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85yr Old Man Shoots Intruder During Break In


EL CERRITO, Calif. (KTVU) – An 85-year-old man shot one of two intruders in the head as they tried to break into his home on Wednesday morning, according to El Cerrito Police. Defend and Carry–  I’ve always been a fan of elderly people for a number of reasons. They’re like …

Nerf Kicks Off a Gun Series with Detachable Mags (VIDEO)

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This Just In: Nerf is now cool. Goodbye old- school foam darts, Nerf’s new Rival line of motorized blasters shoot golf-ball inspired rounds at over 100 fps.   Advertised as being geared towards ages 14 and up, the company’s Rival series includes the $50 Zeus MXV-100 with a 12 shot …


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Is it going to far or is he right on target here.  VA IS LYING. VETERANS ARE DYING. I know this is not totally gun based, but We want to know what you guys think of this story. A veteran in Florida is paying for 2 huge billboards shaming Veterans …

Cuomo: Those Against Gun Control ‘Delusional’

September 8, 2015 From The Left, Gun Control, Laws 1 Comment
Stop The Violence

“I am sorry for Governor Cuomo’s loss, but to suggest that more Federal Gun Control Laws will make innocent people safer is ‘delusional.’ Criminals do not follow laws and taking guns away from the good guys will cause more crime.” -RightToolForTheJob “A senseless tragedy. When will the voting populace and …

Infiltrating an NRA Protest

Infiltrating an NRA Protest

“This lady is correct! It is the NRA’s fault that gun violence is as bad as it is in America. They promote and sensationalize it.” -LeftExposure “Hilarious! Those protestors do not have a clue. This demonstrates the failure of our school system to teach critical thinking skills. Ignoring the facts …

Tactical Shooting Video At Its Finest … Sort Of

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Making awesome gun videos for YouTube doesn’t always have to be serious. Range Time | Bloopers    So Funny! . Some of the best, just fooling around between videos. This is great. Share this article:

Man being Robbed Defends Himself With His Concealed Weapon

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Teenager Puts Gun In Driver’s Face, Demands Sunglasses — Gets Bullet Instead   A 17-year-old boy is listed as being in critical condition after he tried to rob a concealed carrier at gunpoint.  The event took place late Wednesday afternoon in Detroit’s east side.  A young father who was working …

Tax Break on Guns and Other Hunting Equipment in Louisiana


Every year around the Labor Day holiday Louisiana offers its annual sales tax holiday on guns, ammunition, all-terrain vehicles and other hunting equipment The state and local tax holiday applies to almost all purchases of firearms, ammunition and other hunting supplies. Shotguns, rifles, pistols, revolvers and other handguns are all …

Hillary And Sanders Argue Over Who Is The Biggest Gun Grabber

Hillary And Sanders Argue Over Who Is The Biggest Gun Grabber

“Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have fought tirelessly to rid our streets of guns, and to protect our children. I’d like to see both of them be even tougher on gun owners and gun stores if either of them is elected.” -LeftExposure “They are both socialists. They both want …

Vince Vaughn Says Guns Should Be Allowed In Schools

Vince Vaughn Says Guns Should Be Allowed In Schools

“This sick statement from a truly talented actor upsets me. Guns in school with our children? The mere thought is disgusting to me. Schools are supposed to be places of learning…” -LeftExposure “Vince Vaughn is merely citing facts and I applaud him for it. Criminals prefer unarmed sitting ducks. History …

Shocking Study: Criminals Generally Don’t Buy Guns Legally At Gun Shops


“Shocking? Good information in this study but it is not surprising. This is common sense. Gun laws should target criminals, not lawful gun owners or companies that legally sell guns and ammunition.” -RightToolForTheJob “I do not trust this study. How do you verify the behavior of criminals? If we decrease …

Airsoft BBs in a Real Shotgun!


Well if you have the day off, here is one way to get creative with your shotgun. I think we will give it a try. Could be fun. . Like and Share Share this article:

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