Our schools are ran by complete and utter morons. I just can’t take this liberal BS any longer. What happened to our country?

  • les jones

    best case scenario you shut the heck up and leave the kid alone . if its not metal . and heavy IT IS NOT A GUN

  • jim brown

    I am so sick of this kind of crap If I was the kids parents I would sue the shit out the school board and that might stop all this crap

  • wolfe

    They should vote with their feet, move to Idaho where people are still sane.

  • Hilda

    Government schools are a bad deal all around. By the time they get through high school, kids can barely read or write, and they have not learned anything related to US history, let alone the Constitution. What is worse, now the government wants to brainwash them with the Common Cores which is nothing but anti American and anti Western civilization propaganda. Americans should be demanding that schools be privatized. Private schools or homeschooling are a much better solutions.

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