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Miss South Carolina Shocks the Left with Her Answer on Gun Control

Miss South Carolina Shocks the Left with Her Answer on Gun Control

Do you agree with Miss South Carolina on gun control? “No, I completely disagree. Guns are evil. They kill people. The more guns we take away from the streets, the less accidents will occur.” -LeftExposure “…we need to increase education. If we teach people the proper way to use guns, …

University Of Missouri Professor Sues Over Gun Prohibition On Campus

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Should guns be allowed on college campuses? “Absolutely not. With all the partying and antics going on, and the politics, you want to bring guns in and put everyone at risk? At a learning institution?” -LeftExposure “The university is trying to disarm law-abiders and, in doing so, is making them …


woman concealed

True or False? More guns equal less crime? “Of course ‘more guns equal less crime.’ Criminals prefer easy targets and not self-responsible, armed citizens.” -RightToolForTheJob “Gun nuts are praising countries like Panama now? You cannot compare the US to Panama. Our streets, and ultimately the streets of Panama, are more …

Caught on Tape: Traffic stop spirals out of control

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Attorneys debate the legality of police officer forcing family to lay on ground while handcuffed and threatening them with a taser Did this Officer Go to far? Or is he doing his job. I guess they can’t all go perfect. LIKE and SHARE Share this article:


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Should teachers be armed? “Absolutely no way I would let my child attend a class where the teacher was armed! Guns, around our children? This bill is insane!” -LeftExposure “The idea has some merit. I want my child to be protected and if the teacher is well trained, I’d say …

Poll: 60% Say Gun Control Won’t Stop Violence, 54% Blame Social Media

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Will new gun restrictions prevent shooting deaths? “Of course not. History is clear. The facts are clear. Criminals and the mentally ill do not follow laws, including gun laws.” -RightToolForTheJob “How can we call ourselves a responsible, modern nation when people can carry guns around on the street and shoot …

When It’s Illegal To Own a Bullet-Proof Vest

body armor

Should civilians be barred from owning body armor? “Yes. Normal people do not need this kind of armor. Obviously they might use it to attempt a crime. Government will protect citizens so they do not need to arm or protect themselves.” -LeftExposure “Body armor is the same as guns. Private …

Are ‘Rogue Guns’ The Problem?

Are ‘Rogue Guns’ The Problem?

Question of the Day: Are ‘Rogue Guns’ the problem? “This man’s attempt at humor is revolting. Gun violence, and gun accidents, affect the innocent. He should be ashamed for making light of this…” -LeftExposure “Hilarious! The sad part is: gun grabbers and Liberals are just as ridiculous in reality as …

Question of the Day: If You Saw This Would You Respond?

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Question: If You Saw An Officer Being Beaten/Assaulted, Would You Step In With Your Firearm? This very good question comes in from a  Concealed Nation reader, Lance, and we wanted to share it with everyone to get your thoughts on the topic. Let’s say you’re walking around downtown and happen …

Court To Review BB Gun Sentences

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Should crimes committed with BB guns carry the same penalty as crimes committed with real guns? “Crimes, like armed robbery with BB guns, should carry a stiff penalty. It depends on the severity of damage done as well. Should they penalties be as stiff as those committed with real guns? …

Jeb Bush Echoes Many Americans With His Opinion

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Jeb Bush on Gun Laws: Federal Government Should Stay Out Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush answers questions from employees of Nephron Pharmaceutical Company in West Columbia, South Carolina. Before talking with the employees of the Orlando, Florida based company Bush took a tour of the facility in …

Renewed Calls For Gun Control Laws Spur Sales

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Are you more likely to buy a gun when threatened with new Gun Control laws? “No, of course not. Gun lovers are paranoid, and frankly, many of them are dangerous.” -LeftExposure “Unfortunately, yes. If lawmakers had more common sense, and wrote gun laws that showed an understanding of guns, perhaps …

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