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Gun Safe zones

  This image is floating around Facebook; regarding the FEDEX shooting. Share this article:

6 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Put Down Your Gun and Grab Camera!! What Would You Do?

To Read the entire Story click Below: Amazing moment a cheetah lies down next to a photographer and even lets him stroke his head | Mail Online. Share this article:

Carry Travelogue – Reno Trip, Nevada CCW Changes, Open Carry – Part 3

By Eric Vought This is the gripping conclusion of the carry travelogue started in part 1 and continued in part 2, a saga of carrying firearms across states. On the way back, we decided to go back through Utah and then through Wyoming and Nebraska. The distance was about the same …

Carry Travelogue – Reno trip, Nevada CCW changes, Open Carry – Part 2

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 10.53.56 AM

This is part 2/3 of the carry travelogue started in part 1 and concluded in part 3. by Eric Vought At some point during the week, we visited a local antique shop with a delightful and eclectic collection (Antiques and Treasures on N. Sierra St— Wow! ). One of my purposes was to …

Emergency Management, School Shootings and Second Amendment Rights

by Cathleen Vought My husband, Eric, was invited to present as part of a panel on active shooter scenarios at the International Association of Emergency Managers’ annual convention, which happened to be in Reno this year. In 1992, on Simon’s Rock College of the Bard campus in Massachusetts, Eric’s former …

Nevada’s New CCW Reciprocity Change

by Cathleen Vought I’m writing from Reno, Nevada this week, as my family has a short vacation before my husband, Eric, presents at the International Association of Emergency Managers annual conference here. He’s part of a panel on school shootings and emergency response; I’ll be putting a report out next …

Playing with toy guns AT HOME gets 3 students yearlong suspension from school

From Political Outcast: The Virginia Beach City Public School district is saying that the students aren’t actually being expelled; they’re being given “long-term suspensions.” Whatever the case, the students won’t be allowed back to school for the rest of this semester and even until June of next year. There will …

More Political Games: Commentary on the Federal Government Shutdown


by Cathleen Vought I’m taking a step away from my usual gun rights post to comment on some of the obscene games being played in the federal government shutdown. As this shutdown has progressed, the executive branch has made it plain that rather than dealing with the legislative branch in …

Redskins, Columbus Day, and Bob Costas.

Redskins Logo

Almost a year ago, Javan Belcher a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, shot and killed his girlfriend, in their home and then shot himself in front of the team coaching staff. A troubled man from his youth, allegations of infidelity, and a blood alcohol level more the twice the …

Illinois Delays CCW Application Deadline – Can a Wrongful Death Case Follow?

Concealed Carry Picture

by Cathleen Vought You can take a concealed carry class in Illinois now, but you can’t get your permit until April. Originally slated  to accept January 1 applications, the state police say they’re “not ready yet” and that “The Illinois State Police originally told us (applications would be accepted) Jan. …

Obama’s American Schadenfreude.

Obama with his nose up

Schadenfreude as defined by Webster’s is deriving pleasure from the pain of others. And while the term is German the application is very much politically American. What else could it be called when the President of the United States seeks to punish the American people for not going along with …

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