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Girl Pulls Out Gun During Fight

September 2, 2015 Featured, From The Left, girls and guns, Video No Comments


LeftExposure “The fact that she had a handgun so easily available is sad, unacceptable, and should be stopped. How could she consider deadly force during broad daylight in a situation like this? Concealed carry permit or not, this woman should be prosecuted.”

RightToolForTheJob “It is clear in the video that this girl was defending herself during an ambush from a surprise attacker. Everyone has the right to self-defense.  Of course, she should be properly trained and have a concealed carry permit if she intends to carry a handgun. Most Firearms Instructors would advise to avoid deadly force if at all possible. It is unclear what a jury might decide about this girl. I’ll bet that attacker will think twice next time.”

Was this girl justified in pulling a handgun?

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