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Rapist’s Victim Grabs Gun And Shoots Him In The Face


Rapist’s Victim Grabs Gun And Shoots Him In The Face Accused rapist Duane Portman Sr. kidnapped a woman, brought her back to his work where he was employed as janitorial service, and proceeded to rape her. It was about 3 a.m. at Labelz 4 Less in Springfield, OH, when Portman held …

Teen takes guard duty for deputy pumping gas, and the story goes viral!


A Texas deputy’s story and photo about a teenager who stood guard in the rain to make sure she was safe is taking the Internet by storm. With the execution-style murder of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth still in the public mind,  Harris County Deputy Constable Tommi Jones Kelley wrote …

Intruder Shot and Killed by Ohio Woman


This early morning criminal picked the wrong house to break into. The homeowner was prepared to defend herself and is alive today because of it.   Local news reports: DAYTON – Police said a woman shot a man in self-defense after he entered her home on Richmond Avenue in Dayton …

Taking Aim and Looking Amazing Doing It

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Girl Pulls Out Gun During Fight

Girl Pulls Out Gun During Fight

Comments? LeftExposure “The fact that she had a handgun so easily available is sad, unacceptable, and should be stopped. How could she consider deadly force during broad daylight in a situation like this? Concealed carry permit or not, this woman should be prosecuted.” RightToolForTheJob “It is clear in the video …

Nine-year-old girl Accidentally Kills Gun Instructor

Nine-year-old girl Accidentally Kills Gun Instructor

Comments? RightToolForTheJob “This is tragic and was caused, unfortunately, by a mistake on the instructor’s part. Children need to learn about guns and how to handle them. No doubt, Liberals will take an accident like this and turn it into a political football…” LeftExposure “How dare this girl’s parents try …

Girls With Guns -Fail Compilation.

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This video shows untrained female shooters given too large of a caliber weapon for their shooting abilities. I cannot understand the reasoning why a trained shooter would allow a beginning shooter to fire a large caliber weapon without any prior training. People have died because of this practice. Common sense …

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