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9 Ridiculously Easy, Mind Blowing Ways to End the KnockOut Game! The 10th is to Make You Smile…!!

January 14, 2014 Education, Featured, Gun Gallery, Self-Defense 2 Comments





– Meet the Springfield XD-9 with the shortest carry polymer pistol in the world and it has a light rail!

Knockout Game Stopper Smith&Wesson 360– Meet the Smith & Wesson M&P 360 showstopper. She is light weight, gorgeous and a smooth trigger!!

22 Mag– Meet North American Arms .22 Magnum. Perfect for a purse with a barrel that is only 1 1/8 inches and a 5 shot capacity!

Knockout Game Stopper Sig Sauser– Meet the Sig Sauer P229. And get the 12 magazine feed just in case you have to fire!!


– Meet the Beretta Nano at only 17 ounces this subcompact has PLENTY of stopping power!

Beretta Pico .380


– Meet the .380 Pico also from Beretta. This one is super thin and ultra concealable!

Taurus 3t 940

– Meet the Taurus 3T 940. And if you are needing to defend yourself- this is a perfect choice!

Knockout Game Glock 17

– Meet the Glock 17. Beautiful, powerful with great conceal ability and guaranteed to win a fight!



– And last but certainly not least the Chiappa White Rhino 20DS as a perfect defense revolver and less than 2 pounds!



– Meet Ruffy the German Shepherd. Amazingly loyal, fearless, and brilliant… and should mention that with a German Shepherd no one is going to play the Knockout Game with your family! And after yesterdays story of this Lab — makes me want to go play fetch with my own Shepherds 🙂



** How would You stop The KNOCKOUT GAME??***

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  • bull57

    I use a similar tactic to prevent me being a victim! .380 at 5′ will really hurt!!!

  • frankenbiker

    CZ 82, 12 round magazine, very accurate, and as concealable as the Makarov, or Wather PPK.

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