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7 Outrageous Cartoons Attacking the NRA and Gun Owners. You Won’t Believe the Last One…!!

September 4, 2015 Featured, Gun Control 1,113 Comments

edtoon_COLOR_NRA_CO_Gun_MassacreNRA Twitter CartoonANTI-NRA attackNRA ATTACKING SCHOOL CHILDRENNRA Supports KillersNRA Gun Culture NRA Kills Children



Do you think these attacks are justified?

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  • JoeCasepack

    Hitler was big on gun control too.

    • Gary Nero

      and loved to use drugs..

      • Frankie Addiego

        I think he legalized abortion.

        • Laron Woods

          Abortion was legalized during his administration but HE didn’t legalize it or support it! You libbies need to get your facts straight.

          • Frankie Addiego

            First, fine. Maybe you’re right. But don’t ever… EVER… condescend to me with this “get your facts straight and who are you calling a “libby?”

            I’m against abortion, I think people have the right to own guns, so why are you calling me a “libby,” you piece of shit?

            Fuckin’ illiterate whore.

          • violater1

            I have some condesending for you you stupid shit for brains! The individual you addressed so lovingly was not talking to you, idiot but was talking to Frankie Addiego! So try condesending yourself to go fuck yourself since you apparently have a backbone like a dog!
            You fucking illiterate shiit for brains!

          • Frankie Addiego

            Huh. It looks like someone said something about you that may have been an honest mistake, but still annoyed you. Now you know how I feel.

          • Frankie Addiego

            Oh and one more thing, I can’t help but laugh at the irony here. You’re attacking me for not using my real name in those messages–EVEN THOUGH I DID–but you’re berating that guy and nobody knows your name, you’re just “violator.”

          • Laron Woods

            It appeared from your comment that you might be a “lib”. Forgive me… being a liberal doesn’t necessarily need to be bad, but one thing I won’t resort to… that’s calling people names, such as “whore” and a “piece of shit.” I don’t lower myself that far.

          • Karm11014

            Name calling is childish and cussing is the strongest way to express a weak mind !

          • Irene Gladis

            Warning!! nut case.

          • Frankie Addiego

            Now, here’s an actual SOURCE for you to look at. See that? A soouuurrce. Can you actually read that? Would you like to back up what you said?

            Now, about you calling me a “libby,” by which you’re implying that I’m a pro-abort. If I were like that, I would never say Hitler legalized abortion because that would hurt the leftist narrative that abortion = freedom. But it looks like you’re such a stupid motherfucker that you thought I was pro-abortion.

          • Laron Woods

            I think you misunderstood what I said, but oh well… I get my sources by doing research, and yes, Hitler did legalize abortion. I honestly thought that you and Frankie were referring to Reagan. But this is a forum to express opinions. Proper protocol is that you don’t resort to name calling.

          • Frankie Addiego

            Finally, don’t think you’re gonna intimidate me with your little gun graphic, bitch.

          • Laron Woods

            Not trying to intimidate anybody. I’m not that narrow-minded. My graphic is simply an expressing my personal beliefs.

          • Frankie Addiego

            I will apologize for my earlier posts to Laron, because I’m willing to allow that MAYBE he thought I was talking about Ronald Reagan. I wasn’t. I was talking about Hitler.

            For my profane attacks on him, I apologize, but NOBODY CALLS ME A “LIBBY” ON ABORTION!!! You got that? You can misconstrue my views on guns, drugs, economic issues, but abortion? No. That’s where I get pissed. Abortion is wrong, and I was pointing out how Hitler legalized abortion in Germany.


            However, FOR THE RECORD, it is true that Reagan signed legislation making it easier to get an abortion, whether you like it or not. Not because he was pro-choice, but because he thought it would make women safer. That legalizing abortion makes it safer is a half-truth still believed by many today. I don’t blame Reagan, or consider him a villain, but facts are facts.

          • violater1

            Oh I see you were too cowardly to respond under your name so you switched over to guest what a low rate chicken shit you are!
            If you need to berate someone at least have the balls to do it straight up not hiding behind another sign in!
            If censure is your fear just mispell the word and geter done!

          • Frankie Addiego

            Actually, what happened was that I deleted them, because I realized that what I did and said was wrong yet somehow they’re still there under “guest.”

            Why would I apologize for it if I wasn’t willing to admit to having done it?

            Now, I repeat. Lamar was calling me a “libby” because he thought I was saying that Reagan legalized abortion when I was talking about Hitler. I didn’t realize that at first, and I was furious that he had misrepresented me and condescended to me.

            But then, he was wrong anyway because Reagan did sign legislation legalizing abortion.

            Finally, I’ll berate you right here. Your handle is disgusting. I admit I overreacted to Lamar, but he’s still wrong on history, and if he’s gonna give me this “get your facts straight,” and misrepresent my political views, then he deserved at-least some of it.

            Now don’t ever insult me again, you piece of trash.

          • Laron Woods

            OK, I accept your other apologies, and I apologize to you for the misconception. Thanks for clarifying that.

        • Rick

          Non-smoking vegetarian.

        • IowaWoman

          I know he was a big fan of the founder of Planned Parenthood,Margaret Sanger One of the Heroes of the Progressives.

    • Jim

      Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Barrack H. Obama. ALL big believers in GUN CONTROL
      Countries with little gun control or limits on freedoms, typically have LOW crime rates. Same with States and Cities with low crime rates.
      Places where gun control rules? VIOLENT GUN CRIME.

      • Rontrepreneur Roncepts

        Ronald Reagan was for gun control too! I’m a Conservative, but truth is truth…

        • edawg90 .

          no he wasn’t, lying sack

          • fish1552

            Actually, Rontrepreneur was sort of was telling the truth. Remember, he signed into law the Firearm Owners Protection Act (enacted on May 19, 1986) which, while providing some protections for gun owners, it also banned ownership of fully automatic weapons. He also supported the Brady Bill after he left office.
            So while he was on record as a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, he *did* technically sign into law some controls on weapons.

          • Laron Woods

            He supported the “Brady Act” in its original form. It has been changed significantly since its original form. It didn’t take on its attack on the 2nd. Amendment for several years.

          • fish1552

            Justify it however you want, he STILL supported them both. The proof is there in black and white.

            If you feel the need to argue with me, fine. But I clearly stated he was on RECORD as supporting gun rights, but still signed SOME FORM of gun control into law – nothing more. I agree the overall tone of Ron’s argument was clearly wrong, but he was partly correct on a technicality only.

          • Laron Woods

            No argument. He did support gun rights. I don’t need to justify anything. I actually think we are saying the same thing, just wording it differently.

          • Frank Castle

            Automatic weapons were “BANNED” by the NFA of 1934…. so BULL

          • Mac Nagy

            No, sale, manufacture, and transfer of automatic weapons was banned in 1986. The Hughes Amendment (which put that into effect) was the low point of the Firearms Owners Protection Act (which Reagan didi sign into law). It was designed to protect the 2nd Amendment, but a northeast liberal changed that outcome. Plus, its had no effect in reducing violent crime, so its pretty much worthless.

          • THX_1139

            …and it only banned the transfer of automatic weapons that were manufactured after 1986.

          • Mike Loveall


          • Ralph Lapaugh

            Because of the bad rep of the “Tommy Gun”!!

          • violater1

            Hell put that assshole “Tommy Gun” In prison but leave my Thompson Machine Gun out of this discussion! Best shooting .45 one couldlol own! When one is on the recieving end of its lead distribution they tend to load up with more lead than they can tote! lol
            Very much like the boy found at the bottom of the Mississippi River with heavy chains wrapped around him! He clearly stole more chain than he could swim with so the story goes!lol

          • bigMike

            the NFA act of 1934 banned the UNLICENSED possession of a full auto weapon. The NFA act of 1984 banned the creation of any new full auto weapons.

          • fish1552

            Frank, regardless of WHEN automatic weapons were first banned, the law was passed to add and strengthen the laws on automatic weapons. Research the bill yourself if you do not believe me. The entire wording of the bill are there on public display on the federal website archives. You do not have to agree with me, but don’t call bullshit when it is there in black and white.

            Remember, this came following a shooting – much like we keep seeing happening today. Lawmakers rushing to enact something that already exists, strengthen existing laws or making up totally misguided new laws.

            Reagan is on record supporting the bill. Hence, he supported some sort of gun control. Like it or not, the point of argument is still valid.

          • Damien Cross

            Full automatic weapons have been banned since the early 30’s.

            Although he MAY have supprted the Brady bill after he left office, he did nothing to help anything in it.

          • David Tupper

            No, they haven’t. They have been heavily regulated, with a $200 tax every time one gets transferred, but legal to own and use. Twice since 1934 have legally registered full-auto firearms been used in a crime, one of those was by a cop. BTW, the tax was set to be punitive and prohibitive as it equaled the cost of a Thompson sub-machinegun at the time.

          • fish1552

            Regardless, the law enacted some increased restrictions on weapons that lawmakers felt needed strengthened after the shooting earlier that year. (Gee, I wonder where we’ve seen that before – lawmakers over reacting to a shooting)

            As I said above, the argument was that Reagan never supported weapon control. He supported the bill and signed it – as misguided as it was.

          • Mike Loveall


          • THX_1139

            heavily regulated not outlawed

          • fish1552

            Regardless, the point is still valid. Point of argument was that Reagan did NOT support gun control of some kind.

          • Mike Loveall


          • alnga

            The Brady law occurred under his watch and he signed it.

          • DeMarie Ingraham

            Yes he was. Facts are facts.

        • Chase

          What difference does it make if Reagan was for gun control. He is not the end all, be all of conservative opinions.

          • Daniel Barefoot

            The real point is he wasn’t for gun control he was in favor of people who are not mentally stable not being able to get access to fire arms.

          • Crakalakin

            Thank you. While Reagan was a great man and president, he was not right about everything. I don’t believe in engaging in cult of personality worship. The left does that with Obama and it bothers me more than a little that the right does it with Reagan. The deification of Reagan needs to stop. Even the greatest of men are not infallible.

          • Thom Clark

            LOL what Human is?
            No he had his faults, but he was a Very Good President who had to make hard decisions. Some came back to haunt us, but the REASON he made them was the old Lesser of 2 Evils thing.
            He supported the Taliban. Why? Because they were opposing the Soviet Invasion.
            That’s a little tid bit the left forgets to add when they bring that up.
            He wasn’t a saint, but he tried to be as fair as possible, and unlike a lot of the ones who followed him, the worst of which is the current one, HE was able to work with the opposing side for the Good of the Country.
            But then too, the Left wasn’t controlled by Extremists back then and were ACTUALLY interested in what was best for the Country.

          • Juan_El_Flako

            Very well put Mr. Clark. AMEN !!

          • Juan_El_Flako

            @Crakalakin:disqus – I think it is a bit much to put the support of President Reagan on the same level of a cult. Cults are generally thought of as “Negative” and “Counter Productive”. Yes, Mr. Reagan did/does have a serious following, but as does Mr. Einstein, Tex Ritter, and Mr. Churchill. Attaining the level of notoriety of many famous folks, does not mean cult. I doubt anyone would consider Mr. Bieber, as a cult leader, although, yes, he is very famous and has multimillions of followers and his dressing can and has effected/affected the dressing trends of millions of “Bubble Gummers”.

            As for Mr. Reagan being a for or against weapons, I believe his root belief was for the 2nd Amendment, and as common sense allows, (which many folks today to not execute) I believe a person can be for the 2nd Amendment and still voice and support for both sides of the arguments as reference to personal, family, community, local and National Security issues.


          • violater1

            Let me settle this dispute! hehehe! After be,ing shot himself and brady killed if I recall correctly his desire was to perhaps disarm the mentally disordered democraps as it was one of them that shot him! So that is the irony of this that he wanted to disarm the retarded liberals and now the retarded liberals whom have no workable ideas of their own picks up on this idea the tables unfortunately are turned!

        • MeHi Mbdexp

          Learning how to handle a gun, is called gun control too

          • Mike Loveall


        • catdog8

          The United Network of Rational Americans (UNRA) is running an ad that shows footage from the attempted 1981 assassination of Ronald Reagan, then references Reagan’s 1991 pro-Brady Bill op-ed to make it sound as thought the Gipper supported universal background checks for firearms purchases.

          However, the truth is that Reagan supported the kind of background checks that emerged from the Brady Bill–i.e. the kind of background checks we have right now.

          In addition, when Reagan wrote his op-ed in 1991, his focus was on establishing a background check system for people who buy handguns. His op-ed did not say anything about shotguns or rifles.

          So the background check system Reagan wrote passionately about was not even as broad as the one we have in place right now.

          Moreover, in his op-ed, Reagan gave preference to state-level legislation over federal. He did that specifically regarding states that already had their own background check system in place. To them, he said, the Brady Bill “would not apply.” Of course, those who passed the Brady Bill in 1993 did not take this advice into account.

          So Reagan wrote an op-ed supporting background checks on handguns, but said nothing about shotguns or rifles. And he believed states’ rights needed to be protected, so he said the Brady Bill would not apply to any states that implemented their own background check system.

          • Juan_El_Flako

            Very well put Mr. Catdog8 !!

        • richard

          Yes he wanted gun control. no idiot progressive libtards or criminals should possess guns PERIOD

        • ck1978

          You’re an idiot.
          He was pro-2A and wanted to target those who mis-use their guns, not everyone as a whole.

        • Rena

          Gun control really works in Chicago doesn’t it…. /sarc

          • Boomer Chamberlin

            Fuck being Sarcastic lol truth is none of the shooters were members of NRA, and how bout California and New York how them guns laws working out for them as well, its time we stand United and take our country back, all polls are still in positive about our current gun laws no poll yet has favored stricter gun laws its only fascist libtards with ill rashioned radical thinking of hiw they want our country to be like, plus Nobama bro lives in their country where neither of them are opushing for gun control, yet he is said supporting his brother and their troops who have been on US top terrorist group list since Bush Sr.

          • Frank Castle

            Face it, without LIES, and DISTORTIONS.. the libs have NOTHING.

          • Behning Brad

            Trying to debate a Liberal is like eating Jello with chopsticks. Anytime you make a point by using facts, they either change the subject or call you a racist or other names.

          • Kelsey Arnold

            My Jello has never done that…

          • Mike Loveall


          • alfreddy

            How much does anyone one to bet that 99.9% of gun committed crimes are done primarily by liberal oriented individuals and any leanings associated thereof?

          • GEOCOOP60

            The idiot who shot Gabby Giffords was a ……

            ARE YOU SURE????

            OK, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!
            A DEMOCRAT & A LIBERAL AT THAT!!!!!!

          • violater1

            Wanna expand on that going back on famous assignations and shooters all the way back to the assignation of Abe lincoln track forward to Kennedy then just keep on getting more liberals than you can stand all doing the dirty deeds! Why pray tell do they want us to not have guns? Well you go figure and if it fails to come to you drop me a post and I will bring you on up to date! Even a Blind hog finds an acorn now and then and they sure do not have any love for conservatives!

          • dragonflash

            sucker bet not taking it!

          • Mike Loveall

            ITS A SURE BET!!!

          • Ken Maynard

            well same in chicago,the highest state with strickest gunlaws aloud yet highest murder rate n the nation,only liberals and sheep will follow this stupidity style of thinking,i belong to no party but i am a vet and will damn sure defend me and mine,not hard looking thru the smoke at the end of the barrel to c if i chose to fire a few more shots.try taking mine i ll demonstrate

          • Mike Loveall


          • Frank Castle

            Or DC…

        • Daniel Barefoot

          That’s a load of crap Ronald Reagan was pro gun all the way his weeny leftist son Ron Reagan is for gun control. I am totally conservative and if they want my guns they will have to pry it from this US Marines dead hands good luck with that.

          • Gary Smith

            semper fi – Da Nang – FLSG – 1965 – USMC

          • Marineaks

            Semper FI – Dong Ha – Echo 2/12 1968-69.

          • Dennis

            Thanks for serving our great country Daniel.

          • Gale Lett

            Same here Daniel I was raised in military family. If there’s one thing I’ve learned is freedom is not free, it must be fought for. The only thing our government fears is an armed populace. That’s why they’re so hot to take away our guns.

          • Gatt

            Who put the Brady laws into place? (pssst- the answer is President Ronald Reagan)

          • Jeff Foust

            Brady Bill was signed by ole’ Willie Clinton… check your facts.

          • DangIt Bobby

            Pssst… No it isn’t.

          • kp33

            Pssst…James Brady was in 1981 while protecting Pres. Ronald Reagan. The Brady Bill was signed into law by Pres. Bill Clinton on Nov. 30, 1993.

          • Chuck Trebino

            Sheriff Richard Mack sued the US Government over the un-constitutionality of the Brady Bill and it was thrown out.

          • bigMike

            Brady was just tagging along looking for a free lunch and photo ops with President Reagan, he did NOT try to protect Ronald Reagan. He just was caught in the cross fire

          • Robert Parker

            The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (Pub.L. 103–159, 107 Stat. 1536, enacted November 30, 1993) is an Act of the United States Congress that instituted federal background checks on firearm purchasers in the United States.

            It was signed into law by President Bill Clinton on November 30, 1993, and went into effect on February 28, 1994. The Act was named after James Brady, who was shot by John Hinckley, Jr. during an attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981.

            You knucklehead Gatt; EVEN AFTER President Reagan was shot; he did NOT promote any changes to any ‘gun laws’.

          • Mike Loveall


          • Conservativesniper

            0311 81-85 My home is well protected. I wish my neighbors were as situationally aware, especially the ones with kids.

          • ballbat

            Prior Air Force and I’m not giving my guns up either. I like every veteran earned our right to be armed! Disarm the whiny liberals instead.

          • CowboyUp Mayer

            Daniel 4 words for you AMEN BROTHER SEMPER FI !

          • Melissa Marie Falco

            They may find me dead in the ditch, but it will be in a pile of brass.

          • Robert Parker

            Back at cha’ bro. 22years, 11months, and 22 days active; retired in ’96. And the ‘big green gun club’ continues…. SEMPER FI devil dog !

          • 455supreme

            Top, it is a small world. Semper Fi devil dog.

          • Vince

            Not true. Governor Ronald Reagan is the reason that Californians lost the right to open carry. And again, after he was no longer in office as president he advocated restriction.
            I don’t like it, but it’s the truth.

        • al11

          mr. Reagan was never into anything like this!! he would never back the types of things, or anything remotely resembling them, that liberals want to see concerning guns now.

        • Suzy Newkirk McClary

          There has to be a better way to have gun control without taking everyone in America’s guns. Most of the shooters did not have licensed guns, they were stolen guns. If I kill you in a motor car accident, we do not call for all cars to be removed from every licensed driver.

          • Frank Castle

            “”There has to be a better way to have gun control without taking everyone in America’s guns.””

            yes,there is.. it’s called EXECUTING ALL Convicted Criminals who USED GUNS…. doing that ONE THING, and REMOVING REPEAT OFFENDERS.. would drop gun crime DRAMATICALLY.. so WHY does the LEFT.. REFUSE to DO IT??

          • Independent Voter

            Because they feel the need to protect their voter base. Don’t think for a minute they give a rip about anything else. All of their “gun control” schemes are designed as media fodder to control the thoughts of the uneducated.

          • Greg Aery

            Or how bout this one…..let every law abiding citizen carry whatever kind of gun they want. The criminals who are so bold as to brandish their weaponry while committing a crime would face a barrage of bullets and it wouldn’t take long for the word to get out to every criminal that we are armed and refuse to take their bull crap……Ourl law makers would probably shape up too….After all that’s really why our founding fathers gave us the 2nd ammendment to begin with…..not for hunting…wake up America. …

          • Kathie AmericanCitizen

            Too bad logic doesn’t work with libs.

        • Ascencion Gomez

          Reagan was a Democrat then too. Is that one of the reasons he left the Dems?

        • Laron Woods

          Sorry, Rontrepreneur Roncepts, you have wishful thinking! Ronald Reagan was not for gun control! Get your facts straight! TRUTH IS TRUTH!! Ronald Reagan was an avid defender of liberty and freedom, and he understood the dangers of gun control!

          • Frankie Addiego

            Don’t listen to Laron This guy called me a “libby” (read: a leftist) because I said Hitler legalized abortion, to which he claimed it just somehow became legal in Germany.

            Maybe he’s too in love with Hitler to admit that Hitler was in favor of abortion.

          • Laron Woods

            Gee, please forgive me!! I misunderstood and thought you were talking about Reagan. I am well aware that Hitler legalized abortion, and supported it. I am not in love with Hitler or his horrible unethical problems! Nor do I support abortion or other forms of murder! Maybe you need to read and evaluate peoples comments before you shoot off and do your name calling.

        • Christina_bdba

          Sorry but no conservative ever announces that they are unless they are really a liberal pretending to be one

        • pawomanforromney

          Hope this teaches you to do your homework. Guess you been “Taught” now.

        • alnga

          and if he did what does that matter to this discussion. Not all conservatives embrace all things conservative.

        • james

          While Reagan was President, he carried a gun, he said so he could help the secret service if they needed it.

        • Ghost_Babel

          And yet you give no example. How odd.

        • Paul Peck

          Ronald Reagan was shot in an assassination attempt and still fought for gun rights.

        • Charles Keener


        • Molon Labe!

          The truth is not in you…

        • Dennis

          I don’t think this is true. And if it was true he would have done it for a totally different reason but I don’t think its true at all.

        • THEyardpilot

          Nope. It is unfortunate that he went along with some of that crap, but support it he did not. Had he been a supporter of gun control, he could have pulled off the biggest attack on he Second Amendment ever after he got shot. He did not.

        • Jon Galt

          Sir, you are either trying to mislead or just ignorant. Mole?

        • mike

          reagan was shot, he never ask for gun control or registration from the legal people. better start reading more about obama, you don’t think he has anything to do with all these wars in the middle east, i do, i think he wants to be king over there for all country’s

          • Conservativesniper

            If you want to know why the US military is still in that third world latrine, read up about the petrodollar and then realize if America was not shackled by the government and allowed the develop our our own resources we wouldn’t need to be in the sand, AT ALL. Obama is an ineffectual puppet, nothing more,

        • Molon Labe!

          Just checked you out… You lied like real liberal scum. Don’t know why you liberals think you can fool us.

      • Eric Gardner

        False. Western democracies that have the strictest gun control laws have the lowest homicide rates. Australia for example hasn’t had a mass shooting since enacting strict gun control.

        • ForTheLulz

          So according to you… Fire should be banned too. Those poor people who die in mass arson burnings… So sad. If only fire were outlawed!

        • Bruno Williams

          Go move to Australia.

        • ForTheLulz

          And if you didn’t get it, my point being that a killer will still kill, the method will just be different. Please go drink your koolaid now.

        • rwstr

          I just happened to finish reading the stats about ten minutes ago! Within 11 months Victoria had a rise in violent crime overall of more than 3%, as well as a net increase in homicides.

          • Eric Gardner

            Then we have the claim that “In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent.” This is another example of how misleading statistics can be when the underlying numbers are not provided: Victoria, a state with a population of over four-and-a-half million people in 1997, experienced 7 firearm-related homicides in 1996 and 19 firearm-related homicides in 1997 (an increase of 171%, not 300%). An additional twelve homicides amongst a population of 4.5 million is not statistically significant, nor does this single-year statistic adequately reflect long-term trends. Moreover, the opening paragraph mixes two very different types of statistics — number of homicides vs. percentage of homicides committed with firearms. In the latter case, it should be noted that the Australia-wide percentage of homicides committed with firearms is now lower than it was before the gun buy-back program, and lower than it has been at any point during the past ten years. (In the former case, the absolute number of firearm homicides in Australia in 1998-99 was the lowest in the past ten years.)

          • randigb

            If you’re one of the people murdered or a family member of someone who has been murdered, it’s pretty significant.

          • Greg Aery

            No……not significant unless you were one of the ones that were murdered due to Australia’s gun control…….come on….i thought libs thought every person was special…insignificant? Pfffft……

        • Thom Clark

          False. Australia has seen an increase in Gun Related Crimes. Also, Australia had very few Mass Shootings to begin with. So that is just a rhetorical talking point. Black Market GunRunners are now a major problem there. My Fiancee is Australian, and worked for SAPOL (look it up). The stats the Government are putting out are False.
          Chicago is now seeing a decrease in crime now that Conceal and Carry is legal in Illinois. Meanwhile, NY is seeing an increase.
          Save your Rhetoric, everyone knows it’s false.

          • Eric Gardner

            You don’t understand causation or correlation. Clearly.

          • Thom Clark

            Son, save your Pseudo-intellectual speach pattern. It doesn’t make you look intelligent, just arrogant.
            Yes I do understand Causation and Correlation. That comes from working in Law Enforcement.
            YOU don’t have the experience or Wisdom to actually see the Correlation of Facts with the Subject at hand.
            Gun Control IS failing in the United States. Just as it has every time it is tried.
            Just as it is in other Western Nations.
            Even in the Old Soviet Union, the Russian Mafia were still able to obtain Firearms.

        • Laron Woods

          No, but the INDIVIDUAL homicide rate is double the “per-capita” homicide rate in the U. S. That’s a little FACT that the gun-grabbers fail to mention!

          • pawomanforromney

            Cause they don’t do all of their homework, just the part that suites their tiny beliefs.

          • Eric Gardner

            False. Provide statistics.

          • Kyle Schroeck

            False, if the general public had weapons, the criminals would not be able to run the streets without consequence.

          • Laron Woods

            Not false…do your own research! I did!

        • Christina_bdba

          And every other violent crime has skyrocketed.You do know you can use a car for a mass homicide if one is so included right?

        • Larry Haskill

          Eric are you kidding? If you take the cities of Detroit, New York, Chicago, LA out of the stats for gun control and the numbers drop considerably of crimes vs amount of guns. The areas with the most gun controls have the highest levels of crimes. Check the FBI stats you idiot before posting your dribble in an honest debate.

          • Eric Gardner

            Why is that? Hmmmm, maybe because the states that surround them have weak laws? The majority of guns used in crimes Chicago and Detroit were straw purchased in Indiana.

          • Lisa Young Schawe

            Eric, you just made our point. Gun control may disarm law abiding folks, but criminals, who by definition aren’t law abiding, will find a way to get them and honest citizens would be defenseless. DUH! Go move to Australia if it’s all that!

          • Larry Haskill

            I live in Michigan and the laws here are not weak. The simple fact idiots like you who support Nazi or Stalin like laws is that Criminals commit crimes not law abiding citizens.

          • Serena Champ Aneres

            So tell me how the those states with the “weak laws” surrounding them have much less crime? Yours is probably the most idiotic remark regarding gun laws I’ve ever heard.

          • Thom Clark

            LOL. You still don’t get it. Criminals aren’t getting the weapons by Legal Means. Black Market Gun Runners don’t buy the weapons Legally.
            That argument was debunked as soon as it FIRST started being used.
            You are amusing. You spout out all the Rhetoric and Propaganda that has already been over used and debunked, and you believe you sound intelligent and knowledgable, when in fact you merely sound like a tape recorder.

        • Serena Champ Aneres

          How about my buddies in Australia that are afraid to go out at night because of all of the stabbings? People will kill you any way they can.

        • Greg Aery

          Maybe you need to talk to an Australian….tTheir people don’t see it the same way as their government and assaults with weapons, home evasions etc have actually increased……don’t drink the kool-aide….that statistic is not factual. ..

      • Dragon

        Take the body guards and guns away from Obama. Mr. Obama debends on guns!

        • Timothy Romero

          I don’t think he’s talking about taking guns away from those who require them in their jobs!

          • Zeek

            I am going to have to get my eyes checked. I can’t find the word “require” in the Second Amendment…

          • Glenn Barrow

            Your right it simply says “Shall not be infringed”……..PERIOD!

          • Terry Burns

            You should get your eyes checked and while you are at it learn to read English. It is the “Bill of Rights” not the Bill of Required.

          • Keith Burrow

            All the rest of us knew what he meant……are you stupid or are you intentionally being an as s because you can?

          • Mike Loveall


          • Charles Vester

            Your right! It’s not Bill of Required because if you have the few who have the right and exercise that right you won’t have Nazis and Fascist coming in to take the guns. A right means that citizens shall practice the right to own a gun (arm). To require would force everyone to buy and exercise that right. I do not believe everyone needs a weapon. The Bill of Rights means we as US Citizens may practice these practices or protect ourselves from the government until we break the law then many of these can be taken away from a citizen. You can’t take away from the reuired. Learn the definition Ms. Burns!

          • HLTaylor

            Actually, yes you can take away from the required. Our leaders have done an excellent job of taking away common sense.

          • Mike Loveall


          • Terry Burns

            Ok, my reply ended up being under the wrong comment. But since I’m an ass I guess you are one also since you didn’t figure that out on your own.

          • Eric Smith

            No, but I do see the words “shall not be infringed”..

          • jsl55

            Glad to hear that since everyone’s most important job is to protect their family and themselves. I won’t be giving my guns to the fascists.

          • Lamar

            Required for what?

          • 5live5

            To protect the BIG crooks!

          • anoesis

            For somebody that is stupid enough to ask a question like that the requirement is suspended. You can wait for the cops to come protect you should your home be invaded. I, on the other hand, require that I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY to protect myself. The cops can do as they usually do and come along after while to ask stupid questions.

          • Mr.Mike

            That is exactly why the Constitution says that it is your duty to arm yourself. That way you are not dependent on government to protect you.

            Never surrender your arms to a tyrant. That is exactly what our government has become. They do every thing by force now.

          • Harvey Melton

            exactly ty and they are trying every way to disarm the American people because they know that since they have gone out of their way to employ foreign forces that would have no problems in shooting and killing anyone foreign to them then the exact sentiment would be on the real Americans for the same to them. But there are many other types of weapons to be used in order to gain better ones from the opposition.

          • Elfguy

            “They were having a sale at the gun store; the Jukes boys decided to go
            With the moonshine gone bad, and the poaching gone thin, Their business was doing quite slow

            So they bought them a lot of hand-cannons, intent upon robb’ry and more
            But they never once thought to consider That they weren’t alone in the store.

            Next in line was a little old lady, and next was a handsome young dame
            After her, came a man in a wheelchair Then a lad with an underweight frame

            They watched while the Jukes boys were buying, and considered what such boys would do
            Then they looked at each other, they said not a word, But bought themselves hand-cannons too.

            Well, that night Billy Jukes went out hunting; he spotted a girl who looked great
            But when he pulled her into an alley, She pulled out a big 38.

            He thought this was feminine bluffing; “Naw, girl, you can’t shoot me,” he said
            Well, the very next second she proved he was wrong, And Billy Jukes quite lost his head.

            Well, Joey Jukes went for the money, so he went to a big liquor store
            And he hauled out his two-barrelled shotgun The moment he walked through the door

            He aimed at all present, and bellowed “Give me all ya got, or yer dead!”
            So the counterboy lifted his 44 mag And did just what Joey Jukes said.

            Now, Beauregarde Jukes chose his victims with more care and planning by far
            He jumped on a little old lady Who was just getting into her car

            But she promptly reached into her handbag and used the best choice she could make
            For a 25 auto has such light recoil As even a frail hand can take.

            Now Roy Jukes was good at house burgling and still thought he’d escape without harm
            When the owner rolled in with a shotgun Braced on his wheelchair’s arm

            “Well, they’ll bust you for shooting–” Roy started, but the man’s shotgun cut off the lot
            And he said, as he muscled Roy’s corpse out the door: “There are no ballistics on shot.”

            So that was the end of the Jukes boys; the cops had to clean up the mess…
            So they slandered gun-owning civilians All over the liberal press.

            But the victors who might have been victims go silent, although this is true:
            So long as there’s one weapon left in the world, You better have you a gun too.”

            – Leslie Fish

          • davidshockey

            My job is to provide for and protect my family and home. So I’m covered, right?

          • Timothy Romero

            Don’t have a problem with those protecting their family, just want to keep it out of goof-balls who aren’t responsible enough to know how to keep it away from where children can easily access them. How many stories have you read where children have been killed by gun owners who leave their guns out and kids are shot? People might have the right to own guns but that doesn’t mean they are responsible gun owners.

          • Mike Loveall


          • Paul Skinner

            Try teaching the kids not to mess with them? When I was growing up, there were no less than five LOADED firearms within my reach in my home, I was taught not to mess with them and guess what, there was NEVER an accident with ANY of those guns. Keeping the guns away from the kids is not required, teaching them to respect their parents and the purpose of the firearm is what we need… GIve me back the days then EVERYONE taught their kids about firearms safety instead of locking up the firearms from the kids.

          • Timothy Romero

            Hard to teach a two or three year old, but I own a gun and I wouldn’t leave it out. I’d rather be safe than sorry. Also makes it easier for thieves to get your guns while you are not home.

          • Paul Skinner

            You have a point on thieves, but my firearms are never home alone. If there’s no one home, there are no guns home. As for teaching small/young children about firearms… my YOUNGEST is three years old, she LOVES going to the range with us, and she knows not to touch it. She also knows (and we’ve taught her) not to point guns (including TOYS) at people.

          • Timothy Romero

            All parents who own guns should do like you do. That is being a responsible gun owner.

          • J Hoffman

            I taught both my kids at the same time. Daughter was 5 and son 3 at the time. So YES you can teach them. Oh by the way my daughter could hit a sheet of paper from 25 feet with all five rounds I gave her at age 5, so never walk in my house, my whole family is trained.

          • Timothy Romero

            There are over 3000 children sent to the emergency room annually from being shot accidently. Not every gun owner is doing like you.

          • JAMES “SGT. ROCK” WHITE

            Where did that number come from, hopefully you didn’t pull this number out of thin air, because with the Obama Media Agency , I’m surprised they don’t “quote ” those stats in their Govt. Approved “fair” reporting Posts every day.

          • Timothy Romero

            not hard to find, just google it. What does Fox News say?

          • jimmie58

            What does Obama and CNN say?

          • Paul

            Like that’s Accurate, how about an actual non partisan poll?

          • Gary Schoeller

            what does fox news say? one word; TRUTH

          • LibertyMonger

            Actually Fox News lies and manipulates as well, they have been doing good lately cause it is their job to lead the republicans to keep us divided but in and before 2012 they were lying and cheating every chance they got to avoid the truth. They even fired Judge Andrew Napolitano from his show FreedomWatch and got rid of Glenn Beck for telling the truth.

          • Robert

            shutting a show down because it doesn’t have viewership is a lot different than firing for failing to tote the company line. Both Beck and the Judge are still employed by FOX News. Fox set them up with their own network. There is a libertarian skewed network finally. Both also are frequent guests of the existing Fox News network.

            I am not trying to advocate listening to Fox News, merely correcting you on your own position.

          • whocares

            Fox keeps us divided? The only political party that keeps the country divided is the democrats, who hate white people and hate Christians Odd how I never hear any of this from the republicans. As a matter of fact before the democrats hated white people they hated black people. The fact is the democrat party is and always will be the party of hate.

          • Thanks for proving LibertyMonger correct

          • STFUTWIT

            Proof??? LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Truthers are insane end of story.. Good riddance to both of them.

          • Picachu1

            Totally man, the truth sux and any one who believes in truth is insane. Right on u bad mamajamma.

          • Thanks for posting insane things my comment about insane people..

          • STFUTWIT

            So lies are in for you then…..verdict in, you offically delong to the libtard dnc party of whoa….except for the utter hatred they reek….

          • chelseachablis

            Glenn Beck left on his own….he WAS NOT FIRED!!!….Fox news is NOT biased…they are more fair than any other news agency out there!

          • Reader

            Fox is most certainly biased. They are biased the opposite direction of the rest of the media. (Doesn’t matter if you like it or not, all media sources are biased.) More importantly, though, are a few factors.

            1. They are a single source biased opposite numerous sources biased the other way.

            2. They are less biased than their opposite numbers. While Fox is predominately conservative, they do present liberals (and even have liberal hosts), and the liberals they have are true liberals. Other media outlets front other liberals as their ‘conservatives’ as a rule. They usually eliminate anyone remotely close to a true conservative that manages to get the ‘conservative’ seat.

            3. Fox has the largest following and the best ratings.

            That tells you something about the true makeup of the country.

          • Nasty

            More “fair” is true. But their support of Chris Christy is shocking to me.

          • chelseachablis

            I just watched a segment on Christy…on Fox….and they mentioned how he used money for the hurricane disaster to fund his own commercial during his campaign. I just didn’t see any support for him.

          • genano

            Love ya’, mean it.

          • Nasty

            I agree. I watched Fox from 2005 till about 2011. Then Fox began to sound more Liberal.
            Now I only watch the Business channel.
            It is amusing now. Fox loves Chris Christy. Liberals hate Chris Christy. Completely backwards.
            Liberals should love Christy. He is a RINO. Fox should hate Christy.
            Two sides of the same idiot coin.

          • Michael DeGregorio

            I think they fired Glenn Beck because his blackboards didn’t make sense and he couldn’t do a complete show without crying. I own a 9mm and a 357 magnum which I love and am good at target shooting, voted for McCain in ’08, but couldn’t stomache Mitt Romney so I abstained and sorry, but Glenn Beck is a wackaloon. He gives conservatives a very bad name.

          • 5live5

            Liberty, the judge himself came out and said it was a mutual agreement to cancel his show. I don’t think a person like the judge would be intimidated by them to the point that he would lie. Just saying.

          • Timothy Romero

            LOL, now that’s funny

          • Nasty

            Of course it is funny to you. The ignorant are easy to amuse.

          • Timothy Romero

            Thought you didn’t watch Fox News

          • Nasty

            I watch Fox Business. Fox News I stopped about two years ago.

          • Nasty

            Why do you ask about Fox news? I watch CNN.

          • STFUTWIT

            Now that really is your reference….Google??? LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Timothy Romero

            Obviously you didn’t look far enough, go to CPYV website, look under ASK stats. There’s a lot of stats on there.

          • happylada

            Interesting number, if correct – that number also happens to match the number of kids admitted for chewing cigarette filters, and nicotine gum. Some of them die.

          • Timothy Romero

            Real mature answer, all I’m saying is we need to do better in keeping guns safely away from kids. The numbers show some parents aren’t doing a good job.

          • Qtztutz

            I wonder how many of those “parents” are part of a criminal enterprise. I grew up with a house full of guns and no one ever got shot. Of course, mine was an intact family where discipline was actually enforced.

          • Verity

            My grandfather was a champion marksman. His basement was filled with guns and reloading supplies. I can still recall the sound that was made reloading. We never went into his basement/shop without him there. We were taught ‘do not touch’ at a very early age….and of course, we didn’t touch anything there.

          • Timothy Romero

            discipline in the homes are a rarity today. Too many parents trying to be their kids “friends” instead of parenting. Some of it due to both parents having to work and no one home to supervise.

          • Nasty

            Perhaps discipline is a rarity in Liberal homes today. Not in mine.

          • 5live5

            Mine neither! that’s why my youngest almost had an associates degree when she graduated high school. I knew where my kids were or they were HOME. The neighbor hood parents knew it and weren’t worried when their kids were at my place. They knew if their kids said they were at my house they had to call before leaving. Pissed off a few kids but I had parents thank me!

          • Nasty

            As of this reply, you and I can see that one person has voted your comment down. Likely the same one that gave me a vote down. That is the problem today. Anyone that can vote this down is either a child by age or what is wrong with American parents today.
            I congratulate you for caring about your children enough to be an outstanding parent. You have every right to be proud of your children and yourself!

          • 5live5

            I’m very proud of my daughters accomplishments the biggest part of them were due to her determination. She had a copy of the constitution in her back pack for years. myself? all I did was my job as a parent.

          • Jerseysal

            “Discipline” means “Teach”. Our schools are no substitute for a couple of hours of time with your kids doing something besides watching “The Simpsons”.

          • Timothy Romero

            I agree, sometimes we forget what our job is as parents.

          • Gary Schoeller

            you are right I agree they really should watch their kids especially around swimming pools OR TEACH them how to swim

          • Timothy Romero

            True Gary its not just guns, there are many hazards we have to protect our kids from by either putting up a barrier from it or teaching them about the dangers( or both)

          • Ever watch Honey Boo Boo?

          • jim


          • 5live5

            you better redneckognize!!!

          • Verity

            There will always be parents who aren’t responsible. Can’t always fix stupid.

          • Timothy Romero

            that’s true!

          • Joshua Stearns

            C,mon Timothy go check out Moscow. I’ll help you pay for the plane ticket if you can not afford it.

          • Marineaks

            So make it a law that parents have to do a ‘better’ job. The world will never be child proof.

          • Nasty

            Liberals always use “children” as an emotional tool. “Oh the CHILDREN!” is the Liberal gun control battle cry. Liberals depend on emotions because they have no facts to back up their desire to control the population and disarm it.
            That isn’t “some” Liberals. That is ALL Liberals.

          • W Richard Lobell

            that is not ALL that LIBS use children for. Somebody has to pay for the goodies

          • 5live5

            Yet all the liberal leaders in the US have body guards that carry guns. Each and every one of them could hit a kid with a stray bullet yet they use the kids as an excuse to DISARM the public. In actuality, they are worried about their own hides!

          • Nasty

            I agree. I will take it a step further. Our current leadership is anti-gun. There is an obvious reason for this. Our current leadership is afraid of “the people” being armed. So was Hitler. An armed population will only take so much from the current anti-American, military hating leadership. Therefore they are attempting the tried and true disarming of the American population. This attempt to disarm the population is the clearest evidence for the need of all Americans to take a gun training course and purchase a weapon for their own protection, and for the fun of shooting that I enjoy.

          • medic2003

            Your argument lacks. How many of those ” kids” are in gangs? A lot more thsn you want to admit.

          • Timothy Romero

            how many are toddlers who came upon a gun lying around and either shot themselves or someone else? Not hard to find just google it.

          • 5live5

            how many of those guns are legally owned? how many are guns involved in drug deals gone bad? Your argument carries no weight as you are combining ALL deaths to children below the age of 17, even the ones involved in crimes and shot by cops!

          • Timothy Romero

            it referred to accidental shootings of children brought into the emergency room, not all died. Crimes would not be considered accidental.

          • Adam Feeney

            Wow! Both of my children (8 and 5) have handled my firearms empty and with full mag. Did they shoot themselves? No. I don’t keep any rounds chambered for that very reason. At their age they can’t pull a slide back nor operate a bolt correctly without my supervision. Get off your high horse and stop with all the ‘googled’ facts. I bet you believe everything on the interwebz.

          • Timothy Romero

            Don’t have to google it, just read your newspaper. Seems every couple of weeks you can read about some child who has been
            accidently shot by another child who found a gun lying around.

          • STFUTWIT

            LMMFAO!!!! If that were true, which its not, the libtard papers where I live would roll those stories hourly until hell froze over…..but they don’t have stories like you mentioned in quite awhile……every couple of weeks you say…LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • 5live5

            so gun control is the answer? BULL!

          • Jerseysal

            …as shown by kids drowning in pools or by ingesting toxic stuff or in auto accidents. Maybe the STATE should take all children at birth and raise them in a State Creche. I am sure that that would be better…

          • Timothy Romero

            watching kids is a 24 hour job, especially toddlers. Most of these accidents are when they are not being watched properly and/or dangerous things are not stored properly. Some accidents can’t be avoided but a large number can.

          • Conrad Gabbard

            Oh, if guns were the only problem, or even a major problem. Check out Covenant House, Children of the Night and similar organizations dealing with kids.

          • Timothy Romero

            true Conrad, there are many kids that are dealing with living on the streets, not knowing where there next meal is coming from and having to deal with the many horrors that comes with that life.

          • STFUTWIT

            I know about that damn “Covenant House”…..the worst school districts in Houston send their rejects there…..hmmm

          • Bill R

            Whatever the number, how many are run over or killed by accidents in cars, lakes, bee stings, falling. Do your best to protect and keep the numbers as low as possible.

          • Gary Schoeller

            3000 children drown a year in swimming pools. nobody needs a swimming pool

          • Ken Largent II

            Just try to ban di-hydrogen oxide and see what happens.

          • sprdthewrd

            Yep ban it right know we are all wet !!! LOL

          • Archangel

            Monoxide; Di Hydrogen Monoxide H2O

          • Ken Largent II

            Yeah, that stuff. The number one cause of death in all drowning cases.

          • Jon319

            More kids drown a yr in back yard pools then firearm deaths. The statistics show it true.

          • Worship Dancer


          • whatever

            you need a swimming pool registry and license all swimming pool owners with licenses that expire every 5 years so a background check is done every 5 years (you need to reapply)

            when you want to ban swimming pools for criminals simply be really lazy and look for folk who forgot to renew their license, confiscate the pools from the law abiding, and show them off as “crime pools”

            (parody of what really happens with registration and licensing)

            see any “safe city” project in Canada

          • MichaelCarl

            Real stats from the FBI showed that more people are murdered each year with hammers than with long guns. More kids die in the bathtubs than in accidental shootings. Since this is true, do we need federal regulations on bathtubs?

          • 1bob


          • Conrad Gabbard

            There ARE federal Regulations on bathtubs – and just about everything else!

          • freedomringsforall

            The irony of that is that yes we do have lots of federal regulations on tubs.
            The problem with that too is that they don’t do much to change the death statistics because it is people that use tubs too.
            You are always going to have some kid left in the tub unattended.

          • patriot2

            the anti-gunners quote bs stats all the time.they lie to fit their agenda,check out obama,nobody has caught him telling the truth yet.

          • Eric Smith

            What is your source for that claim?

          • Searcher5

            The classification of child can range in age up to 24 years old, depending upon what agency you get your stats from. My question is simply which agency? Thanks.

          • Stefan

            There are around 32,000 fatalities each year due to automobile accidents. What’s your point?

          • Timothy Romero

            So we shouldn’t worry about those kids who aren’t being protected by lack of training in gun safety or parents not keeping guns out of reach. How about kids who die or are injured from physical abuse from parents? Would you use the same response in that instance?

          • STFUTWIT

            What about abortion….since your chasing rabbit trails….oh, taboo huh….the DNC funded Planned Parenthood thinks systematic slaughter of minority babies if a.o.k…..GOOGLE it…..

          • comdoc123

            The NYAGV reported 1300 children accidentally shot between 2005 and 2010. Your figures seemed a little high to me.

          • Eric Hedberg


          • above god

            The Average IQ Goes Up As Parents Leave Guns Out For Their Children Can Shoot Each Other & Themselves. Rent The Movie Idiocracy To See The Dumbing Down Of America.

          • Timothy Romero

            that’s probably just in New York, that’s their page. Look under CPYV, lots of interesting facts.

          • STFUTWIT

            LMMFAO!!!! Probably sure is a fact….

          • Gary Schoeller

            i would like the source you got that from as well. so that I may verify what your saying is true. personally I think your drinking the cool aid

          • STFUTWIT

            Good luck getting those sources……

          • Mark204

            There is approximately 120,000 accidental deaths caused by doctors every year so what does that average out to?

          • whocares

            Surveys of American gun owners have found that 4 to 6 percent reported using a gun in self-defense within the previous five years. That is not a very high percentage but, in a country with 300 million people, that works out to hundreds of thousands of defensive uses of guns per year.

            Read more:
            Follow us: @RCP_Articles on Twitter

          • How many are killed in automobiles and buses every year?

          • chelseachablis

            Well instead of disarming the responsible gun owners….just make it mandatory to send the entire family to classes that train firearm safety…..that might just lessen any accidents don’t you think???….EDUCATION GOES A LONG WAY!….give a man a fish and you feed him for a day….TEACH a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!

          • Verity

            I took my granddaughter to classes. It was well worth it. Classroom and range instruction were taught.

          • Timothy Romero

            I agree with you Chelsea, not trying to disarm responsible gun owners, just trying to protect those kids who aren’t fortunate to have those particular parents. Sending them to classes would help greatly.

          • Marineaks

            How many go because of auto accidents?

          • Greg Artz


            Not sure where you got your statistics but guns aren’t even in the top 5 of accidental deaths in homes.

          • Timothy Romero

            look under CPYV on internet, lots of interesting facts on there. Can’t find the page where I found the original stats but my stats weren’t deaths only ,it was children who were admitted to the emergency rooms because of accidental shootings.

          • freedomringsforall

            I can tell you where he gets his information:
            I googled the organization CPYV.
            Like many lefty organizations they are very tight with the information that they put on their web site.
            They are counting on all of us average citizens to be lazy and not do the twenty steps or so of research to smoke them out.
            The way you defeat that is you find their about us page or contact page and you start looking for names.
            Then you start googleing their names.
            The executive director of CPYV is involved with left wing anti-gun organizations like the Brady group etc..
            Then I found that CPYV used to be PAX.
            Well the founders are involved in all kinds of anti-gun organizations too.
            The on founder Daniel Gross is the president of the Brady anti-gun group and the Brady Center anti-gun group.
            One of the big programs for CPYV is a campaign called ASK that “asks kids” to speak up about guns in their environment.
            Sounds like another rat on mom and dad program to me.
            Needless to say these organizations and people he is bragging about are nothing but left wing shills for anti-gun propaganda.
            They have nothing to do with real statistics on anything.
            They are just propaganda machines.

          • Bruce Baltovick

            i can make up numbers too… let’s see, I read somewhere that 100 million liberals have been found to have IQ’s under that of a coat rack.

          • Timothy Romero

            Google CYPV, interesting stats on there.

          • freedomringsforall

            The organizations that he refers to are founded and staffed by left wing anti-gun nuts that run the Brady anti-gun organizations and are involved with other anti-gun and other left wing crusades too.
            One of the main programs of the CYPV that he talks about is crusading with what they call an ask program that is nothing more than a rat on your family about guns program.

          • Nasty

            So you want to infringe on MY right and life, because less than .01% of the population were not taught how to act responsibly?

          • Timothy Romero

            Please quote me where I said I wanted to infringe on anyone’s rights, obviously you haven’t read my posts correctly

          • 1Pummalo1

            Give me the authenicate sourse of your statement

          • Timothy Romero

            one is CPYV, that have interesting stats here

          • SuperDave2

            Cite your source please. I don’t believe that figure.

          • really?lol

            Over 171,000 children are injured in auto accidents a year. 254 million cars. vs 270 million guns in the us and 3000 instances? Why are you not out protesting against Ford and Chevy. Cars help us get places with ease and speed,Guns protect our lives and loved ones nearly 2.5 million times a year, 2.5 million hospital and morgue visits prevented, I speculate that of that 2.5 million there are more than 3000 cases where a child’s safety was secured from a hospital visit. Are we really that bad at setting priorities or have we watched a few too many Disney films to differ from reality and fantasy.

          • Timothy Romero

            really, 2.5 million morgue visits a year prevented, someone is living in a fantasy world. Where did you pull these numbers from?

          • mbm

            Where did you get that erroneous info?

          • Archangel

            As long as they aren’t your children it is none of your concern!

          • Timothy Romero

            wow, I guess I can say what I say is not your concern then. Somehow “Archangel” doesn’t
            sound right with that post.

          • provemewrong

            How many children are sent to the emergency room annually from dog bites, bicycle accidents or electrocution? Do you recommend banning pets, bicycles and electricity?

          • Timothy Romero

            another one with the same question. I don’t believe anyone is reading my posts. Please refer me to the post where I recommended banning guns.

          • medic2003

            Hell of a lot more go because they get hit by cars or wreck their bikes or get hit by cars on their bikes. Tragedy is tragedy and accidents happen. Weak argument dude.

          • Timothy Romero

            Not sure they are arguments, all I’m saying is their are some gun owners who are irresponsible, who need to do a better job in gun safety and control. Most gun owners are responsible but not all. If you believe that they all are responsible then you are sadly mistaken.

          • medic2003

            While i agree that some people are irresponsible, when you say more needs to be done to fix this problem, it strikes me that you are saying government needs to do more. That i cannot agree with. Everywhere the government “protects” people from the bad old guns ends up with more crime and kids getting killed. It aint about protecting anyone with them, its about control.

          • STFUTWIT

            So who are the irresponsible gun owners? Sounds like you know who they are since you said that there are irresponsible gun owners…..

          • Timothy Romero

            Yes, I probably can name a few, but all you have to do is read the newspapers. Every couple of weeks you can read about them. Just look at the one in the news this week. The retired policeman who shot the man in the theater because he was texting during the previews of upcoming movies. Doesn’t sound too responsible to me. How many road rage cases have there been where someone cuts someone off in traffic then someone gets shot. Doesn’t just have to be in the home.

          • 5live5

            Again, so we should ALL suffer because of Fools? People are sent to the ER for gasoline burns from trying to start a fireplace fire, does that mean people should not have gasoline?

          • Timothy Romero

            never said anything about banning guns or no one should own them

          • Bill Jones

            Many of those are gang related.

          • MichaelCarl

            Timothy, where did you get that number?

          • 1bob

            There’s been over 100 million poor souls who paid the price of being disarmed by their governments…I understand 3000 is a high price, but far cheaper than 100 million.

          • Conrad Gabbard

            Auto accidents and swimming pools have far higher childhood death and injury rates than from firearms. Reach back and return the “3000” to where you pulled it from.

          • Timothy Romero

            Didn’t know it was a contest to see what causes more deaths, if its not first on the list then we shouldn’t worry about it.

          • Mavin Swapp

            Over a million children are sent to their grave before their first birthday, thanks to abortion. Where should we place our attention.

          • medic2003

            My oldest daughter was deadly with my 1911 at the age of ten. Never touches it unless i tell her she can. She knows how to use it if needed. Shes 14 now and sometimes home with her sister for short periods. I feel better knowing shes capable with a gun.

          • 5live5

            Good man!!

          • happylada

            How long will it take to find and load then your front door is broken down in the night. If its more than 2 seconds, why have it?

          • Timothy Romero

            I’d rather take the few seconds needed to fetch my gun in a safe area away from kids than have it where it would take a few seconds for them to get hurt. The chance of someone breaking in my house is a lot slimmer than a kid getting to my gun if I left it out. You need to not only to protect your family from outside dangers but also inside dangers.

          • Paul

            But that is you, their are people alive today because they had instant access. Laws try to make households without children the same as those with – STUPID. Break into my house… The last thing you see is my muzzle flash and I call city sanitation.

          • The problem is that you cannot penalize people who have done nothing wrong and protect all the children from their idiot parents.. its not fair to people who are not idiots.

          • Timothy Romero

            True, don’t recommend taking anything away from responsible adults.

          • medic2003

            You dont have them out if they arent on you or where you can get them if needed. You lock uo the ones you srent using when you leave the house. I taught my kids st the age of two not to bother guns. Kind of like teaching them about a hot stove. It aint that hard.

          • Timothy Romero

            I agree, but time after time you hear stories where someone left their gun out and a child got hold of it. The same with leaving a child in a hot vehicle, you keep hearing the stories and you would hope that people would catch on.

          • 5live5

            Who says it stays at home?

          • 7citizen7

            Same at my house!!

          • chelseachablis

            same at my house too…..I grew up with 7 brothers and they, along with my dad, were all avid hunters…..never had an accidental shooting EVER!

          • Ken Largent II

            My dad was also an avid hunter. He also drank a lot. He missed me by a little less than a foot.

          • liberalsstuckonstupid

            Was it the gun’s fault? Or your Dad’s drunken state?

          • Ken Largent II

            Neither. Dad, (a life-long NRA member) behaved irresponsibly. The gun was not the problem, alcohol was not the problem, it was dad and no other. I resolve to behave responsibly and I don’t require the NRA (co-authors of the Brady Bill) or any other self-appointed regulatory agency to tell me what is OK for me and what is not. The bottom line is personal responsibility for one’s own actions.

          • Nasty

            So you own your own weapons then. Good for you.

          • Archangel


          • Conrad Gabbard

            All Brady wanted was a waiting/cooling-down period; the NRA added the background checks.

          • Ken Largent II

            Thus the phrase, “self-appointed regulatory agency.”

          • Chris Robinette

            You know something Ken? You are very right and a good role model.

          • Ken Largent II

            Thanks! That’s nice to hear.

          • Strangerinastangeland

            Probably flinched. Just kidding. Alcohol and guns do not mix well.

          • Bill Jones

            Beware of strong drink – it can cause you to miss the federal agents.coming for your guns.

          • Conrad Gabbard

            Correct! 2 beautiful girls in Lubeck, Germany wanting to party, caused me to throw my Arma Galesi .25 ACP in a canal before joining them in drink and elsewhere.

          • Chris Robinette

            And you still had a weapon. LOL

          • eddyjames

            Still a small one.

          • Chris Robinette

            Nah, Guns and Alcohol do not mix AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ken Largent II

            I’m guessing he may have seen two of me and picked the wrong one. (joke)

          • He’s the type that don’t need a gun!

          • 5live5

            So because your dad acted like a fool, we should pay for it?

          • Ken Largent II

            I never even suggested that. I said that I choose to take personal responsibility for my own actions. Perhaps you could do that too.

          • 5live5

            If you bothered to read any of my other posts, you would know I do. always have. I do not blame anybody for any of the few problems I have in my life.

          • Ken Largent II

            Maybe you could do the same: read my other posts. RTFP – I am not and never have been in favor of you paying for someone else’s mistakes. For you to accuse me of such and then accuse me of not reading your posts is just you being a bully and not following your own instructions.

          • 5live5

            Ken, YOU are the one that when every one was talking about how careful and responsible they were and were anti gun control came in with “my father got drunk and missed me by inches.” What is anybody supposed to take away from THAT? And I did not ACCUSE you of anything, I simply asked the question that since your father chose to act like a fool should everyone have to suffer the loss of their weapons? I’ve been around weapons since I was born, shot my first gun at 11, owned my first one at 15. The ONLY time I have hurt a soul with a gun is in the employ of Uncle Sugar’s gang! Seems ironic that the employer sent me to a foreign country to hurt others with a gun now wants to take away my right to own one, now doesn’t it?

          • whatever

            sounds like HE is a violent person…… not the type of person to have weapons of any type.

            Victims of violence, perhaps your mom or yourself, smaller, weaker, could likely use defensive tools…..

          • Ken Largent II

            I’m not a victim. I also don’t appreciate your attempts to make me one.

          • Worship Dancer

            and at my house as well.

          • Harvey Melton

            mine too even with a 20 ga. pump

          • Bill R

            I would not leave matches or boiling water where children are. Why would I leave poison, knifes or guns.

          • Paul Skinner

            You can’t protect children from everything all the time. The thing that will hurt them, or make them sick, that are in the house aren’t things that should be hidden away from them, but things that they should be taught WHY they aren’t supposed to be around or handle. Teaching them, keeps them from getting hurt or sick from something like that later, and may save lives, hiding it make it seem like something interesting and will keep their attention more. My kids are taught not to play with the stove, just like they’re taught not to play with guns (admittedly the stove took a little more work, resulting in a minor burn when the youngest grabbed something off a hot eye ONCE, she’s NEVER gone CLOSE to the stove while its on since) Teach the kids, don’t shield them. Shielded children are the ones who will experiment with things that will hurt or kill them. I wasn’t shielded, I was taught. I didn’t get into smoking (cigarettes or weed) with the kids at school, I didn’t drink (let alone drink and drive), why? Because I was taught that those things weren’t ok. My mother taught me what was what, and for that I am eternally grateful. The kids these days growing up in a world where McDonald’s is FORCED to put a WARNING NOTICE on their frigging COFFEE CUPS “Warning! Contents May be Hot!” (OH REALLY??? I thought they’d be cold…) are the ones I worry the most about, they’ve been shielded from so many things that they don’t know basic common sense half the time. I personally know someone who is SO STUPID they couldn’t attach jumper cables to her own car (sadly she has kids, see what I mean??) Be responsible about everything, not just guns, but knives, poisons, etc… teach you children what to do in situations that you might not be there for, so that should you not be there, they’ll still know what to do or not do.

          • Gary Schoeller

            same here in regards to guns being within reach however I was taught to always have one in reach and was trained in firearms how to shoot reload and clean firearms from the time I was 5. I never touched one unless I was told to and never had to without being told to.

          • Timothy Romero

            I agree with that, but for those who don’t take the time to do that they then need to lock them up.

          • darylj46

            It all goes to teaching kids period and today that is a joke as parents for the most part don’t do it.

          • Nasty

            I was taught the same. I have what some might consider a large amount of rifles and pistols. No living creature has ever been injured by any of them. But I enjoy taking one how from time to time and firing up some targets.

          • John Edge

            Paul that would require the left to actually have to watch their kids and take responsibility.

          • medic2003

            Mine too. If you did mess with them and got caught, there was a whuppin forth coming. I respected my parents snd didnt want the whuppin.

          • jtflash49

            Kids are being taught in the government run-I mean public-schools now to be afraid of guns. Boys are being emasculated (remember “pajama boy?”) and are not even allowed to point a FINGER at their friends pretending to “shoot” them. How long before “gun” becomes “the G word”?
            The wolf is at the door. Wake Up America.

          • Georgia Girl

            People should be responsible & keep their guns locked up whenever there are young children in the house. And they need to put the fear of God into those kids regarding the guns.

          • Timothy Romero

            I agree, just have to watch neighbor’s kids that might visit or family members kids, better to keep them out of little one’s reach.

          • JAMES “SGT. ROCK” WHITE

            Firearms Don’t do much good locked up if needed for defense. And the fear of God is not the same as being taught Safety and Respect. Respect the weapon, follow the five rules of safety, and let the criminals have the fear of God, because it will be God who judges them and their criminal ways. They mess with me or my family, I’ll arrange the meeting.

          • andreas

            Everyone needs the fear of God first, Period (but not the Obama kind oof Period) then there wouldn’t be so much crime to begin with. The fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom… the rest go to MSNBStupid.

          • Marineaks

            So how do you keep them away from goof-balls? How do you keep cars, knives, baseball bats, any potential weapon away from good balls?

          • Timothy Romero

            I’d rather face a crazy man with a baseball bat than one with an AK-47. I can outrun a bat.

          • THX_1139

            what about his three friends?

          • Robert

            not if the crazy man is Marcus Lewis.

            The logic to the question still applies.

          • Marineaks

            Maybe, depends on who’s chasing you.

          • Charles Vester

            Sadly, we don’t get to hear about the heroic actions of gun owners around the country protecting their homes, families and selves from the criminal. The sad stories of the “goof balls” going in and killing many make the news. These people make headlines and give the responsible gun owners, who are many, a bad name.

          • Timothy Romero

            there are a lot of many responsible gun owners. just need to find a way to keep the immature, irresponsible gun owners away from them or find a way to educate them.

          • THX_1139

            NRA has several education programs

          • Timothy Romero

            I appreciate all those who take the course or send their children to them. Anything we can do to educate our children about gun safety is a plus.

          • happylada

            ALL these incidents, except the Gifford shooting, took place in gun free zones. Why not look at the real cause of mass shootings?

          • Bill R

            People fear flying. Safest way to travel. Yet, when a plane goes in it usually has high numbers of death. We know people are not rational in their fears.

          • Kelvin Hoffman

            we all know that OBLAMA AND CLOWNS are not reponsible, so we need to take away their guns and locked them up for eternity

          • happylada

            Funny, but a cursory search of the gun shooters over the past few years reveals they were all liberals most democrats, one worked on Obama’s campaign and two were on anti-sychotic drugs. Maybe its the liberal mindset, the Democratic party OR the Obama campaign. Or maybe the dope they put the dopes on when they are psychotic.

            But its easiet to blame guns when you have to protect the things you believe in.

            The posters are right on!

          • Timothy Romero

            Don’t blame guns, not trying to ban guns, just trying to make sure we try to keep guns out of irresponsible people’s hands.

          • Paul

            So Tim… Do you agree with Fienstien that all vets are mentally unstable?

          • Timothy Romero

            No, unfortunately a small percentage who were exposed to war seem to have mental issues and we also have some who’ve committed suicide but overall ex-military are as sane as the rest of us.

          • freedomringsforall

            Here is Tim’s idea of a responsible gun violence statistics organization:

            I googled the organization CPYV that he keeps mentioning.

            Like many lefty organizations they are very tight with
            the information that they put on their web site.

            They are counting on all of us average citizens to be
            lazy and not do the twenty steps or so of research to smoke them out.

            The way you defeat that is you find their about us page
            or contact page and you start looking for names.

            Then start googling the names.

            The executive director of CPYV is involved with left wing
            anti-gun organizations like the Brady group etc..

            Then I found that CPYV used to be PAX.

            Well the founders are involved in all kinds of anti-gun
            organizations too.

            The on founder Daniel Gross is the president of the Brady
            anti-gun group and the Brady Center anti-gun group.

            One of the big programs for CPYV is a campaign called ASK
            that “asks kids” to speak up about guns in their environment.

            Sounds like another rat on mom and dad program to me.

            Needless to say these organizations and people he is
            bragging about are nothing but left wing shills for anti-gun propaganda.

            They have nothing to do with real statistics on anything.

            They are just propaganda

          • Paul

            And I wonder how many of them are 504C3’s… I knew Tim would ignore the question, it would have tipped too much of his hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if George Soros had his grubby hands in the mix.

          • freedomringsforall

            There you go buddy you get it.
            You are right on
            I would bet you if I had dug 40 layers deep instead of 20 layers deep.
            You get it!
            Praise God and pass the ammunition!
            Long live the Republic!
            God bless we are going to meet on the other side some day!
            Or maybe in the trenches on the way!

          • freedomringsforall

            They all meet up in the background somewhere if you dig deep enough.

          • Larry Jones

            We should try to keep drugs out of irresponsible peoples hands also. Oh wait, we’ve been trying to do that for decades. And lets keep people from drinking and driving.

          • jon

            a little research and you will find the FBI and CIA are the ones doing the killing, if there was any killing done….

          • Mark204

            Accidental gun deaths is tragic but it’s no where near the accidental death rates caused by swimming pool, poison, etc…get your facts straight and check your agenda at the door to be considered seriously.
            You cannot legislate a bubble for everyone for everything.

          • Timothy Romero

            I don’t have an agenda. Maybe you haven’t read all my posts. My only concern is irresponsible gun owners, not responsible ones. Everyone of those examples you listed all come back one way or another to negligent parenting. We can’t afford negligent parenting when we talk about guns.

          • Mark204

            You are correct in that I haven’t read all your post but the ones I have read prove to me that you do have an agenda.

            Please give your definition of a responsible gun owner.

            It appears you forgot to address the issues I brought up that cause more deaths to children than guns, how come?

          • Timothy Romero

            A responsible gun owner is one who keeps his guns away from children who may harm themselves and is trained in the safe operation and gun safety as well as make sure everyone in his house is properly trained if they can access them. As far as things that cause more deaths than guns to children, they are many. Some of them also can go back to negligence of the parents. None of these deaths trump another and any child’s death needlessly is one too many.

          • Mark204

            Thank you for your time and answer. I agree that guns should be kept away from children; unless the parent is teaching them gun safety and the properly
            handling of said gun or guns.

            I do not agree with the mindset that you treat a weapon like it’s the plague and
            keep it hidden from children because if you do then it peeks their curiosity
            and if they find the weapon then being curious they may handle and play with the weapon.
            I taught my kids that if they ever saw a weapon that they leave it alone and
            immediately go tell an adult, which they admitted to me once they grew up they
            did. I always told my children if they wanted to see a weapon of mine to let me
            know and I’d get the weapon out and I’d let them see/handle it with proper instructions on safety. They were taught that any weapon is loaded even if they just saw it was empty. I explained to them if they pointed the weapon in a safe direction every time they handled one that there would not be an accidental shootings. I taught them this from the time they began to show any interest in a weapon and reinforced it every time as long as they lived at home.

            My point about the other deaths of children is that they are not hyperbole as
            weapons are, which makes those behind the gun control crusade an agenda.

            Of course any needless death goes without saying it’s one too many.

          • Timothy Romero

            you are right Mark, its better to teach them the right and wrongs of gun handling than to just hide it.

          • Robert

            of all the ways kids die or get seriously hurt, guns is your focus? We don’t say, “someone is spouting hate speech, so lets remove peoples tongues so that the idiots among us can’t hurt people with their hate speech”….we don’t say, “a journalist printed a story revealing classified information, lets shut down journalist and keep their stories from being told so that we can be secure in knowing that sensitive information is published” or “those Westboro Baptist are hurting grieving families, lets remove Baptist churches to insure their belief is not promoted”…I could go through each of the rights individually and show contrast to the position that because some people abuse their rights, others need more restriction to exercise their rights. Which is all gun legislation is. If you wish to do something productive, seems to me we should focus on the penalty, focus on changes to how such crimes are reported, focus on the reason so many fail to value life, life of others as well as their own, to the levels that stop such senseless violence. As for how many kids are hurt by guns, well we have social pressures we can exercise that have proven valuable in other areas, maybe when you come across someone who is treating guns so haphazardly that a child’s safety is at risk, let them know your disdain of such so they feel the pressures of society.

          • Timothy Romero

            again, I never said we should ban guns or people from owning them. All I’ve expressed is that we make sure we are responsible gun owners. We can’t stick our head in the ground and ignore the issue that children are getting injured by careless gun owners. Most of the gun owners are responsible but we do have some that are reckless in gun safety.

          • whocares

            That’s easy don’t allow democrats to own guns.

          • txagsw

            Why can’t we teach them gun safety in schools. They teach them how to be safe if their in kindergarten and want to have sex. We actually took safety and gun handling in school, but the libs got ahold of the schools and that went out. People I take shooting who never have picked up a gun, love it. Most say they were afraid of guns because they knew nothing about them! Knowledge is the best teacher and neutralizer!

          • Timothy Romero

            I agree!

          • Joshua Aaron OKeefe

            Yes that % is high but with a new age common sense has gone out the window and it seems to be natural selection doing its work with those that dont actually have it.

            But on another note, did you even get the whole story on the “goof ball” that shot off a few rounds and than shot himself?

            He was a normal kid who just turned 18, and in his state he couldn’t buy a handgun because he was too young. So he bought a shotgun, which NONE of the gun control laws could have, and would have stopped him from purchasing.

            The truth is hard to bear, and so many get it wrong about gun control when they are for it but don’t realise that the ones who show no signs of being crazy or mentally disturbed “snap” and then 9 outta 10 times are the ones that actually use the guns improperly and go on a rampage.

            Thus your “gun control” is the one you should be pointing fingers at because IT CANT, AND WONT STOP THOSE WHO HAVE NO SIGNS OF DISORDERS FROM DOING WRONG TO OTHERS!!!!

          • Timothy Romero

            you’re right won’t be able to prevent all goof-balls, but look at the Newtown boy. His mom knew he had mental issues and she had a large arsenal of weapons which he could easily access. We, as parents need to do the best we can to train our kids about gun safety and practice it ourselves.

          • chelseachablis

            the majority of the populace ARE RESPONSIBLE!…’s been proven that highly armed neighborhoods are SAFER neighborhoods…….criminals will never obey the law so why the hell should we disarm the ones that do?????

          • Timothy Romero

            Somehow people aren’t reading my posts right. Not once have I said that we should ban guns, all I talk about is gun safety and training.

          • Joshua Stearns

            Maybe you should move to Russia Timothy. You would like it there. The Gov will take care of you and you will have nothing to worry about. You might want to take a boat, Russian airliners crash a lot. Wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you.

          • Timothy Romero

            Don’t need Government to take care of me, I know gun safety and how to protect kids who are around guns. Can’t say that for all Americans. Those are the ones who might need to go to Russia.

          • Lee Ford

            and just how do you propose we do that?

          • liberalsstuckonstupid

            Let’s not forget that almost all mass shootings in the U.S. were done by left wing nutjobs, which media said were right-wingers. Aurora shooter, worked on the Obama campaign; Arizona shooter was a registered democrat; the Newtown shooter, a registered democrat; Columbine shooters were raised by progressively left registered democrat parents; shooter at Centennial HS was a self-proclaimed Communist, etc.

          • ilhunter

            Natural selection, writ large.

          • Lucy Mauterer

            I also grew up around guns and was taught to respect what they could do and how to use them. If I ever dared (which I would never) touch my daddy’s guns I would have been severely punished. I own guns and my ten year old granddaughter knows how to fire the rifle. The shotgun and pistols are too hard for her to use at her small size but when she is strong enough, she will be taught how to use these as well. She has a great respect for the danger but good common sense too. She would never touch any of them without one of us around. I don’t leave any of my guns out but they are within easy reach if we have a home invasion. What usually happens with children is they are so curious and have never been shown a gun or taught how it works. By the time she’s 12, I want my granddaughter to be able to field strip my S&W Bodyguard, fire it at the range, and clean it properly. I used to be a pretty good archer too but would you gun wussies take my long bow away?

          • Timothy Romero

            every child should be taught how to handle a gun safely and the do’s and don’ts. That might prevent a lot of accidental shootings.

          • RUKIDDING

            Guns? According to the CDC unintentional accidents are the leading cause (48%) for teenage death. From these just 2% are caused by the unintentional discharge of a firearm, while 73% are caused by motor vehicle traffic accidents, 7% by poisoning and 5% by drowning. My kids grew up around guns, and were taught as early as three about gun safety and to respect guns. It doesn’t matter if you talk about guns, cars, drugs, or dangerous situations our kids can encounter, teaching RESPECT is the key.
            BTW there are many people who are irresponsible car speeding, running stop signs, driving under the influence, should we take their cars away?

          • STFUTWIT

            Finally, thanks for providing facts…..

          • Nasty

            there is no “might” Timothy. Americans DO have a 2nd amendment. It comes after the 1st one concerning their right to Free Speech.
            Perhaps you should read that.
            As for your concern for the “goof-balls”, you know only what the media sees fit to tell you.
            When cars drive themselves safely, I might get concerned about your “goof-balls” and guns.

          • wvstarktruth

            First of all, those situations are not even germane to the discussion at hand. Yes, there are rare occasions (relatively speaking) where someone leaves a gun unattended and accessible to a child. Terrible and negligent, however, I, for one, do not want some bureaucrat deciding who does or does not deserve the rights guaranteed by our Constitution. Additionally, laws will not protect against negligence or stupidity. What the basic disagreement is about is how much power the government should have to control the citizens. The answer, according to our Constitution, as written, is the least amount necessary to carry out specifically listed responsibilities assigned to the feds. The problem is that for the last 100 years, the Constitution has been watered down through the use of the commerce clause and the “general welfare” argument (and don’t forget the 17th amendment – look it up) allowing the feds to gain more and more power over things not intended, including gun control. Nothing the feds can do except confiscation can prevent some individual from doing something stupid that endangers a kid. NOTHING. Wake up (again).

            Oh, the 17th A. is the one that took away the rights of states to appoint their Senators which was a strong block against excessive federal power. Passed about 100 years ago (give or take a couple years). Downhill ever since.

          • Strangerinastangeland

            Actually given that 310 million people live in this country and that there are millions of weapons in the hands of citizens; not very often. I say that Americans do a damn good job on gun safety. Why not compare gun safety to automobile safety? I dare you.

          • Timothy Romero

            Auto safety is a problem but if I wanted to talk about auto safety I would go on a post that talks about it and not to one that’s talks about guns but feel free to look one up and you can probably find someone to debate about it. Most Americans do a good job with gun safety, just have an issue about those who don’t.

          • Barry Smith

            In the past month I have read over a dozen articles about how children and teens under the age of 16 have stopped burglaries and possible murders and God knows what in their homes because of guns, but I have not read one article about young teens and children shooting or harming the wrong people.

          • Timothy Romero

            you must be reading the wrong newspapers, try googling it. Mostly toddlers playing with guns lying around and accidently shooting themselves or other toddlers.

          • David in Dallas

            Far fewer kids killed by gun accidents than by drowning in backyard pools or riding bicycles. Are you going to ban those?

          • Timothy Romero

            Please quote me on where I said I was for banning guns, can’t seem to find that on none of my posts.

          • Truth or Vanity

            Stories I haven’t heard or read Many in comparison to the lives lost where guns were prohibited “gun free zones”

          • Archangel

            And there are a crapload of Mexicans out there with driver license’s that have no idea how to operate an automobile properly!
            There are a crapload of people out there with Children who have no idea how to raise them properly!
            I taught my Son’s Firearm etiquette beginning when they were 9 and 10 years old and they are still alive and kickin’ and they have taught that same etiquette to my grandchildren and they are all still alive and kickin’! It’s all about how you raise your children; has nothing to do with firearms!
            Try worrying about your own miserable life and butt out of other individuals lives! You fuckin’ bleeding heart liberals just can’t mind your own business!

          • Timothy Romero

            you seem to be in other people’s business as well as mine, the Mexicans and how other people raise their kids, so maybe you should follow your own advice and mind your own business!

          • 5live5

            tim, A responsible owner teaches his kids that guns are not toys and are not to be played with. My kids knew where my guns were from about twelve years old, they were shooting at 11. If they had friends over, I locked my bedroom door so they couldn’t get to them. They grew up with respect for firearms and didn’t mess with them because they weren’t curious about them. curiosity killed the cat, knowledge saved him.

          • Timothy Romero

            very true, wish every gun owner would follow your example.

          • Snaps

            Just keep the guns away from liberals. Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and all the other recent mass shooters have been liberals. And most of all, guns in the hands of Obama’s minions is a disaster for the US.

          • MichaelCarl

            The problem is Timothy, how do you determine which person is which? It’s not the law abiding who go to the schools, theatres, etc. As some diligent research has shown, the multiple killers turn out to be insane criminals who are in some cases, like Jared Loughner and James Holmes, registered Democrats and in Holmes’ case, followers of the Occupy movement.

          • Timothy Romero

            I was referring to the normal parent who leaves there gun lying around in there house without proper supervision. As far as the insane people who snap, there’s not much you can do. You almost have to count on the family of that person to intervene and get them some help when they see it getting out of control or seem to be a threat to the public.

          • dodger4754

            That’s why the NRA, years ago, came up with the Eddie Eagle program…to teach gun safety to kids and it used to be taught in elementary school. Now, the libs will not allow gun safety instruction in schools. Heck, I used to be on my high school marksmanship team. Who are the ones at fault?

          • Timothy Romero

            I applaud any program to teach gun safety, the NRA has one of the better ones.

          • freedomringsforall

            more kids per year are killed by twinkies, hohos, cupcakes, and parents talking on their cell phones than the devil could ever kill by guns.
            Get you priorities strait!

            Guns are a God given right.
            Twinkies, hohos, cupcakes, and parents talking on their cell phones are not.
            Get your priorities straight!
            Stop crying over the mole hill and start crying over the mountain!

          • Timothy Romero

            It might be a Constitutional right but you might be stretching it by saying its a God given right.

          • freedomringsforall

            If you would read of the founders and of the documents themselves you would see that it is the purpose of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution to limit the governance so as not to infringe on our God given rights and to declare our independence from a governance (and all governance) that does infringe on our God given rights.

            There are no rights given by the Constitution.

          • Timothy Romero

            True, you have the right to worship any God you choose and practice any religion that you choose and the government will not give one more credence over another.

          • freedomringsforall

            Our communications were not about worship or any God or any religion so I don’t understand any relevance of your last comment to our previous communication.

            I in my previous comment commented in response to your previous inaccurate comment that:
            “It might be a Constitutional right but you might be stretching it by saying its a God given right”.

            I am not stretching anything because you will see that I am 100% accurate:

            If you would read of the founders and of the documents themselves you would see that it is the purpose of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution to limit the governance so as not to infringe on our God given rights and to declare our independence from a governance (and all governance) that does infringe on our God given rights.

            And that the founders and the documents themselves declare that:
            There are no rights given to man by the Constitution.

          • Timothy Romero

            Didn’t know the Constitution had a list of God given rights, I would look in the bible first. But since you are talking about them where exactly would I find the list of these God given rights, how many are they, I don’t remember seeing them in the bible, Was it something Jesus said?

          • freedomringsforall

            I never said there were any God given rights in the Constitution.
            I said our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution do not give us any rights.
            If you do not know that then you must have either never read our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution nor read why our founders wrote the documents or your reading comprehension that is on display at this time accompanied you then also.
            All that read here can see that you are making up weird things that I never said and that you are being very strange with your odd comments that have nothing to do with what I originally stated; or our original exchange.
            My comments were factual and true and if you would read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and read of the founders of this nation and why, from their own words, that they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution you would learn that what is contained in my previous comments is the absolute truth in fact.

          • Timothy Romero

            I misread your statement. The Constitution does give us Rights, its called the Bill of Rights and we have all those Amendments. You did state in an earlier post that guns is a God given right. As I stated earlier I can’t find any list in the Bible of any God given rights.

          • freedomringsforall

            You see this is exactly what I mean by:

            I never said there were any God given rights in the Constitution.
            I said our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution do not give us any rights.
            If you do not know that then you must have either never read our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution nor read why our founders wrote the documents or your reading comprehension that is on display at this time accompanied you then also.

            My comments were factual and true and if you would read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and read of the founders of this nation and why, from their own words, that they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution you would learn that what is contained in my previous comments is the absolute truth in fact.

            You do not even understand our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and why our founders wrote them.
            Your lack of understanding of these things indicates very clearly that you have not read of the why and the how of the genesis and the production of these documents from our founders own words and that context of the documents by our founders own testament or you simply have incredible lack of comprehension.

          • Timothy Romero

            obviously you haven’t read the second sentence in the Declaration which says we have the unalienable “rights” to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No, it doesn’t give us any rights because its a of declaration of independence addressed to Britian, not to our colonies. Our Constitution gave woman the “right” to vote and African Americans the “right” to vote. We have the “Bill of Rights” in the Constitution. I see you are staying away from your earlier statement of “God given right to own guns”.

          • freedomringsforall

            As I have said over and over if you would read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the words of those that constructed both and the why of both documents you will understand that neither documents gives us rights including the statement you make does not give women the right to vote according to the writers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
            You can say all day long that they do but they do not according to those that wrote them.
            And if you read them and the reasons for writing them by the writers of them, (instead of trying to argue your silly little nonsensical argument that has no truth to it with me) then you would know that they do not give us rights according to the founders that wrote them.
            If you would read and get educated on the facts then you would know the truth instead of arguing silliness that has no basis in the s or the truth.

          • Timothy Romero

            if you knew your history the Bill of Rights were added 6 months after the Constitution was ratified. New York , Massachusetts, and another state that escapes me now were promised that the Constitution would be ratified if they signed off on it. The promise was kept and the Bill of Rights were added.

          • freedomringsforall

            That has nothing to do what so ever with what we are communicating about.

          • Timothy Romero

            By the way James Madison was credited with writing the Constitution and the first author of the Bill of Rights.

          • freedomringsforall

            The only relevance that that could possibly have with our communications would be that if you were an ardent reader of James Madison we would not even be having the communications we are having because you would already know that the founders that constructed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of these United States of American did not write them to give us any rights.

          • Timothy Romero

            All I can say is your statement that the Constitution doesn’t give us any rights is wrong. If your statement is that the Constitution initially didn’t give us any rights you might have a point, but the same men that voted on the Constitution was basically the same ones who voted on the Bill of Rights.

          • freedomringsforall

            You are wrong and your stubbornness is keeping you from a very important understanding about the historical background and historical significance of the founding of this nation.

            Years ago before I worked for the Congressional Committee on Oversight I had no idea that the founders of this nation did not write the Constitution to give us our rights.
            I should have, but I just did not understand properly the meaning and the wording and the context.
            This may sound silly but I will relate it to a man running out of a burning building. The cop may see the man as the probable arson.
            The neighbor that knows the man well and what a kind and giving soul he is as the loving neighbor that tried to save his fellow neighbor.

            My understandings of this nation were changed a lot by working in the halls of Congress and with the Library of Congress as a deep well of a resource.

            You can review many of these more conservative topic and respondent blogs and see person after person after person state the same thing that the Constitution does not give us rights.

            There is a reason that they say that.

            I also note that you did not quote the entire second sentence (as you put it) of the Declaration of Independence. Your stubbornness kept you from that and helped you take the words you quoted out of context and alter their meaning as written in that context.

            If you would read the entire statement and then study the writings of the founders you would then understand the why, and how the founders did not write the Declaration of independence to give us rights.

            That was my clue.

            If you do the reading and the studying you will understand that your point in emphasizing the “Bill of Rights” does not have the meaning that you think it does because “the Bill of Rights” does not mean what you think it does.

            When you do the studying of the founders in their own words (Adams, Madison, and Jefferson would be a good place to start) you will begin to understand their purposes better as to why they wrote the Declaration and the Constitution.

            Please do not let you stubbornness and willingness to argue get in the way of a good understanding of the subject.

            If you are willing to fight for an idea you should at least be willing to fight for the right idea.

            If you don’t see that as a noble endeavor, or a good idea, maybe at least I could entice you to try to convince me by you using the very words of the founders to try to prove me wrong.

            You could do that by referencing to me their writings on philosophies relevant to points of governance in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and any other important documents you feel relevant to their philosophies and/or our governance.

          • Timothy Romero

            I think you are the one who is stubborn. You have a right to a speedy trial, women have the right to vote. That is all in the Constitution. The right to practice your religion, and the right to bear arms, among others. In fact that’s what every gun owner quotes when they talk about gun control is that they have a right under the Constitution to own them.

          • freedomringsforall

            You think that because of your stubbornness and laziness that you will not read and learn.
            You can keep taking things out of context and pretending that you are right; but that does not make you right.
            You do not understand that the statements that you are making do not mean that the Constitution gives you those rights.
            Do a simple google search asking the question “does the constitution give us rights” and tell me what you find, and give me the link. The lazy man’s way instead of reading the words that our founders have to say about it.
            Then maybe you will look up our founders words to see if it is the truth.

          • Timothy Romero

            I looked under Constitution. com and it listed our rights. Can’t get no better than that website. I can’t educate you so I quit trying. You believe what you want, just want to tell you that you are in the small minority that believes that. But if it makes you happy I’ll let you say whatever you believe. (Have to because the Constitution says you have the right of Free Speech).

          • freedomringsforall

   is only a search engine site.

            It is not an instructional or informational site itself and it says nothing about the constitution or whether the constitution gives us rights or not..

            So, you are lying or misleading or obfuscating, or however you would like to put it.

            You are too lazy even to type in what I suggested to do the lazyman’s research.

            You are too interested in trying to be a winner of a debate to bother to take the time to find out the truth.

            Trust me you will not educate anyone on anything correctly with that attitude.

            Come on take my challenge and find a little truth instead of the pure B.S that you are shoveling out to people now.

            Here mr. lazy man who is too lazy to even do a 2 second google search let alone look up and read what the founders really said about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

            First let me give you another clue.

            Your last statement in your last comment is the truest and most in context interpretation of anything so far as the founders or the founding documents.


            The Purpose Of The Constitution

            What the Constitution Does

            The founding fathers established the Constitution to do just two things:

            1.) Establish a federal government for the United States of America

            2.) Delegate to the federal government certain, limited (and enumerated) powers.

            What the Constitution Does Not Do

            The Constitution does not give you rights. The founders considered your rights to be “God-given” or “natural rights” — you are born with all your rights. The constitution does, however, protect your rights by:

            1.) Limiting the powers of government by granting to it only those specific powers that are listed in the Constitution; (This has not proven to be effective of late.)

            2.) Enumerating certain, specific rights which you retain. These are listed in the Bill of Rights.


            The national archives web site. I think that definitely trumps your little search engine website. Also, you cannot make any silly claims that the federal unionized (and mostly democrats) bureaucrats are some kind of conservatives putting out false information.

            “Q. Does not the Constitution give us our rights and liberties?
            A. No, it does not, it only guarantees them. The people had all their rights and liberties before they made the Constitution. The Constitution was formed, among other purposes, to make the people’s liberties secure– secure not only as against foreign attack but against oppression by their own government. They set specific limits upon their national government and upon the States, and reserved to themselves all powers that they did not grant. The Ninth Amendment declares: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

            Actually I would not even say that it guarantees them because the purpose of the constitution was the constitution of our nation (and the limiting of our governance) not as a list of personal rights and that is what is most mis-understood about our Constitution and that is one of the most contentious points because some felt that our rights are basically innumerable and so to list a list of rights would tend to limit our rights.

            Also from the national archives site about that exact debate and some additional why as to the constitution does not give us our rights:

            The fact that the Constitution did not include a bill of rights to specifically protect Americans’ hard-won rights sparked the most heated debates during the ratification process. To the Federalists, those who favored the Constitution, a bill of rights was unnecessary because the Federal Government was limited in its powers and could not interfere with the rights of the people or the states; also, most states had bills of rights. To the Anti-Federalists, those who opposed the Constitution, the prospect of establishing a strong central government without an explicit list of rights guaranteed to the people was unthinkable. Throughout the ratification process, individuals and state ratification conventions called for the adoption of a bill of rights.
            So, I can’t think of a more authoritative site than the U.S. Government’s National Archives site for a little primer on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
            Now that I have thoroughly schooled your butt with a couple of simple examples why don’t you get out there and read a little and get to know exactly the whys and where for as to the truths and reasoning as to the founders not constructing the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution for the purpose of giving us any rights.
            Then your avarice for debate and to claim right will be more well served and deserved on his issue at least.

          • Timothy Romero

            we had our rights before the Constitution? So women could vote before the Constitution? So it was a God given right for women to vote. If it was a natural right for women to vote why didn’t the founding fathers let them?

          • freedomringsforall

            I guess the old saying is true that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.
            I am correct you can read of all the constitutional experts.
            The fact that the government does not give us our rights is one of the most historically significant and important realities that makes this experiment in representative governance by the people called the Republic of the United States of America so significantly different than any other experiment of governance in the history of the world.
            If you choose to ignore the writings of the founders and all experts on the Constitution and the documented factual history that even the liberal Constitutional experts and historians have published on the United States’ Government’s National Archives website; well all I can say is that isn’t very bright.
            To ask the question that you asked in your last comment shows that you do not comprehend the distinction between laws, governance, and the natural rights that the founders understood and talked and wrote about.
            I have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that I was correct in my original statement that the Constitution is not to give us the right to bear arms.
            It is a natural right that our founders codified and affirmed we have through the publishing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
            I have backed that truth up by the documentation of that fact by the U.S. Government on their National Archives web site.
            And also from another respected web site (not that that is necessary).
            And I could also additionally document that fact by listing a host of Constitutional commentators and experts that say that is a documented fact of history via the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the writings of the founders.

          • Timothy Romero

            I think your statement was that the Constitution didn’t give us any rights at all. Since women weren’t allowed to vote until 1920, and black Americans weren’t allowed to vote until after the Civil War by way of Constitutional amendments we can say that the phrase “all men are created equal” didn’t quite live up to its words. If you remember also only land owners could vote back then. So not everyone was given that natural or God given right.

          • freedomringsforall

            I see you choose to ignore all scholars on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, you choose to ignore the words of our founders as to what the documents are for and mean, you choose to ignore what the official (even liberal) national historians of the documents meaning in their published history for the U.S. Government.

            You choose instead to not read or study anything of the people who wrote them, the scholars, the official U.S. government historians, and go with your taken out of context twisting and misunderstanding of the texts and what they are because you think, that you can win a pissing match by your shear will rather than on any facts.

            Even an impartial observer would have to say that is ignorant,
            I mean that as in the technical meaning of that word that you are simply ignorant of the facts and seem to continue to want to be even when someone tries to give them to you.

            What you are saying is like saying we walk in the air and we breath the dirt, when everybody knows we walk on the dirt and breath the air and you are trying to win the argument on shear will not based on any facts and everyone walks away and shrugs their shoulders and says well if he wants to believe that, or simply appear to be ignorant, well so be it.

            You keep coming up with the same augments that are the same base point.

            The reason you do that is that you refuse to read and become educated on the facts.

            You do not understand that if you would read and become educated on the issue you would understand that your statements about the documents giving us rights is wrong.

            You are missing one of the main genius differences between our governance and every one before us in history.

            When you decide to educate yourself on the topic someday you will realize how silly your statements like, “I think your statement was that the Constitution didn’t give us any rights at all” is.
            I did not say that but it does not matter at all whether I did or did not. I could have said they do not give us any rights at all and be absolutely correct.

            Did you not read what I posted about what the liberal historical Constitution scholars even wrote in the official U.S. Government history of the Constitution; that the Constitution does NOT give us rights?

            Did you not read what I posted about the biggest fight about the constitution of the Constitution was that many were afraid that people would start to think like you do if they included a list of rights in the text of the Constitution?

            That people would start to think that it meant that the Constitution i.e. the government gives or grants us our rights and freedoms?

            Where have you been through this entire give and take?


            Again, one of the most genius aspects of our nation that separates us from all other governance before us is the concept that we have innumerable (meaning unable to number, a myriad, too many to count, so many you can’t even know, certain new ones will come up in the future we can’t even understand now, etc.) natural (or God given) rights.

            They are not given to us by our government.

            That is why the biggest argument in the Constitutional convention was over listing any rights in the Constitution and because the Constitution is about the constitution of our nation not a document about our rights or freedoms. It is of what the government was to be and what limited powers should be granted it by our grace out of our rights and our authority over it.

            This again is why the argument because as stated over and over our government through oration, edict, documentation or through whatever means is not the grantor of our rights of freedoms.

            You will find if you read of our founders and Constitutional scholars and of the historical background and bibliographies of their philosophies all the answers to your arguments.

            You will find the basis for the arguments against listing any individual freedoms or rights in the Constitution.

            You will find an understanding of the natural right of man to be free having been found in the history of Europe only for us to backslide and then find that natural right for all men to be free again in many struggles and to be codified several times in our U.S. national history again.

            Your arguments are like questions of a seeking for knowledge when if you would study the subject matter you would gain that knowledge and not have to argue.

            Again when you study the subject better you will understand that part of your thinking on this subject is also the mixing of rights and freedoms with codification of those rights and freedoms.

            Just because we have or discover or simply newly admit that we have a right or freedom and then we codify it and enforce it with the authority of governance does not mean that the government gives us that right or freedom.

            If you study the history of the philosophies of our founders you will begin to understand these things and the whys and wherefores of the distinctions.

            Also, again, if you would study the background, philosophies, and histories of these issues that were the geneses of the formulation of the most genius form of governance ever experimented with here in the formulation of this nation you could become a great scholar and fighter for the continuance of this great experiment in governance with your tenacity.

            What do you think the genius of this nation is?

            You can’t possibly think that all the hoopla over this being the most incredible experiment in governance in the history of mankind is that some people sat down and wrote some documents that declared their independence and listed some rights the people have and duties of the government.

            Many nations and other forms of governance have done that.

            That is no biggy.

            So, what is the genius?

            Does not the genius reside in the details that we have been discussing.

            If the government or i.e. the Constitution gives us our rights then what is the difference between us and every other country or form of governance in history?
            If the government or i.e. the Constitution gives us our rights and freedoms and authority then how are we a nation “of the people”?

            You are trying to learn that here.

            You cannot possibly learn the truth and the facts of all that goes into that here on a blog.

            You have to go study it if you want to know why you are thinking like the mindset as to why the founders argued against incorporating a list of some rights in the Constitution and how to understand why they did what they did in the founding of this great nation.

            “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.…”

          • Timothy Romero

            obviously you can’t seem to be able to respond to direct examples that show that women have rights in the Constitutional amendment of 1920 that the founding fathers would not give them or the Constitution of the time would give them. You seem to avoid these examples and by my evidence . I would venture if you polled the American scholars of our time they would say you are wrong. But, I’ll leave you with your opinion, even if its in the minority and have a good day.

          • freedomringsforall

            I have responded directly to every single thing you have said and given you the recourses to see for yourself that all the experts including the writers of the Constitution say that the Constitution does not give us any rights.

            If you can not understand that that is not my fault.

            That is your fault.

            Your statement is on polling scholars is also stupid.

            You don’t have to poll any scholars you can look up their works and read them and they will tell you that the Constitution does not give you your rights.

            What I have written is not my opinion.

            It is stated fact and it is factual history written by the founders that also wrote the Constitution and any scholar since then.

            I challenge you to give me one recourse that states that one of the founding fathers, or a Constitutional scholar says that the purpose of the Constitution is to give us our rights and that based on the Constitution we as Americans officially recognize the authority of the Constitution as the source of our rights and that our rights and freedoms are not natural rights (or God given rights).

            Please provide me the innumerable references to that.

            Because the history and the meaning of all this is so vastly written and documented and if you are correct that, “I would venture if you polled the American scholars of our time they would say you are wrong” then you should be able to provide many, many recourses to back up your argument that the Constitution gives us our rights.
            You have not provided the recourses to date because you can’t.
            You provided one stupid search engine site claiming it said things it did not, because it was a search engine site.
            I on the other hand provided both sites and the written text from two authoritative sites, and one being the U.S. Government National Archives site and they both documented that I am correct that the U.S. Constitution does not give us our rights and that our rights are natural rights or God given rights.
            I have read of the founders and the documents and the background to them and you have not.
            If you would read what I have written and the recourses that I have provided you; you could learn the whys.
            You are not only in the minority but I challenge you to find a single recourse that supports that even one founder, or one credible scholar that agrees with you as stated above.
            I am right and you are wrong.
            Not because I want to be but because you foolishly challenged someone who knows that the Constitution does not exist to give or grant us rights or freedoms.
            There is a phrase in a Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry movie that says something like a man has got to know his limitations.
            It is LMAO funny that such a gem of life would be stated by Clint Eastwood in a Dirty Harry movie.
            One thing you do not realize is that you picked and started the argument by making a foolish statement.
            I would not have debated you unless I knew that I was right.
            I do not debate anyone just for a pissing match to try to convince anyone of anything.
            All historical fact, that is documented over and over by the founders writings and by scholarly study on this issue states that the Constitution does not give us our rights and that our rights are considered in this country as God given or natural.
            You even hear diplomats from around the world quote that that is one of the main things that makes us different from other nations and other bodies of governance throughout all history.
            I mean my gosh you could look up a scholar from Mozambique that has studied governance and ours and that is what they would say.
            It is as established fact as the sky is up and the ground is down when standing on the ground.
            I am only correct because I have read and studied.
            I told you in an earlier comment that I did not realize that when I was younger and had not studied the issue.

            You are just flat wrong.
            You should study the issue because you would at least be arguing on the factual side of the issue.

          • obfusk8

            You mean keeping the guns out of the hands of Democrats, right? That’s the affiliation of every single mass shooting in the past 25 years.

          • Timothy Romero

            think you need to do more research, and on a reputable website. I could give you a few names to look up: Jim Atkinsson, Jarold Lee Laughner, Wade Page. I probably can refute most of the names that they said were democrat.

          • Chris Robinette

            Parent’s responsibility to teach their children about weapons and be responsible for their safety in the home.

          • Timothy Romero

            I agree

          • anoesis

            So everybody should be punished because some are stupid?!! Teach your children to leave things alone!! Oh. I forgot. That would harm his self esteem to be told to LEAVE THAT GUN ALONE!!

          • eddyjames

            Not nearly as many stories about Children left in hot cars, or beaten by parents, or drive by wrong victim shooting in Chicago by potentially the pResidents sons.

          • Brian Compton

            My JOB is my personal self defense and the protection of my family…ever wonder why self defense starts with self?

          • Timothy Romero

            not questioning your right to defend your family, just responding why the people who protect the President has guns. Never seen anyone trying to take your guns away. Regulating guns and taking guns away is two different things. It says in the Constitution “a well- REGULATED” militia.

          • THX_1139

            in this context regulated means trained, not controlled

          • Timothy Romero

            So every gun owner is trained?

          • THX_1139

            A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

          • Jim Tolar

            No just the one’s who are not liberal democrats or socialist…

          • Mike Loveall


          • Timothy Romero

            Don’t know about most, but I agree with you

          • Paul Skinner

            I’ve trained myself extensively in the safe use of my firearms. Anyone who has a firearm has taken time to learn the proper handling and functioning of that device, so YES if you know how your firearm WORKS (can you load it, clean it, clear a jam, and fire it?) then yes you’ve trained in that firearm.

          • Timothy Romero

            not everyone has taken that time to properly learn how to use, store, and safeguard their firearm. All you have to do is read the newspapers and see how many kids were killed by owners improperly storing their weapons. Don’t have a problem with people owning guns as long as they can be responsible.

          • Paul Skinner

            Locks aren’t necessary to being responsible, was all I was meaning.

          • Darkwolfe

            Thanks for that comment Timmy.. You just brought up the very reason why gun safety should be taught in schools. High school will do fine.

          • Timothy Romero

            I like that idea! Anything we can do to produce responsible gun owners would do our nation and future gun owners a great service.

          • STFUTWIT

            So, the newspapers provided your stats??? LMMFAO!!!!! That gotta be “gospel” then….

          • Timothy Romero

            feel free to show what stats you have on kids admitted to the emergency room for accidental shootings. You have the whole internet at your disposal.

          • STFUTWIT

            The stats I have??? What are you smoking??? You the one that claims the 3000 out of where ever WITHOUT referencing sources…..LMAO!!!!

          • Timothy Romero

            you were claiming my stats were wrong, I was asking what stats you had to disclaim mine. If you look further down on my posts you would have seen a place to find it. By the way there were two more children shot by another kid today in a school today. Wonder where he got the gun, could it be one left out where he could access it at home?

          • STFUTWIT

            Nice try with that turnaround….I saw your posts….no references….just denial to provide a real tangible reference….you do know what tangible is….right….and yes, saw the news….is your boy going to politicize this too….there were actually two separate incidences….your libtard media will lap this up….Fast and Furious baby…..Fast and Furious….

          • Timothy Romero

            “there is none so blind as those who will not see”

          • Tim McCallister

            Don’t need any training to shoot a shot gun. shoot them and the barn.

          • Paul

            Can be, and most seek training by LEOS before carrying.

          • STFUTWIT

            All of the gun owners that I know ARE trained, and most exceptionally well….

          • Timothy Romero

            most of them are, would be nice if all were.

          • STFUTWIT

            Yeap, but like I said….ALL of the gun owners that I KNOW ARE responsible…..

          • Timothy Romero

            wish I could say the same.

          • dskofstad

            You need a lesson in 18th century vocabulary. “Miitia” means the citizens. “Well-regulated” means well-equipped. In other words, the citizens should be armed with state-of-the-art weapons. Their right to do so “shall not be infringed.” Look it up.

          • Timothy Romero

            Looked it up, militia meant regular citizens who could help with defending the state without being subject to the army’s rules and could go home if they needed to. so I can buy a tank? or how about a nuclear weapon? ,Can’t get more state of the art than that. How about a sawed off shotgun?

          • THX_1139

            most places it is easier to buy a tank, sawed off shotgun $200 tax and a 6 to 12 month federal background check if your state allows NFA weapons

          • Marineaks

            Tanks and nuclear weapons are not arms in the classical sense. A sawed off shot gun should be legal in the home.

          • Darkwolfe

            Much easier to buy a tank than a WWII .45 ACP Thompson.

          • jimmie58

            Break out more of that Exlax bud. Never heard of the “Greatest Citizen Soldier Army” in the world?

          • Paul

            Yup… that’s freedom! And the Nuke, no can purchase unless you got mucho denero! Oh but you assume Americans are terrorists that want to harm our fellow citizens…

          • Mike Loveall


          • usmc8511

            Do you know what well regulated means? Here is clue, it has nothing to do with laws or regulations.

          • Marineaks

            If you’re going to quote it, quote the whole thing. The truth, nothing but the truth,……….

          • Brian

            Quite a difference between “regulating” and “registering”.

          • Timothy Romero

            Having registered guns makes it easier to return stolen guns or solve crimes. Most law abiding citizens already have guns registered and go through background checks, I did and had no problem doing it.

          • Darkwolfe

            That was Hitler’s argument too. got news for ya, it doesn’t work. Canada just trashed their long gun registry last year because it did nothing to prevent crime.

          • 1911er

            Did you mean to say having registered guns makes it easier for the government to come pick them up. When they deem it necessary for their own good.

          • free4ever

            yes its true there are a lot of ill trained gun owners and irresponsible but I’m also willing to bet that number is much much higher of owners that are responsible. Incidences occur but the absolute worst thing is giving the government the ability to have easy pickings to disarm the population, that’s a real fear

            registered guns just make it easier for the government to disarm the population if it fits their agenda, confiscation is happening now in california. Criminals or goof balls won’t get them registered so how is it a deterrant?

          • Darkwolfe

            In the 1700s the word “regulate’ was defined as “to make regular or commonplace”. The meaning has been carefully twisted over the last 100 years to replace the original definition with “to control”.

          • PCpolicesuck

            Now why would the government need a list of names addresses and serial numbers? To take or to tax are the first things that come to mind.

          • jimmie58

            Are you an expert on Constitutional law? You be “well REGULATED” and take your Exlax, sounds like you need it, and everyone else can have “the right to keep and bear arms.”

          • Brian Compton
          • bd1143bc

            I thought it was the bill of rights not the bill of requirements.

          • Robert Parker

            My ‘job’ is to enjoy being a free man, in a free country, and defending my family and myself, should the need occur.
            As a retired Marine I can say this: you never want to be ‘out-gunned’ by your enemy. Superior firepower and the courage to use it.
            What you say? Your (just paroled neighbor) is not your enemy, it’s people ‘over there’… somewhere… but not here… Your choice, but I have the right to choose also. And I choose to protect my family from your neighbor (the recent parolee).

          • Paul Skinner

            GOOD! Because as a Father to three girls, my JOB is to insure their protection and well-being. That is best done with a firearm, shotguns for close-quarters inside the home; rifles for long-range and in the car for any situation I can’t forsee; and pistols for medium range and when mobile.

          • tocsin

            My 11 year old daughter routinely schools adults at the range for safety violations. It is the taboo nature of guns that makes them so dangerous. A child, when raise in a household where “gun” is a bad word, will naturally be intrigued if they come across one. Those parents have ill prepared that child to deal with a situation like that. The dems are so quick to dismiss the Eddie the Eagle gun safety campaign because it was published by the NRA, but I doubt many of them have actually watched it. The main mantra that is repeated throughout the entire video is “Stop! Don’t Touch! Leave the Area! Tell an adult!” It doesn’t glorify guns at all, but it at least makes kids think about how they would react should they ever come across one. Personally, it’s always been a standing rule in my household, that ANY time the kids wanted to look at a gun, they can ask me, I’ll retrieve it, clear it, and they can look at it to their hearts content (with my supervision.) They both did this maybe twice. After that, it lost all of it’s “mystical” allure. Because they have a way to see it, if interested, without doing anything wrong or getting in trouble, there is no reason to “sneak.” This same 11 year old daughter took 1st place the in youth open rifle class at the Ruger Rimfire Challenge last year. Train them young and train them right. Even if you don’t own a gun, you owe it to your child to teach them what to do should they ever come across one.

          • Juan_El_Flako

            Congratulations on a job well done. I wish the USA had a “Document of Appreciation” for doing what each and every parent must do, if we are to continue to live in the greatest country, the world has even seen/known. 😎

          • Juan_El_Flako

            I bet your wife is glad she hired you for the job of being “Daddy” to her offspring’s !! Sounds like your very competent at completing your job description.

          • JoeBiteme

            Your logic is flawed. If there were no guns, no one would need guns to do their job. Hence, we wold need no police, Obama would need no SS, and the Army could carry protest signs to war. Switzerland… get a gun issues in the Army and keep it for life.. no crime. Why is that???

          • Timothy Romero

            Never said that citizens shouldn’t have guns, so not sure what logic you’re talking about. Not all our citizens were in the military so can’t compare them to us though. Maybe if they were our numbers would be down, at least they would be better trained and disciplined in firearm safety. Just shows though we have more unstable people in our country.

          • Memphis Viking

            Of course the government doesn’t want to take guns away from the government.

          • RTDevilDog

            Timothy, we all require guns if we are to be free. Without them, the government can take everything from us. If you don’t want a gun, don’t have one.

          • EQ4ALL

            I try to VOTE DOWN this post and the website won’t allow it. Stays RED. BUT, when I VOTE UP it accepts it!!!! RIGGED WEBSITE! BEWARE!

          • ShadowHawk

            It works just fine, in fact to prove it, I down voted your comment.

          • txagsw

            I Require them in my job, the job of protecting my family! My husband was one of those who protected Obama. He nor Michele have any respect for what they do, or the military. Trust me he wants to take away all guns from all people except the ones he approves.

          • Ken Largent II

            Actually, he is. Just not those that protect Him. He believes that citizens should depend on the government for ALL their protection.

          • ilhunter

            My job is to ensure the security and safety of myself and my family. I require them. That’s why I’m a life member of NRA. These cartoons add credence to the belief that the left is brain dead.

          • wvstarktruth

            So, what, the rest of us are unworthy of self-defense? How, totally ignorant. Read some honest statistics and you will see that where the least restrictions against handguns (or firearms in general) exist, the crime rates are also very low (Ex: Maine, WV, MT, WY, I could go on and on). In contrast, Chicago, LA, New York, the three with strongest restrictions are cesspools of gun crime. The old saying has been proven time and again…when you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns. Search carefully about your home and vehicle, you might find your missing brains. Wake up and smell freedom.

          • Barry Smith

            What POSSIBLE REASON could there be for the IRS, Social Security, and the Employment Commission too have guns, to kill the people who do not comply with them. I can sseean IRS auditor now, you made a mistake on your taxes you owe us $5.00 the penalty is death to be carried out immediately.

          • Timothy Romero

            If I was an IRS agent I’d carry one too. I’m sure there are a few people who owe thousands of dollars who might not be too friendly when they come to collect. lol

          • Larry

            Why not get rid of the secret service, Obama is just a US citizen just like the rest of us. He wants to leave us defenseless, why not him?

          • Picachu1

            Our job as citizens require them for our job that’s been inherited from our ancestors: that’s to prevent a tyrannical government(oops too late).

          • Archangel

            Well if they take away everyone’s firearms then they won’t require a firearm TO PERFORM THEIR JOBS!

          • dodger4754

            Dragon is trying to make a point, Timothy. Obama has armed bodyguards to protect himself and the rest of us should be able to do the same. It is MY job to protect not only myself, but my family.

          • 1bob

            My personal safety is ‘JOB ONE’.

          • Timothy if you believe that, I have some ocean front property in Arizona that I will be willing to sell to you real cheap.

          • Chris Robinette

            Of course he doesn’t. Do you think he would take weapons away from those who would shoot you on his orders?

          • myfordtruck

            Thats the ones we need our guns for to protect us from

        • 5live5

          You’ll never see that. He is “important” in his own mind. oh, and the minds of his Obots!

      • Serena Champ Aneres

        Here in Miami we have almost the same crime rate as a friend of mine in NYC. But if you look at the type of crime around here- theft. Look where she is? All shootings.

      • Gatt

        Please tell me one specific gun regulation that President Obama has out into regulation- just 1..

      • AimeeGurl

        Did you just say the States have low crime rates? In what world? Be realistic if you’re gonna defend your point.

      • Weerd Whale

        You forgot Pinochet who had right-wing media silenced as well…

      • Bill R

        Thank you for our service Jim. Knowing history has not yet stopped us from repeating it.

      • Ken Colgate

        Well said, Marine Jim ! D.C., Oakland, St; Louis, L.A., Miami, New Orleans, etc.

      • GarryOwen6

        You just made an analogy that put compared the president to Mao, Stalin and Hitler? Wow!

    • Craig Snopek

      This argument is called Reductio ad Hiterlum, or Godwin’s Law, or Playing the Nazi Card.

      When you compare EVERY situation to Hitler/Nazis, the argument loses its effectiveness.

      • Chase

        This isn’t a comparison, totalitarian regimes throughout history have enacted strict gun control. Hitler is a totalitarian regime that most people know, hence the referral, but you could use Mao, Stalin, Kim Jong Il, Brezhnev, Ho Chi Minh.

        • Eric Gardner

          Hitler only banned guns from Jews and other non citizens.

          • Frank Castle

            Then he MURDERED THEM.. dumbschit..

        • Craig Snopek

          That’s basically what a comparison is, but ok.

          I’m not saying that it’s invalid, just saying that it’s over-used. Of course, that didn’t stop people from down-voting it because they probably think I’m against them.

      • Frank Castle

        TRUTH bothering you… oh little Obama Youth Corp lackey??

        • Craig Snopek

          How typical. You assume I’m attacking your side, when in fact I’m ON your side. I’m a registered Republican who supports run rights and voted against Obama twice. I’m simply tired of the over-used Hitler comparisons.

          Maybe next time think before responding?

        • Craig Snopek

          Also… “Youth Corp”? I’m 32.

          Why don’t you stop biting the heads off of strangers because you automatically assume they’re against you?

    • Eric Gardner

      Actually he wasn’t. He opened up gun laws. Take a history class.

      • THX_1139

        That statement is more false than true.

        • Eric Gardner

          Just because you say that,doesn’t make it true.

          • THX_1139

            same to you

      • Larry Haskill

        Eric examples are required when disputing facts…

        • Eric Gardner

          Disputing what fact? The fact is Germany’s gun laws were loosened under Hitler .Except for Jews which only represented 2% of the population and very few owned guns.

          • Larry Haskill

            So on top of being uninformed and un-American you’re an anti-Semite.

      • pawomanforromney

        Probably learned that “fact” in a public school run by progressives.

    • Grant Ongstad

      Ya, and I’m guessing his media used these same tactics

    • Krista Kay

      One reason, I support the right to bear arms:

      Jeanne Assam: A Hero who shot a murderer dead in his tracks

      • ShadowHawk

        Like you need any other reason.

    • Gatt

      Please tell me 1 gun control President Obama has enacted? Just 1..

    • Ken Bowman

      The ONLY reason to STEAL We the People’s RIGHTS is to murder all of us not FOOLED by DISINFORMATION! Obama and his goons are going to murder us anyway, what do we have to loose by fighting them?

      Remember all those FREEDOM fighters in HISTORY who earbed the RESPECT of the entire WORLD.

    • Russell Smith

      Wow. Godwinned on the first comment. *sighs*

    • Irene Gladis

      No he wasn’t. That is a total myth. A myth is a story about a subject that is not true but has been repeated so often that it is accepted by some people as true. Like the story that Obama is a Muslim or that his policies have failed in some mysterious undefined way.

  • Gary Nero

    I don’t see any “Debate”…..

    • Sandra Dillon

      Debate? You can’t debate stupidity!

  • Sandra Dillon



    In “all of the above” (shame on them for the last one)…if there had been ONE PERSON there…armed and trained to use even a handgun….lives would have been SAVED!!! How can they not REALIZE that???

    • JoeCasepack

      They realize that as long as you own a gun you have the right to free speech. Others have decided you have too many rights.

    • Chuck Harding

      Because it has *never* actually been about guns, it is all about *control*. They are willing to sacrifice how ever many children to achieve their goal of disarming all gun owners so they won’t have to face armed resistance to their scheme to turn the USA into the USSNA (United Socialist States of North America).

    • Ronald Bearden

      Because they don’t care. The media is controlled by the Obummer administration and could care less what happens to you, me, or the children in our schools. All they want to do is disarm law abiding citizens so it will be easier to exterminate us.

    • shaw08

      Joe’s right, it has nothing to do with actually making things better it is all about using strong emotion to get people to look past logic and reason and give them total control as the government has been doing since the early 1900’s

    • jeff

      The limo libs only apply rules they want you and me to abide by, while rules don’t apply to them.

    • catdog8

      centennial, colorado shooter was stopped by armed security guard but the media doesn’t want to talk about that because it doesn’t speak to their cause, which is to disarm the good guys

    • Jim

      YES. lets all: Lock the doors, turn off the lights, hide under a desk, call 911. AND maybe in 15 to 30 minutes, the cops will arrive. IF there is a person with a CCW who stops the gunman, who will take credit for it? Usually the POLICE will take credit.
      Showing up with their MRAP armored vehicle, all decked out in Cammo, with M-4s, night vision, body armor. YET they HARDLY ever fire the shot that stops the mad man.
      Nope, for the first time in American history, people are asked to sacrifice their lives in order for social justice.(ie, the assumption guns are bad, ergo no one should have them, but if someone shoots a school, its the guns fault, not the person)

      • catdog8

        its not that no one should have them, its the citizens they want to disarm. the state will still be armed as well as the bad guys. they want us defenseless, i wonder why…

    • Eric Gardner

      Bs, there was a police officer at columbine, didn’t work.

      • Thom Clark

        The Police Officer was on the opposite side of the Campus. Your argument is invalid. The problem was 1 Officer can’t be everywhere. There should be at least 3 per campus.

        • Eric Gardner

          No he wasn’t. He was in the lunch room and fired at them.

      • Larry Haskill

        Unarmed maybe but again proof is required if you are disputing stated facts

      • R Lee Urbanski

        That cop was a liberal coward. He wouldn’t go into the school until he had back up and that cowardly act cost lives. I hope that chicken shit was at least fired.

      • Rok N Rol

        Cops are a deterrent. They can’t stop everything from happining.
        Not only that, the SCOTUS has ruled that cops have no duty to protect anyone. That’s why any time you see some lockdown type of situation, there’s SWAT and police everywhere sitting behind their cars, vans, trucks, waiting to see if it’s safe to go in and clean up the aftermath.

  • Karl Johnson

    Lies and propaganda like this make me want to join and defend the NRA

    • JoeCasepack

      You should… the NRA is not a terrorist organization. If the NRA didn’t exist gun ownership in the USA would’ve been outlawed years ago. I’d call that honorable.

      • Jim

        My problem with the NRA is: they’ve been too willing to concede too many times. Oh sure its great to limit some gun rights (sarcasm). But when they limit: People with restraining orders, people with DV convictions(misdemeanor), people who are seeing mental health specialist, etc,etc, how long before they finally get around to banning everyone else? Just classify everyone with certain political thought as ‘crazy’. No need to ban guns, just commit anyone who thinks the 2nd Amendment should be the law.
        NOW if the NRA instead fought harder to stop GUN CONTROL laws, I’d appreciate that. BUT years ago, they shook hands with the CLINTON administration. The Assault weapons ban of 1994 did NOTHING to stop crime or mass shootings.

        • fish1552

          Not to mention the NEVERENDING PHONE CALLS, EMAILS & MAIL asking for more money. I regretted giving them my contact info.
          Imagine giving your information to a political party. You would get less calls & mail from that party during an election year than the NRA any other time.

    • Allen Sostrin

      well then join karl nothing protects the 1st like the 2nd

    • Sandra Dillon

      I was never a member but I joined since this mess has gone nuts. I am a lifer now. Thank the anti gun agenda for that.LOL

    • Stephen Zorn

      Then join and defend, I’m a life member. I’m a social worker who works in mental health industry. Work for myself as a therapist, guns are being treated as they have a mind of their own. We don’t take/confiscate cars from honest people when drunk drivers misuse them, same logic. It is about control as stated earlier in this forum. As long as we have the ability to own guns, they cannot control us. Total control over a people requires gun control and confiscation, that is where we may be headed if we don’t stop it’s forward movement.

    • Jason Pearson

      id join to., but i live in a different country though

  • Roland Garnett

    outrageous, ignorant,

  • AnnaGraceS

    I am going to buy a gun for sure now!!

    • David E. Melton

      You go Girl!

    • Allen Sostrin

      imagine what else they have in store join anna join and tell your friends i have been a member since 1977

    • dragonflash

      Get a gun and get training. and practice practice practice! also you don’t have to tell anyone that you have one. it is no one’s business!. Also, do NOT buy a gun that you have not shot so you know what you can handle. a WHOLE box of ammo. it is worth it!

    • Jim

      Take a firearms safety course offered by the NRA. Go to the range and shoot your gun a few times. STORE it safely. You don’t need to keep a bullet in the chamber at all times. YOU can just have it ready to load. Be safe.

    • Stephen Zorn

      Good for you. I’ve taught lots of people how to shoot. Women are better shots, they listen better or have at least seen less John Wayne movies and don’t have to unlearn bad habits.

  • Papa Smoke

    The debate is how deeply stupid libtards are.

  • Keith Edwards

    FILTH. The people that made these cartoons are not anti gun, they’re anti liberty. They don’t have problem with police being armed, just citizens. We don’t want to live in a society where the people are unarmed and where only criminals, terrorists, the police and the military are. Countries like that killed 200 million people in the 20th century, and they were their own citizens.

    • Brett Dent

      Be careful though because just a few months ago there was an armed police officer who was still in uniform who was asked by a public school to not bring his firearm onto school property. Apparently the officer had a child who attended said school and the officer would pick him up after he got off patrol. Just saying, if the left could have ALL guns, even those carried by law enforcement, they would.

      • John Tribbett

        A public school told a policeman to disarm himself before he comes onto school property? That’s going to be a problem if or when they have a shooting isn’t it? They don’t trust police with guns? Wow, what paranoid little bitches they are.

    • Maureen

      Oh, have you noticed that all the elitists against guns have security guards- hired men with guns.

      • Jim

        OR they have CCW permits themselves: Diane Fienstein, Chuck Schummer etc.

    • R Lee Urbanski

      The people that make these cartoons are communist’s plain and simple and so is most of Hollywood.

  • Byron Shutt

    Nothing a few armed good citizens couldn’t prevent. But hey we can always wait for the police, FEMA camps….the Gulags or the ovens.

    • Allen Sostrin

      join the nra now and avoid all that crap 4 million people fighting for the rights of hundreds of millions cmon in the waters fine been in since 1977

      • Byron Shutt

        I hear you.

    • Jim

      Police are always 15 minutes away.

      • Byron Shutt

        Yup…when you need them right away. Be prepared. They have NO duty, according to the Supreme Ct., to protect you.

  • AM

    The only scumbags, who ever committed mass shootings are liberals and/or registered Democrats. What a bunch of liberal morons, who come up with this crap! Ignorant, uneducated, nasty and sleezy!

    • Eric Gardner


    • Thom Clark

      No, not the ONLY ones. But most of the RECENT ones have been.

  • Thomas Sharp

    Facts and logic does not apply.

  • shocker9799

    their agenda is above the truth, they want to disarm the populace so only their minions have guns

  • Nicholas Donald Vaters

    maturity abounds in these artists… sarcasm overload.

  • CabinetGuy

    That last one is what it will inevitabely be done by the government if the 2nd amendment were to fall. All of the others, just insert a government figure rather than one of the NRA. Instead of a few nuts, we’re just a dictator away from a scenario in which you would have thousands of government nuts perpetrating such crimes.

  • tinkerunique

    Sick “cartoonist” with an un-American agenda = “Unarmed victims are preferred”. The NRA and other “groups” are legally against the disbarment of American citizens. The LEGAL MOJORITY of Americans DO NOT want to stop hunting, or the shooting sports that pump MANY millions of legal money into local economies.

  • Brian Smith

    The cartoon on Jred Loughner is laughable! Jared was described by a classmate as “left wing, quite liberal,” “radical.”, while the NRA is anything but. Most mass shooters are Libtards or their sympathizers!

  • mattwm

    All of the nuts who shoot people up are associated with the Democrat Party and the “progressive” movement. None have been attributed to anyone associated to the NRA. This is how liberals win, by lying about everything. They count on the ignorant majority to support their beliefs. Fortunately, the vast majority of ignorant, liberal socialist, “progressive”, Democrats, are too dumb to even know when and where to vote.

    • Thom Clark

      No, not all of them. But a good Majority of the Recent ones have been

    • Gregory Craig

      Eric Gardner, Please expound on the “reasonable” legislation they have blocked. If anything as stated earlier the NRA has given in way too many time such as the 1994 ban on “assault” style weapons which was proved t not have done anything in reducing ant sort of gun violence. When seconds count, the cops are minutes away…

  • Jerry A. Sharp

    I believe Stalin opposed Gun ownership in Communist Russia.

  • John McManis

    Idiots, blame the tool not the person wielding it

    • JoeCasepack

      No seriously, spoons made me fat. ha ha

    • Maureen

      Did you hear about the guy who is suing Nike because he got 100 years for stomping repeatedly on a guys head? It was the shoes fault. Let’s ban Nike’s.

      • Justin Ahlquist

        Only place I learned to use footwear to kill was in the Marines. “sweep and kill”

      • Jim

        I’d like to ban playboy for all the carpal tunnel they’ve caused.

        • ShadowHawk

          And well Al Gore (since he invented the internet.. lol) for all the internet porn that added to those carpal tunnel issues. 😉

  • Marxist will always attack our constitutional rights, and yet Americans are buying guns at a record pace. That should send a message to the left… ‘We aren’t buying what you’re selling.’

    • Eric Gardner

      It’s called a dog whistle.

  • Elizabeth LeNormand Ragas

    Mentally ILL people kill—not guns by themselves! If there were no guns do these liberal Idiots think there will be no killing? What would they ban next? Knives? Rope? Cords? Rat poison? Anti-freeze? Drugs? Pillows? Cars? How about putting MORE funding into mental health? How about treating the mentally ill like we would treat anyone with any other illness? Think about it—who in their “Right Mind” would kill anyone for no reason.

  • Gary Nero

    Where are all the pictures of gang murder victims?

    • Eliz Bailey

      They weren’t NRA members, but IF they were, you can bet they’d have been included too

      • ShadowHawk

        The perps portrayed in these cartoons weren’t NRA connected either.

  • Joe Roy
  • linreis

    GUNS DO NOT KILL, people kill…and 99% of the killers are democrats.

  • RonzoL61

    I guess the fact that not a single one of these shootings was committed by an NRA member means nothing to them.

    • Oscar BullFrog

      of course not … never let FACTS get in way of scandelous propoganda

    • Mike Malcolm

      Simple solution…start executing everyone who kills someone in cold blood. No 5 years of trials, and how crime rates drop..wakeup people!

  • shaw08

    These people are truly sick and twisted. How they are not sued for slander I do not know. Im not a fan of the NRA but there’s not a whole lot of competition for them to get any better. Its funny how they fail to mention the people who commit these atrocities are usually not a member of the NRA, but are also profound leftist. Everyone of them are Liberals but nobody mentions that just that the NRA had something to do with it? Cause that makes a whole lot of sense

    • ShadowHawk

      In fact NONE of the crimes depicted were done by NRA members.

  • Charles Little

    The left has it’s own “reality” now. No amount of logic or discussion will change them.

  • Jerry A. Sharp

    Gun ownership helps provide freedom of speech and thwarts attempt to overthrow a democratic government by people like the radical left in America

  • Stacy Commiekiller Lives

    Commies are in charge…ITS TIME TO STAND UP!

  • Frank E. Licata

    “To conquer a nation, one must first disarm its citizens.” Adolf Hitler (and Barry Obama)

  • lexingtonnchick

    I find this completely disturbing and horrifying. To put the NRA to blame for this and mock the slaughters that were done by the mentally ill- yes with a gun but not BY a gun but by a Man with a Gun is the problem with this country. Shall we ban beer for all the DUIs that kill? If the NRA had used these cartoon to promote their side, they would be crucified.

    • ShadowHawk

      And the NRA had nothing to do with any of these tragedies. As far as them using cartoons like these, they wouldn’t stoop so low.

  • Gary Nero
  • Brett Dent

    Everyone has the right to free speech, but these cartoons are just distasteful, emotion-driven trash. How the NRA is complicit in ANY mass shooting is so ridiculous, it’s laughable. Any person with half a brain who studies the facts/statistics about gun violence can see how disarming law-abiding citizens won’t help at all.

    What do these cartoon artists have to say about the Obama sponsored study last month that said that gun control measures wouldn’t have any impact on gun violence? Every time I see some anti-gun liberal, it is always the same emotion-driven crap that they try to use as an argument to take my guns away. Never the facts. When we live in a country where an armed police officer is asked not to bring his firearm onto school property (this really happened), then it is glaringly apparent that GUNS are NOT the problem.

  • Gary Nero

    Hoplophobia…’s a mental problem…

    • Gary Nero

      Hoplophobia is a neologism,
      originally coined to describe an “irrational aversion to firearms, as
      opposed to justified apprehension about those who may wield them.”[1] It is sometimes used more generally to describe the “fear of guns”[2][3] or the “fear of armed citizens.”[4]

  • ComeOnPeople

    Liberals love it when kids die, it helps them pass legislation. Never waste a good death……..

  • suewisc

    What about the Boston Marathon bomber? What about the guy that attacked people at the federal building in Wisconsin with a knife? What about the Oklahoma City bombing? Last I checked, bombs were illegal. I grew up where every car in the parking lot had a hunting rifle – and not one kid in all the years, ever even thought to use it on anyone else. So what’s changed? We need to figure out what’s shifting people to make these acts okay in their brains….

    • dave

      What’s changed is that God has been removed from our society.

      • ShadowHawk

        Omitting or adding God has had NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING to do with these tragedies.

    • Eliz Bailey

      What was omitted in the first cartoon was that the Aurora, CO shooter had rigged up his entire apartment bldng to blow that same nite. It was on the news then, but rarely is still mentioned or highlighted.

  • Frank E. Licata

    Bad armed criminals (who are not affected by gun control because their weapons are not registered) are for disarming good law-abiding citizens because now they can do what they want without being stopped. It has been shown by statistics in multiple cities across the country that when good citizens arm themselves that crime statistics actually go down, not up.

  • Maureen

    Instead of NRA shouldn’t those say Democrats? It is a known fact that almost all the mass shooters were democrats.

    • ShadowHawk

      Because the Democrats are the ones allowing this SHIT to hit the papers.

  • Greg Baird

    80M+ gun owners in the USA and only 5M are NRA members. 1/16th.

  • granddad57

    It must be hard to be a libtard armed with a poison pen.

  • Lisa Young Schawe

    I would far rather have my kids’ teachers carrying concealed instead of being sitting ducks for some mentally ill freak who wants to commit suicide by cop (which is what these school shooters want!) by taking out as many innocent kids as they can first. This has nothing to do with gun control, and everything to do with destroying the second amendment. Wake up, people!

    • jules2u

      And to think the NRA and many of its members would be more than willing to properly train those teachers to not only protect themselves but the children in the schools

      • dragonflash

        We would be willing to patrol the grounds and halls and be on site if anything should start to happen. We have children and grandchildren, and other relatives in those schools and other “victim rich zones.”

        • Jim

          And as long as democrats still demand more GUN LAWS that limit rights, they will still be “VICTIM RICH ZONES”. But that’s ok to democrats, because they stand on the graves of the innocent to get their agenda passed.

      • Lisa Young Schawe

        It really doesn’t even have to do with the NRA; I’m not a member. I do think those who want a concealed carry permit should have to have a background check, etc.–I’m okay with that. I’m good with the folks teaching the classes being people like ex-law enforcement & ex-military–that makes great sense. I’m NOT good with these poor teachers being defenseless against these nut jobs when they enter a school intending to do harm to students and/or faculty! I’m positive that, where I live, any number of teachers would be glad to carry concealed on a volunteer basis and I’d be not only fine with it, but I’d encourage it!

    • Eric Gardner

      You Are delusional.

      • Lisa Young Schawe

        Typical Liberal. Neither facts nor common sense to back up his argument, so the name calling begins.

    • Jim

      Teachers are always sitting ducks for mentally ill freaks: DEMOCRATS who VOTE CONSISTENTLY TO ELIMINATE anyones right to self-defense. Especially since, Teachers Unions routinely vote and support democrats.

      • Lisa Young Schawe

        The Unions may, but I know LOTS of conservative teachers!

  • Don Spriggs

    People who distort reality in this fashion are usually ignorant, naive, stupid, naively stupid, or stupidly naive, or all of the above. (They are also tiresome.) “Fixing” gun violence is hard work and only a miniscule number of Americans are willing to undertake that challenge (and most of that small number are NRS members!). Even the most ardent advocates for gun control usually fade into the woodwork when they learn – and understand – what must be done to “solve” the challenge.

  • Randy Dees

    Setting phaser to stun…Beam me up Scotty!

  • onlymetaz

    it appears that not only are they prone to distasteful but they are not even made in fact! yes they have free speech but usually it should be backed up with facts Sad that it has to resort to this level

  • Steven

    That’s just f***ing twisted. I think all the dark and jacked up mental issues they ascribe to us is called : Projection.

  • pokenhorn

    Savage. How many of the mass murderers have been NRA members? None. What role did gun shows play in these crimes? No role at all. NRA members are a cross section of the most decent, law-abiding, hard working citizens in the nation. Democrats stand on a mountain of dead children trying to make their case for gutting the 2nd amendment.

  • DMcG

    Once again, the Libs make sure to not let truth get in the way of the story. The idea that Jared Loughner had an NRA connection is just laughable, a line they hoped for early in the investigation until they found he was an Obama-supporting liberal. The rest of these “cartoons” are just sick.

    Just for fun, you should read some of the history of Germany in the 30s, after the Nazis were elected and before Hitler started WWII. The propaganda, the new laws controlling (and later confiscating) guns, the marginalization of certain faith groups, all are hauntingly similar to what we are allowing to happen in this country. Remember, if they are not coming for YOU today, that means only that they WILL be coming for you later.

  • Jan Robke Lara

    Progressive/Radical Liberals Always go to Extremes to get their points elevated!! The “real” Truths are never enough. Like Rahm Emanuel says: “Never let a good (Crisis) tragedy go to waste”. That is their lifeline of Radicalism.

  • WmThomas2424

    Typical libs. Displace blame. It would be nice if they mentioned all of the prescription drugs most of these people were on or that they were liberals. And the fact that they skip over the slaughter by abortion clinics that kill many times the amount of people is sad as well.

  • Clay Cromer

    I wonder why they don’t put this same energy into attacking the FDA for approving Rx drugs that kill people ? Or what about the endless wars over seas ? And let’s not forget the partnership between the FDA & Monsanto .. poisoning our crops.

  • Stryder51

    It’s a shame they can’t seem to grasp the fact that the perps in this were mentally ill. Gun control or not, they would’ve committed these crimes.

  • Patrick Carey

    Why not draw a cartoon (badly) using the dead bodies of over 7 million dead Jews to spell out “NEVER AGAIN!”. Why not do the same using the dead bodies of the many hundreds of thousands of Christians martyred in the 20th and 21st Centuries spelling out “MURDERED IN THE NAME OF (that ‘religion of peace’) ISLAM”? Why not a cartoon showing the dead bodies of multiple millions of “sheeple” who have already died because they were bullied into giving up their arms and then murdered by their own governments to spell out “WE ARE THE EXAMPLE OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN FREE PEOPLE BEND TO TYRANNY!”?

    No – the only reason a travesty of free-speech like this cartoon exists is because the powers- that-be want to continue their war on our rights to liberty, and what they really need for their plan to come to fruition is a disarmed America.

    • Dual Bag

      Very, VERY well said.

  • Mark

    Take away guns from legal gun owners, then the bad guys kill you, idiots!

  • Frankie Addiego

    The ongoing cynicism of the aging hippies who have taken over newspaper cartoons toward the NRA shows just how self-righteous the left can be.

  • Patriot

    Funny but so untrue!

  • Richard M

    Second cartoon is really stupid. If these nitwits even thought they knew school history, they would know that before they were squirting in their diapers, gun safety was being taught in schools. It wasn’t until liberal idiots starting making the rules that deranged assheads began invading schools and shooting them up.

    • Frankie Addiego

      The truth is that the Democratic hierarchy loves school shootings, because they get to claim that the debate has been “reopened,” but it’s the only time they get to close it.

      Once you say, this didn’t happen because guns are legal, and you shouldn’t undermine the U.S. Constitution, you become the most insensitive, heartless jerk in the world. The rank-and-file Democrats buy into it, for the most part, but the hierarchy know what they’re doing.

  • jroy

    As I recall, all of these incidents were perpetrated by registered dems voting for liberal policies…uummm

  • phil goodwin

    Its American, its our constitution…….if any one dislikes it that strongly , they have the freedom to leave…….go to england or some other European bastion where they have limited gun rights

    • Lisa Young Schawe

      Yes, where militant Islamic groups can butcher a veteran in the middle of the road without interference because NOBODY IS FLIPPING ARMED! Horrifying!

  • Krista Kay

    Criminals love guns. Criminals also love gun controls.

    Jeanne Assam: A Hero who shot a murderer dead in his tracks

    • Krista Kay

      When people with morals own a gun it’s society’s best protection to remain decent and civilized.

  • illinoisboy1977

    Just like the uneducated masses to attack something, for the sake of political expediency. They wouldn’t be enjoying their freedom to express themselves, freely, without the gun-owning citizens. Regular people who took up arms against a tyrannical government and declared themselves independent.

  • Sandy Pfaff

    Are these funny cartoons??? Dont get it!!!!!!!

  • Donya Burnitt Singletary

    This is ridiculous and totally wrong, people kill not guns. Why not show the murders using knifes or cars or even the ones where people are beaten to death. But then you couldn’t attack guns.

  • GoAwayLib

    Ironically, all mass murderers have been liberals, NOT NRA Members!

  • MisterIncredible

    I’m still waiting for an NRA conservative to shoot up a school.

  • Robert Higgins

    one thing missing…virtually all the shooters were socialists and democrats….

    and historically, Booth shot Lincoln, part of the “Peace Democrat” party (seriously), Rev Jim Jones (mass murderer) was painted by the media as an extreme right winger…no..he was a communist…

    and lastly, there are no compelling statistics that show fun control is effective in reducing violent crime..

    p.s. I do not own a gun…

  • Stu Gotz

    more BS left wing propaganda…I think it was Stalin that said “If you control the media,you control the people”

  • Linda Pannell

    The last cartoon was especially insensitive and uncalled for.

  • crystal delarm

    is it just me or does that “teacher” resemble john lennon, as if you can’t believe in peace unless you are a passifict? how did they get their “peace” in the first place?…the media always picks and chooses what furthers their agenda, a cartoonist creates his own agenda…what does that say?

  • Jason Pearson

    in the cartoon of children in school huddling up to teacher….., false advertising., as i cant imagine most boys doing that….., i can imagine them doing the exact oppisite.
    This is just pure desperation on behalf of a scared government who knows they have lost, but not the good sense to know when to stop

  • Chase

    Liberals and Progressives are working towards a total goal of gun confiscation. As soon as one “responsible” measure is enacted, they are pushing for another, more extreme measure. When one compromises with evil, evil wins. You must never compromise. Liberals main argument is “no one needs an assault rifle”. That may be true, but ours is a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs.

  • Ralph Fiscus Jr

    These are all equally disgusting

  • Gary

    Lowest crime rate in the world, Switzerland. Requirement for all men of military age? Gun ownership. Funny how the worst regimes in history were all anti-gun and the most stable and safe countries were pro-gun. Even a liberal should be able to see the correlation.

  • hausding

    pretty much the mentality of the leftist, libturd, boy king followers………..besides, these are PAID commercials for the leftist propaganda machine………….not funny, not truthful, and certainly not anywhere near the prevailing attitudes.. Made for the brain dead masses……….the freebie bunch.

  • Alabama Nation

    Wish you would list where these came from, though clearly the first one was published in the LA Times, so that those that want to can complain….not that it would help in all cases.
    Also, you should lighten up that posting policy of using all caps. Many elderly use caps, because they can’t see/read as well as most of us. IJS.

  • M.Emmett Townsend

    What a load of crap the above cartoons…

  • James Rose

    I’m a firm believer of gun control… firm grip…. aim… hit target!

  • Annette M Gagne


  • Suzy Newkirk McClary

    The right to own a gun is “The Law of the Land” In NONE of these school shootings did the guilty person belong to the NRA. And NO ONE in the NRA wants any guilty person to go free

  • Budsterz

    The two common elements of the shooting since Columbine are they are “gun free zones” and the shooters were on anti depressants or anti psychotic drugs.

  • Scott Cooper

    Every single one of these cartoons is propaganda, based on lies and misinformation.

  • Mac Daniels

    The US government took control of all the american Indians guns. Hoe did that work out for them?

  • al11

    despicable!! these lack all integrity, all sense of reality. I can’t go further simply because it would require to break all the rules for posting here, not to mention also allowing myself to join the ranks of stupidity and nastiness which I just don’t want to be part of.

  • Chester Lutman

    They seem to forget that the shooter is nearly all way’s a student.?????? Go figure, especially when the pen has killed more people then gun owner’s. Just ask Marx. It is time to place limit’s on the free press, who can never just report the fact’s with out propaganda to support their thinking. If you can limit one amendment then you can limit another.

  • James Rose

    Oh yes, in regards to the cartoons. I am disgusted and offended by the slander. As a tax payer. A father. An American and a NRA member. I say Kiss my @$$ you sick bastages.

  • Bruno Williams

    All the shooters have turned out to be liberals. Why can’t we just ban them instead?

  • Patrick Parrish

    Let’s show pictures of all of the obese people lying in their hospital beds with tubes hanging out of them, who have died of heart attacks, surrounded by smoking spoons and forks. How’s that for propaganda?

  • Johnny Teel

    About as dumb and misinformed as the gun control crowd.

  • Joseph Ireland

    Liberal arguments are weak, they can’t stand up to tough honest scrutiny, so they have to cheap shot there way threw.all we have to do is stand firm and not waver, engage liberals head on and get in their face if need be there weak by nature and inevitably they will cower.

  • greekdish

    Pathetic gun grabbers….I can play this game too. I hope you all die of AIDS….lying sacks of excrement….you are no better than Hitler, Mao and Stalin with your BS propaganda.

  • Chester Lutman

    And no Joe, Hitler was not big on gun control in the way you mislead or imply. You are wrong, totally wrong. GO LEARN SOMETHING that is correct.. He realized that gun ownership by his citizen’s, was the best way to have supporter’s who formed an inner defense core for the country and his party, thereby his government. You must be a fool to believe that story. Stalin yes, Hitler no. In Germany, citizen’s had just as many rifle’s as the German Military.

    • Laron Woods

      “Wrong song”! One year before attacking Austria and France, Hitler made a famous speech that “Having disarmed the German public they were now a ‘safe country'” They were disarmed! YOU NEED TO RE-STUDY YOUR HISTORY!

    • PSNewton

      The point was, Hitler had it in for the Jews, so he first disarmed them before carrying out his murderous campaign against them. And, unable to resist, millions died.

    • Heartland Patriot

      That is PARTLY true. Hitler allowed SOME Germans to own firearms, those that were Nazi Party members, or members of other “civic organizations” that were sanctioned by the Nazi Party. Of course, farmers had their shotguns and plenty of people in the countryside had hunting rifles. But a good many people were disarmed, particularly Jews who owned firearms.

  • MsgtGdubb

    The creators of these cartoons need to replace the NRA, with DNC. That would be more appropriate and truthful.

  • Matthew Mason

    I don’t understand, democrats are pro choice but that choice stops at abortion. Why can’t I choose how to defend myself, car to drive, food to eat and house to live in?

  • Martha Alexander Clarke

    These “cartoonists” are evil propagandists. Clueless. Stupid. More evil had been done in the name of STUPID than anything else.

  • John Germain

    typical libs…..the PERSON is not to blame but the guns.

  • James E. Chandler

    These are some sick individuals.

  • David Lawrence

    If you don’t want guns, don’t get one!

  • Deborah Smith

    Seriously, who makes cartoons like that, no matter what your stand on this is? That is just plain twisted and sickening. I’m for the Right to Bear Arms. What stops a bad guy with a gun…is a good guy with a gun!

  • Jeremy Armour

    Those are absolutely disgusting! Nothing more than sick propaganda meant to scare children and the stupid!!!

  • alvin691

    Nothing but a bunch of adult emos without facts nor statistics on their side.

  • Linda Woodcock

    Boy do we have some sick people in America!!!

  • AdWhois

    Disgraceful, especially the last one.

  • GumpForrestGump

    If you aren’t already impressed with the outright idiocy of the liberal logic train wreck in America, this should do it for you.

  • John Germain

    I understand the debate for more gun control. Don’t agree with the gun control advocates BUT, these cartoons are sick, reprehensible and totally uncalled for. There is NOT ONE NRA member that ever rejoiced in the death of anyone because of a nutcase with a gun.As far as I can see this violates the posting policy about being “discourteous behavior”, but oh well. To even suggest that if you are against more gun control laws, that you are somehow culpable for the deaths of people gunned down by a psycho with a gun is vile and disgusting.

  • Dave Steffens

    Remember Wounded Knee

    • THX_1139

      and The Trail of Tears

      • Dave Steffens

        Trail of tears resulted from white men finding gold and trespassing on indian land in Georgia. Indians won in court however, the president stole the land and force marched them across the continent to Oklahoma.

        • THX_1139

          Not indians, Cherokee

          • ShadowHawk

            So, you’re trying to say Cherokee are not Native Americans afka INDIANS?

          • THX_1139

            So, you’re trying to say all Native Americans are Cherokee.
            FYI Indian for Tribal Americans is racist

          • ShadowHawk

            No, I wasn’t trying to say all Native Americans are Cherokee.
            Also FYI Indian is NOT a racist term for Native Americans or as you so racially called my ancestors.. Tribal Americans

          • THX_1139

            We don’t come from India

    • John Bush

      Ruby Ridge.

    • John Bush


  • Gail Miller

    Wow.. People are really sick. To even draw something like this shows the mind of the person. Guns save lives each day, look at England, and places like that where you cant own a gun.. You’ve got terrorists running the streets just hacking off heads, now tell me that would have happened here, some guy or lady with a legal gun would have put an end to that! All I have to say is this.. COME GET IT !! They will NOT take my weapon!

  • It is a shame that these cartoonists create terror rather than try to defend the children ….


  • MyNightmare

    Far be it from me to inform the public that all of the shooters in the tragedies befallen upon our country were registered democrats or raised by democrats. Imagine that!

  • pawomanforromney

    Liberals just want a feel good so called quick fix…Anyone with a brain knows that the gun does not do the shooting or killing, the person does and if they are screwed up in the head and can’t get a gun, they will build a bomb, start a fire or start hacking at people with a machete…..

  • alnga

    It is sadder still that arrogance of ignorance fills the ranks who pretend to want protect the children. The NRA since I have known them is the only National group that offers it’s services to do just that by teaching gun care and safety and to make strong recommendations on how to protect the schools. The liberals side of this is empty of facts, figures and truth in how they portray the NRA.

  • Jeff Callahan

    The killers all had the same mentality as the artists of these pictures. NRA Members are not the ones shooting up schools. Liberals are.

  • Joshua Michael Bend

    Gun control is used by Zionist Israelis to control America.

    • Laron Woods

      More like anti-Semitic Muslims!

  • iWhatever

    Cigarettes and alcohol have killed more Americans than guns ever have. Where is the liberal outcry against Budweiser or Phillip Morris?

  • the7thson


  • james

    So far all of the mass school shooters and nuts have been are the families have been liberal democrat’s check it out. When may need controls and checks on liberals

  • Vashra Araeshkigal

    Let’s recap….EVERY LAST major shooting in America has occurred in areas where guns were strictly prohibited. What else has prohibition/restriction worked on?

    The only thing that’s going to stop a bad person with a gun…is a good person with a gun who is a faster/better shot. Period.


    OK eric gardner…Mexico Iguess the kind of democricy you want…Eric Holder,barrack obama fast and furrious…are you getting the pic . Or should Ispeak a little more about facts,or maby crayon

  • Winghunter

    “Must every tragic mass shooting bring out the shrill ignorance of “gun control” advocates? The key fallacy of so-called gun control laws is that such laws do not in fact control guns. They simply disarm
    law-abiding citizens, while people bent on violence find firearms readily available. If gun control zealots had any respect for facts, they would have discovered this long ago, because there have been too many factual studies over the years to leave any serious doubt about gun control laws being not merely futile but counterproductive…” Dr. Thomas Sowell (If you can’t learn from Sowell, there’s no hope for you.)

  • VMWJ

    Well, these cartoons will certainly go a long way to promoting civil discourse on the problems of hatred, murderous intentions, and why there is such a lack of respect for human life.

  • alnga

    When an NRA member is found guilty of any murders, then and only then maybe the left will have something to talk about, other than that it is just loose talk and no facts.

  • JT Staley

    That should say Obama

  • Nordog6561

    Late in 2012 I wrote the following remarks which are heavily cribbed from my reading of the Founders.

    A society lacking sufficient virtue to own guns also is one lacking sufficient virtue for liberty and self-governance and must be ruled by others.

    The problem becomes, how does a society or people insufficient in virtue for self-governance raise up a class of people virtuous enough to rule others benevolently?

    Either we have a society virtuous enough for both gun ownership and self-governance, or we have neither.

    Yet to conclude that we have neither is actually an argument for gun ownership.

    For in this latter case, prudence requires that man protect himself and his family from the hordes and mobs on the one hand, and the special class of people on the other hand who have concluded that they are our rulers.

    • hrdcore

      well said……

    • ShadowHawk


  • Ghost_Babel

    We need knife control to stop stabbings and car control to stop drunk drivers. And spoons made me fat too. It’s called personal responsibility.

  • Janet Gilbert

    Weren’t all of these shooters democrats?

    • Heartland Patriot

      Either they were Democrats, or they held even more hard-leftist beliefs.

    • ShadowHawk

      That they were.

  • Joan

    This is as far from the truth as heaven is from hell!

  • Ghost_Babel

    Yup, all the shooters were Democrats.

  • Tigerclaw1

    Liberals love school shootings. They want more of them to occur so they can feel their bogus position is further substantiated. Why? Because they had miserable childhoods that they still haven’t outgrown.

  • Nordog6561

    Making good people helpless does not make bad people harmless.

  • BobGuy

    Uhm… The NRA actively defends the rights of US Citizens as expressed in the US Constitution to defend themselves. The authors of these cartoons are enemies of the defenders of the US Constitution. That makes them enemies of the USA.

  • david

    I think whoever drew these is a maniac.

  • Kenshi

    As a lifelong Libertarian, a strict Constitutionalist, an Early American and Constitutional historian and a military combat veteran, I really could not care less what others “think” or what their “opinions” are concerning this issue. I know from reading what they heart felt wrote what the intent of the framers was when they restricted governmental power in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Is someone going to try to tell anyone that the Constitution and the BoR “GRANTS” or “PROVIDES” Rights or that Rights are not natural and unalienable?

  • Heartland Patriot

    Pure, unadulterated leftist excrement. The people who do these mass shootings have nothing to do with the NRA. ALL of them have been Democrats, or held left-wing political ideologies.

  • hasottee

    No! They are shameful propaganga…they remind me of Adolph Hitler’s caricatures that portrayed Jewish persons as twisted, degenerate figures to prejudice the populace against them.

  • eillem123

    Totally inaccurate and stupid – especially the last one!

  • Damien Cross

    Screw the people who made these cartoons..
    I fought for this country and for OUR rights.
    How aboit we do something about the lack of mental heath help in the country?
    Blame the PERSON
    NOT the inanimate object.
    Must be an Obama cock sucker who came up with these cartoons

  • Independent Voter

    When facts fail, make stuff up. That’s how the left runs.

    This is the most detestable garbage I’ve ever seen.

  • George Blackshear

    All dictators and would be dictators wanted more and more gun control, there is a reason to their madness, citizens without guns make it a lot easier to take over the government. All and I mean all of the mass shootings so far have been committed by liberal socialist wack jobs, so you decide who to follow, if you like living under a dictatorship by all means, do exactly what your fake messiah wants, if you like living as a free man/woman then “Stand Up and Fight”, and do not give up anything.

  • Konstantine Molon Labe Rigas

    Omg, these are reprehensible!

  • Sandy M. Santiago

    The dumbest, lame brain things that leftist come up with!

  • William Keith Lopez

    We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior. Thank you for partnering with us to maintain a courteous and useful public environment where we can engage in reasonable discourse.
    Yet you allowed a cartoon of dead children’s bodies spelling NRA to be printed.
    What’s your policy on hypocrisy?

  • Sherill Weber

    The last picture that shows the children laid out to spell NRA is disgusting, and especially since it is suppose to represent those killed at Sandy Hook. Let’s blame the NRA for this?? Why not blame his mother for what happened or better yet blame the “Mental” issues the kid had. But he killed her first. 1. His mother told friends that he wouldn’t even allow her in his room and would get violent if she entered. 2. He changed his clothes,,,,how many times a day and his mother had to do laundry how many times a day. 3. His mother also told friends that he did have some serious issues. 4. His mother had almost an arsenal of weapons because she felt a revolution was coming and they needed to defend themselves. 5. His mother, knowing her son has serious mental issues, would take him shooting all the time. 6. What did she even do to address his mental issues?

    The one with Jared Loughner,,,the NRA is at fault for that??? According to his parents; they revealed they were deeply concerned about their son’s increasingly angry and erratic behavior. His mother, His father took away Jared’s shotgun and would disable his car at night so he couldn’t leave.

    The Aurora, Colorado shooting,,,,James Homes had mental issues. He drops out of school and starts buying guns. Before dropping out he had seen Before he left campus, he had seen at least three mental health professionals associated with student mental health services.

    Aaron Alexis who killed 12 people in the Washington Navy Yards had mental issues.

    Unless the NRA is giving the guns to all these mentally ill people and telling them to go out and do a mass killing, I don’t see how it’s there fault. Maybe the government should spend more time and helping out the programs to help the mentally ill. It’s easy for a liberal to blame the gun and not the shooter. They forget,,,,”Guns don’t kill,,,,People kill”.

    Since 1760 there has been numerous attacks and killings in the schools. The worst one was May 18, 1927 in Bath, Michigan where Andrew Kehoe killed
    his wife and destroyed his house and farm, blew up the Bath Consolidated School by detonating dynamite in the basement of the school, killing 45 people, mostly children. He then pulled up to the school in his car, then set off a bomb, killing himself and four others. This remains the deadliest mass murder at a school in United States history. In this case he didn’t use a gun, he used dynamite. If somebody wants to kill,,,they will kill. Whether it be with a gun, a knife, bomb, strangulation, or whatever,,,they will kill. Not the NRA’s fault.

    I will fight for the right to own a gun. My rights to defend myself and my family if need be from some mental person or non mental person trying to cause us harm.

    • ShadowHawk

      The NRA has no culpability in any of these, none of the perps. were NRA members, and the NRA in fact EDUCATES people on gun safety should you choose to take one of their courses.

  • Rob Watson

    The posted “cartons” do not meet your posting policy.

  • Independent Voter

    Not one, not a single one, of the mass shooters were NRA members. Nearly ALL were on pharmaceutical anti-depressant drugs. So, my friends, if any “group” is responsible, it would be the pharmaceutical industry, and their guinea pigging of the public.

    • ShadowHawk

      Try the more accurate fact that ALL were liberal dumbocrats.

  • Suzanne Polen

    This is BEYOND STUPID!

    • Independent Voter

      It’s the standard M.O. of the left, right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook: Accuse your adversary of what you yourself do. The left enabled every one of these shooters by carefully identifying places with large numbers of defenseless victims.

      • Sherill Weber

        And that just show the mentality of the left. The last picture of the children,,,that was sick.

  • scopedope

    Read the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution!

    • Christine Stewart

      And the cartoonists have a first amendment right to publish this dribble.

      • ShadowHawk

        Unfortunately, even content like this that is an outright LIE is protected by both Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech.

  • Jeff Carey

    I hope everyone also realizes all these school shootings were committed by liberals and democrats. None were an NRA member. It really pisses me off that these liberal nuts will blame the gun for the crime and not the shooter, but they never once call for a ban on cars or alcohol after a drunk driver kills someone.

  • Behning Brad

    Pure propaganda. Governments always want to disarm their subjects so that they can’t rise up in the event of tyranny. History has proven that an unarmed populace winds up either dead or enslaved. Thus the 2nd amendment. This was written by people far wiser than cartoon artists….. I find it offensive how the left always stands next to the bodies of children to draw at our heartstrings and demonize those who would oppose gun control as baby killers. They feel that they have the moral high ground, while forgetting that millions of children have died as a result of tyranny, just in this century alone. Anytime you feel persuaded to vote away your gun rights, just remember those children being led into the gas chambers during WWII. Their parents turned in their guns too…….By Hitler’s order to make the country “safer.” How soon we forget.

  • Dwight Hannah

    This is a shameful LIE…its also the type of stuff we are fighting….our truth will prevail if we make sure the message is delivered to the people that are not yet brain dead.

  • Scotty Thiel

    Just how far will a liberal go to help their cause??? DOWN TO BOTTOM OF CESS POOL…

  • JohnWIS

    wow………these cartoons are really pathetic.

  • Gordon Waite

    From our cold, dead hands!

  • Troubadour60

    They forgot to include the one about the fast and furious scandal involving the government and their corrupted activities. I don’t mind differing opinions as long as some truth can be revealed. Liberal fanaticism however never paints the truth of reality… just the truth as they see it. They are reportedly more hateful in their actions and opinions than their conservative counterparts. Who would you want to have your back in a crisis? I’d rather have Paul Revere than the village idiot. .. metaphorically speaking.

  • Sharon Ann R
  • JerryDDay

    What a lofty load of Horseshit

  • Winghunter

    How do Multiple Victim Public Shooters Decide Where to Attack?

    With just one single exception, going all the way back to 1950, every public shooting in which more than three people have been killed has taken place where Americans are illegally forced to be unarmed.

    Therefore, we now know there’s no question that traitors of the Second Amendment are directly helping mass shooters commit their heinous crimes by providing ‘gun-free zones’. They are Accessories Before-The-Fact and must be charged as such!

  • Jennie Giesbrecht

    Absolutely not! It’s ridiculous to blame the NRA for any of these attacks! Those doing these shootings aren’t members of the NRA! They are whacked out people who can’t accept something that has happened to them, turning them into killing maniacs!


    These cartoons don’t make sense to me. I don’t see how they relate. The link is the mentally ill, not guns.

  • Michael

    I’m conservative and former law enforcement. As with anything, there is middle ground. I am not a member if the NRA, but “gun control” (i.e. disarming citizens) does not work. The evidence is overwhelming. Do I need high-capacity firearms? No, but making it more difficult for lawful citizens to defend themselves is not an effective strategy. Chicago and New York are just two examples of failed policy.


    These are just ignorant, and imply a very bold LIE about the NRA and gun owners in general. Those cowardly school-shooters have NOT been NRA members, or even “conservatives”, but EACH has been a products of LIBERAL homes!

    . To produce these misleading memes indicates a complete lack of intelligence of the people who created them, as well within anybody foolish enough to put any stock in the shameful lies they purport…

  • Michael

    For anyone spewing statistics, real or imagined, from other countries….please accept this cordial invitation to un-ass these United States of America and take up residence in one of the locales you mention. In other words, get the fuck out. BTW, Detroit and Chicago are disasters because of the corruption of political leaders, not because of Indiana or Ohio.Sure, Detroit’s a crap hole because of Ohio…………and it’s McDonald’s fault that your kid is fat. Moron.

    • Terry Burns

      Well said.

  • David

    Many of the Mass Shootings have happened since Obama has been President and Holder has been AG … and most if not all of the Shooters have had Liberal/Democrat parents … and Obama and the Left-Wing News Networks keep using these Mass Shootings to Push for More Gun Control … maybe these Mass Shootings were all Planned and Executed by the Obama Administration and the Left-Wing-Nut Gun-Control-Fanatics .. to get more Gun Control Laws passed by Congress.

  • Ace Smith

    This is just the left’s attempt to remove responsibility from the person and put it on an inanimate object. People kill people, not guns. If we live by their logic, there would be no knives, no cars, no air travel and people would have to register their fists as lethal weapons.

  • Gman

    Typical over hyped liberal emotionalism. Liberals can’t make a coherent argument so they turn to cartoons. It’s kind of like how the early Christians spread their message of peace and love through symbolism because their potential converts were too stupid and uneducated to understand a rational spiritual message.

  • Chris Stone

    I have several handguns and a couple of shotguns. Combined, they have killed fewer people than ted kennedy’s car.

  • grunt0311252

    Didn’t Detroit’s police chief urge Detroit’s citizens to get their own firearms to deter crime?

    • jules2u

      Why yes he did because he knows the police cannot be every where all the time.

  • RBaker Hughes
  • Micheal A. Moss

    Your “Posting Policy” is an exercise in irony considering what you just asked to be commented on.

  • Skyhawk

    The obvious thing to point out here is that they were all crazies that were left leaning people.

  • Philip Carrell

    It has been shown that every major incident, like Sandy Hook and such, was committed by either an insane person or someone who in the last elections before they committed their horrible act voted Democrat.

    One can only conclude, based on this information, that the problem is not guns, or even gun control.

    The problem is clearly lunatics and Democrats with guns!

    To rectify this situation, I propose that all guns be taken away from all lunatics and Democrats. This way, the Democrats get their beloved gun control and the law abiding citizens and normal people can keep their legally owned firearms.

    • OtherAnnDroid

      Every single kid & teacher at Sandy Hook has been seen ALIVE at the Connecticut Dept. of Educ. Bldg, in DC, & at Disney World since ‘supposed’ shooting there.

      • OtherAnnDroid

        Only DEAD at Sandy Hook was the Cadaver Body used as “Adam” Lanza during the event.

  • 7PastorCarmine7

    Remember all those attacks made by Obama supporters!

  • Frank j c

    If you think about it stops ppl from killing criminals and allows the criminals to kill ppl all the crimes have been committed in gun free zones

  • Jon Galt

    If I am not mistaken all the recent nutjob mass murderers specifically targeted “gun-free” zones, and most of the nutjobs were registered Democrats, socialists or commies. Sounds to me like gun-control will only make things worse by making it easier for the thugs and whack-jobs to kill at will.

  • Jack Burgin Jr

    This is a prime example of how the anti-gun crowds, Liberal “journalists, and Democraps LIE, and use fear as tools. The FACT is that they are completely wrong in their ideas of how gun control should work. They will continue to lie, and they cannot face reality. They continue to stereotype gun owners, and the NRA. This alone proves how stupid and blind they are. Fact is that crimes will continue to happen BECAUSE of the anti-gun groups, the Liberal press, and the Democraps. This is due to their ignorance, and lying about firearms, and the continued attack of the rights that WE as US citizens are guaranteed under the Constitution. But they continue to try to infringe, and indeed, they continue to try to strip US of OUR rights.

  • Philip Carrell

    When it comes right down to it, the problem isn’t the guns themselves, but people. We have a bunch of gun laws on the books right now, and we simply don’t enforce them like we should. Adding more laws will be equally ineffective when we don’t even enforce the laws we have now. The FBI recently admitted that it is missing millions of records on the mentally ill in it’s National Background Check Database that is used to approve or deny firearms licenses. (, I purposefully chose a source that is a liberal one, so I can’t be accused of a bias) We could start by fixing and strictly enforcing that one!

    OK, so lets look at gun laws and their impact. Chicago, IL. has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, and also one of the highest crime rates. That crime rate went up sharply, and stayed up, after each new wave of gun laws was enacted. (Since the outset of the Chicago handgun ban, the percentage of Chicago murders committed with handguns has averaged about 40% higher than it was before the law took effect. ) Funny, but the same thing happened in the UK when they outlawed many of their weapons, and once again it happened in Australia when citizens lost their right to bear arms. Tougher gun laws only serve to take the guns out of law abiding citizens hands. Criminals could care less what laws the government passes. Simply put, if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them.

    As for the weapons themselves, lets clear up one thing right away: ALL FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS are VERY difficult to get into the hands of the general public. Police officers can have them while on duty, Secret Service members, things like that, but you and I can’t legally acquire one without special considerations. (The laws are very strict, the paperwork is a mountain, and the background check very intensive, all while the excess taxes that are insane. The wait time to process the paperwork is usually between 50-90 days.) Some states unconditionally restrict them.

    But is that the proper position to take regarding guns and our Constitution?

    Lets take a look at our rights as Citizens of the United States as afforded to us by our Constitution and it’s Amendments.

    I’ll start with some background on the Second Amendment, as it’s the one most often referred to. The reason I’m starting with background on it is because I believe that in order to really understand something you have to understand it in context.

    In my efforts to get a good grasp on this issue, I sat down and read the Federalist Papers, all 85 of them (not an easy read BTW)( The Library of Congress Then I dug further, into the history that the Founding Fathers were living, trying to put myself in their shoes. In the end, here’s what I came away with……..

    The first thing we need to understand is the fact that the Second Amendment is in fact an “AMENDMENT”. That’s important, because no “Articles in Amendment” to the Constitution, more commonly referred to as the Bill of Rights, stand alone and each can only be properly understood with reference to what it is that each Article in Amendment amended in the body of the original Constitution. It should not be new knowledge to any American the Constitution was first submitted to Congress on September 17, 1787 WITHOUT ANY AMENDMENTS. After much debate, it was determined that the States would not adopt the Constitution as originally submitted until “further declamatory and restrictive clauses should be added” “in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its (the Constitutions) powers”. (This quote is from the Preamble to the Amendments, which was adopted along with the Amendments but is mysteriously missing from nearly all modern copies.) The first ten Amendments were not ratified and added to the Constitution until December 15, 1791.

    In this Light:

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” What provisions of the original Constitution is it that the Second Amendment is designed to “amended”?

    THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS AMENDING THE PROVISIONS IN THE ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION APPLYING TO THE “MILITIA”. The States were not satisfied with the powers granted to the “militia” as defined in the original Constitution and required an amendment to “prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers. “(Again quoting from the Preamble to the Amendments.)

    What was it about the original Constitutional provisions concerning the “Militia” that was so offensive to the States?

    First understand that the word “militia” was used with more than one meaning at the time of the penning of the Constitution. One popular definition used then was one often quoted today, that the “Militia” was every able bodied man owning a gun. As true as this definition is, it only confuses the meaning of the word “militia” as used in the original Constitution that required the Second Amendment to correct. The only definition of “Militia” that had any meaning to the States demanding Amendments is the definition used in the original Constitution. What offended the States then should offend “People” today:

    “Militia” in the original Constitution as amended by the Second Amendment is first found in Article 1, Section 8, clause 15, where Congress is granted the power:

    “To provide for the calling forth the MILITIA to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrection and repel Invasions.” Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16 further empowers Congress:

    “To provide for the organizing, arming, and disciplining, the MILITIA, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;” Any “patriot” out there still want to be called a member of the “MILITIA” as defined by the original Constitution?

    Article 2, Section 2, Clause 1 empowers: “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the MILITIA of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States;” The only way the States would accept the “MILITIA” as defined in the original Constitution was that the Federal “MILITIA” be “WELL REGULATED”. The States realized that “THE SECURITY OF A FREE STATE” required that the “MILITIA” as originally created in the Constitution be “WELL REGULATED” by a “restrictive clause.” How did the States decide to insure that the Constitutional “MILITIA” be “WELL REGULATED”? By demanding that “restrictive clause two” better know as the “Second Amendment” be added to the original Constitution providing:


    This view is confirmed by Alexander Hamilton’s observation, in The Federalist, No. 29, regarding the people’s militias ability to be a match for a standing army: ” . . . but if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude, that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people, while there is a large body of citizens, little if at all inferior to them in discipline and use of arms, who stand ready to defend their rights . . . .”

    It is an absolute truism that law-abiding, armed citizens pose no threat to other law-abiding citizens. The Framers’ writings show they also believed this. The Framers understood that “well regulated” militias, that is, armed citizens, ready to form militias that would be well trained, self-regulated and disciplined, would pose no threat to their fellow citizens, but would, indeed, help to “insure domestic Tranquility” and “provide for the common defense.”

    Now read for the first time with the full brightness of the Light of truth:


    To put it another way:

    The Second Amendment declares by implication that if the “MILITIA” is not “WELL REGULATED” by “PEOPLE” keeping and bearing arms, the “MILITIA” becomes a threat to the “SECURITY OF A FREE STATE.”

    The “MILITIA” has no “RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS” in the Second Amendment, rather it is only “THE RIGHT OF THE “”PEOPLE”” TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS (that) SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

    Now, on to the Second Amendment itself……..

    Outside of crazy people, felons, etc. (based on OBVIOUS reasoning), owning firearms, I have to lean on the Second Amendment.

    The Second Amendment:

    A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

    Shall not be infringed…..and then there’s a period.

    A few thoughts regarding the Second Amendment……..

    FIRST: The Second Amendment protects an individual right that existed before the creation of any government. The Declaration of Independence made clear that all human beings are endowed with certain unalienable rights, and that governments are created to protect those rights.

    A. The unalienable right to freedom from violent harm, and the right to self-defense, both exist before and outside of secular government.

    1. Torah: Exodus 22:2.

    2. Talmud: Jewish law set forth in the Talmud states, “If someone comes to kill you, arise quickly and kill him.” (Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin. 1994,2, 72a; The Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Berakoth. 1990, 58a, 62b).

    3. Roman Catholic Doctrine: Christian doctrine has long asserted the right and duty of self defense. “Someone who defends his life is not guilty of murder even if he is forced to deal his aggressor a lethal blow.” See Catechism of the Catholic Church 1994, sections 2263-65 (citing and quoting Thomas Aquinas).

    4. Protestant Doctrine: Individual has personal and unalienable right to self-defense, even against government. Samuel Rutherford, Lex, Rex [1644]1982, pp. 159-166, 183-185 (Sprinkle Publications edition.) Jesus advised his disciples to arm themselves in view of likely persecution. Luke 22:36.

    B. John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government (1690) aimed at reforming Britain’s monarchy and parliamentary system and limiting the power of government, and profoundly influenced the Founders and all Western Civilization. John Locke explained that civil government properly exists to more effectively protect the rights that all individuals have in the “state of nature.” The individuals have the rights to life, liberty, and property. They give civil government the power over themselves only to the extent that it better protects those rights. Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, specifically declared that the ideas of John Locke’s Second Treatise were “generally approved by the citizens of the United States.”Jefferson mandated that Locke’s Second Treatise be taught in the University of Virginia.

    C. Christian religious thinkers, such as Samuel Rutherford (in Lex, Rex, 1644) argued that man’s rights come from G-d (as he put it….meaning, “God”). Using Biblical principles and examples, they argued against the notion that kings ruled by divine right. To be legitimate authorities, all governments must uphold man’s rights and do justice. Otherwise, the people owe a lawless and tyrannical ruler no allegiance at all.

    D. Cicero, Rome’s leading orator, had early argued that the right to self-defense was natural and inborn, and not a creation of the government. The right to use weapons was a necessary part of the right to self-defense — any view to the contrary was silly nonsense. [Stephen P. Halbrook, That Every Man Be Armed: The Evolution of A Constitutional Right (1984), p. 17, fn 76-77.]

    E. The right to keep and bear arms simply implements the unalienable right to individual self-defense against aggression of any kind. The Second Amendment refers to “the right of the people” (not the state) as a pre-existing right that government must respect.

    F. The United States Supreme Court, in United States v. Verdugo-Urquidez, indicated that the word “people” in the Second Amendment referred to individuals, not to states. [494 U.S. 259 (1990)] (This was not a holding or ruling of law, but an observation by the Court).

    SECOND: The language of the Second Amendment prohibits the federal government from “infringing” on this right of the people. There is nothing ambiguous about “shall not be infringed.” (See Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed.1983, p. 941.) The language of the Second Amendment is about as clear as the First Amendment’s prohibiting Congress from infringing the right to freedom of speech, press, and religious expression. There is no logical reason to read the Second Amendment as a weak statement, while treating the First Amendment as a strong protector of rights.

    A. The Second Amendment protects a fundamental right and should be read broadly because it implements the right of self-defense. Self-defense is the ultimate right of all individuals to preserve life. The rights to a free press, free speech, assembly, and religion are extremely important — but none of them matters very much if you can’t defend your own life against aggression. None of them matters very much when an evil government is fully armed and its citizens are disarmed.

    B. Article I, Section 8, clauses 15 and 16 of the U.S. Constitution refer to Congress’s powers concerning the state militias. Clause 15 empowers Congress to “call forth” the state militias into national service for specific purposes. Clause 16 empowers Congress to organize, arm and discipline the state militias, and to govern the militias while they are in national service. The Second Amendment confines Congress’s power by guaranteeing that the Congress cannot “govern” the militias right out of existence and thereby disarm “the people.”

    THIRD: The Second Amendment refers to “a well-regulated militia.”The right of the people to form citizen militias was unquestioned by the Founders.

    A. The Federalist Papers, No. 28: Alexander Hamilton expressed that when a government betrays the people by amassing too much power and becoming tyrannical, the people have no choice but to exercise their original right of self-defense — to fight the government.

    B. The Federalist Papers, No. 29: Alexander Hamilton explained that an armed citizenry was the best and only real defense against a standing army becoming large and oppressive.

    C. The Federalist Papers, No. 46: James Madison contended that ultimate authority resides in the people, and that if the federal government got too powerful and overstepped its authority, then the people would develop plans of resistance and resort to arms.

    D. There was no National Guard, and the Founders opposed anything but a very small national military. The phrase “well-regulated” means well-trained and disciplined — not “regulated” as we understand that term in the modern sense of bureaucratic regulation. [This meaning still can be found in the unabridged Oxford English Dictionary, 2d ed. 1989, Vol 13, p. 524, and Vol 20. p. 138.](We’ve failed, as citizens, in this area if you ask me)

    E. The Federalists promised that state governments and citizen militias would exist to make sure the federal military never became large or oppressive. To say that the National Guard replaces the notion of the militia runs contrary to what the Founders said and wrote.

    F. The Third Amendment: Expressly restrains the federal government from building a standing army and infiltrating it among the people …and at the people’s expense … in times of peace. The Third Amendment runs against the idea of a permanent standing army or federalized National Guard in principle, if not by its words.

    FOURTH: The Second Amendment begins with the phrase “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State.” Some people argue that this phrase limits the right to keep and bear arms to militias only … which they say means the National Guard. Very recent research shows, however, that it was the style of writing legal documents in the late 1700’s to include a preamble. The Constitution has a preamble, the Bill of Rights has a preamble — yet people don’t argue that the Constitution is limited by the preamble. Professor Eugene Volokh at the UCLA Law School has examined numerous other state constitutions of the same general time period, and observed this kind of preamble language in many of them. (The Commonplace Second Amendment, 73 N.Y. Univ. Law Rev. 793-821 (1998)). The preamble states a purpose, not a limitation on the language in these government charters.

    A. Examples:

    New Hampshire’s Constitution in 1784 contained a preamble for the freedom of the press: “The Liberty of the Press is essential to the security of freedom in a state; it ought, therefore, to be inviolably preserved.”

    Rhode Island’s 1842 state constitution recited a preamble before its declaration of the right of free speech and press: “The liberty of the press being essential to the security of freedom in a state, any person may publish his sentiments on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that liberty…”

    New Hampshire’s Constitution in 1784 also contained a detailed preamble and explanation of purpose for its right to a criminal trial in the vicinity where the crime occurred.

    The Massachusetts Constitution of 1780, the 1784 New Hampshire Constitution and the 1786 Vermont Constitution, all contained preambles or explanations of the right of freedom of speech and debate in the state legislatures.

    The New Hampshire Constitution also gave an explanation, right in the text, for why there should be no ex post facto laws.

    B. The Second Amendment falls right within the style of legal drafting of the late 1700’s. The “militia” clause emphasizes the individual right to keep and bear arms by explaining one of its most important purposes. The militia clause does not limit the right.

    FIFTH: Before the Civil War and the Fourteenth Amendment, many states enacted laws that made it illegal for slaves and for free black people to possess firearms (unless they had their master’s permission or a government approval). [See list, with sources in law reviews, in Gran’pa Jack No. 4 ]

    A. The Second Amendment did not protect black people then, because(1) it was understood to limit the federal government’s power only and (2) black people were not considered citizens whose rights deserved to be protected. [Dred Scott decision, 60 U.S. 393 (1857) (Judge Taney observed that if blacks had the privileges and immunities of citizenship, then they would be able to freely possess and carry arms … unthinkable to Southern slave owners.)][Halbrook, pp. 98, 114-15](I cannot support this line of thinking, but I understand it within the time frames of the people involved)

    B. The Second Amendment was designed by people who did not want to become slaves to their government, but they were unfortunately and tragically willing to permit private slavery in some states. Now that slavery is abolished, however, all citizens of all races should enjoy the Second Amendment’s legal protection against despotic government.

    SIXTH: Several Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal have held that the Second Amendment does not confer an individual right, but only a collective right of states to form a militia. The federal court decisions cite United States v. Miller as precedent. The 1939 Supreme Court case, United States v. Miller, did not make that ruling. Even in Miller, where only the prosecution filed a brief and the defendant’s position was not even briefed or argued to the Court, the Supreme Court held that the federal government could only regulate firearms that had no military purpose. [307 U.S. 174 (1939)] [See JPFO special report about Miller case]

    A. Nowadays, gun prohibitionists want to illegalize firearms unless they have a “sporting purpose.” The “sporting purpose” idea was part of the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938. JPFO has shown that the U.S. Gun Control Act of 1968 imported much of its organization, content, and phrasing, from the Nazi Weapons Law. [See … Zelman, Gateway to Tyranny]

    B. In contrast, even under the U.S. v. Miller case, the Second Amendment protects the individual right to keep and bear military firearms. Check out how the federal courts deceptively and misleadingly employed the Miller decision to deny the individual right to keep and bear arms in Barnett, Can the Simple Cite Be Trusted?: Lower Court Interpretations of United States v. Miller and the Second Amendment, 26 Cumberland Law Review 961-1004 (1996).

    C. A federal judge recently struck down a federal “gun control” statute as unconstitutional in United States v. Emerson, 46 F. Supp. 2d 598 (N.D. Tex. 1999). In his scholarly written opinion, District Judge Cummings extensively reviewed the law and historical foundations of the Second Amendment to conclude that the right to keep and bear arms protected by the Second Amendment is an individual right. The Emerson decision remains pending an appeal in the Fifth Circuit as of this date.

    Before a government can become a full-blown tyranny, the government must first disarm its citizens. The Founders of this nation, from their own experience, knew that when government goes bad, liberty evaporates and people die … unless the people are armed.

    As you read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights:

    (1) Look at the enumerated powers of the federal government;

    (2) Look at the express limitations on federal power as set forth in the Second, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments;

    (3) Ask yourself, where does the federal government get any power at all to regulate firearms?

    (4) Ask yourself, why don’t the high school and college textbooks devote any time to the history, philosophical basis and practical meaning of the Second Amendment?

    And then consider that law students and future lawyers likewise have received precious little education about the Second Amendment.

    Realize, too, that the judges know just about as little. Then imagine how little the average American knows — based on the average public school coverage of the Constitution.

    The protection of our sacred right of self-defense against both petty criminals and oppressive government — the right of civilians to keep and bear arms — is in our hands.

    Now understand, I’m not advocating picking up our guns and go marching on Washington, D.C., but rather, I’m trying to shed some light on what I believe is a mostly misunderstood right that our founding fathers thought was extremely important. It’s worth considering.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to pontificate so…………….

    (I’m a little “passionate” about this subject.)

  • swsmtdg

    They are simply more examples of the nonsense spouted by those who have no basis in fact on which to make their claims. As it is often said, more people die in bath tub falls and hospital screw-ups than are killed (gang and criminal violence excepted) by people with guns.

  • John English


  • David King

    They are indeed outrageous, but it’s protected speech, so have at it. Freedom of speech does not mean immunity from consequences of outrageous speech. To the cartoonists, don’t flaunt ignorance, overcome it.

  • nancyj1922

    No way. Punish criminals not law-abiding gun owners.

  • Raul John Donoso Almquist

    Typical cowardly behavior of over-aged-babies. They can not have their way so they seek any method at all to try to turn things to their way. In other words they presume their baby rattles are scepters. They also pretend that reaching a cronological number means they have reached adulthood, yet look in the dictionary and see them for whom they really are by merely looking up the word ‘adult’. You have to be an adult first before you can ever be considered a man or woman.

    Long past time to change their diapers, put their teething rings back into their mouths, take and destroy their baby rattles, and put them back into their cribs!!!

    These so-called cartoons are yet more proof of their baby’ish attitudes and behavior, or worse!

  • bf443

    Hate for the convenience of political ideology.

  • Autumn

    this is beyond poor taste. To say you are against guns is fine and your right. However, to make cartoons with murdered children to attack and bully people to hear your view is wrong, irresponsible, disrespectful, and abhorrent!!!! How dare you!!!! When your point is made at the expense of others pain and in such poor taste, you kill the entire argument for everyone on your side. Shame on the person for making these and shame on this sight for propagating and sharing it trying to invoke responses and ratings. How shameful. This needs to be removed at once if nothing else out of respect for the murder victims. Stating facts and educating people is one thing, but a cartoon of a murdered child is beyond tasteless

  • I cannot believe the person who drew these is allowed publicity or earnings from this. So mentally unbalanced.

  • spyderdalton

    Sociopaths can’t accept responsibility for what they do or what other people do. They have to blame anything but the real cause. 99% of mass shooters have been liberals.

    • ShadowHawk

      try 100%

  • Thomas A. Livingston

    Members of the NRA are about as responsible for school shootings as high school driving course instructors are responsible for auto accidents!
    I am not a member of the NRA. I learned to shoot in Navy boot camp with a .22 rifle and a .45 pistol. I spent four years on fast attack nuclear submarines and stood watches as topside watch with a 45 pistol and nuclear weapons armed security guard with a billy club and a whistle. I received thorough instruction in the use of deadly force for both positions, but never had a reason to use it, fortunately. BTW a billy club is a useful assault weapon as well as an assault ink pen or an assault chopstick. We also had assault pipe wrenches, assault hammers and assault box wrenches readily available. We also had two assault fire hoses available as well for long range use topside as well as M14s for deadly force.

    For my personal gun control I prefer the two handed Weaver Stance.

  • Robert Collins

    I’d rather have a Gun In Hand than a Cop on the phone , Cause they are always there after the fact !!

  • Ron

    A long while ago, a ragtag citizens militia declared war on the most powerful country in the world. This country already had a naval blockade in place, and a well trained occupying force. They came to take their guns. The revolution began in Boston. and ended in Philadelphia. Those who participated in the revolution risked all, and thereby mutually agreed that the right to keep and bear arms should be established.

  • ProudAmerican247

    Show me a Communist/Socialistic country, and I’ll show you a country where all the law-abiding citizens had their guns taken away.

  • Rich Zawadzki

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

  • Rev. Robert Shaner

    What they need to do is recall all of the wacko liberals types who done the killings

  • ocarol500

    Using emotions to promote an agenda … rather than using the truth and facts. It’s what someone ‘feels’ that’s sooooo important, after all, no matter what the truth is, no matter what the facts indicate. As Agatha Christie states in Parker Pyne Investigates: “It’s the wish to kill that counts – the mere instrument doesn’t matter. Something can always be found.”

  • Robert

    Murder rate is down in all states that have concealed carry that should tell most people something. More people are killed by being beaten to death than shot. Most Americans will die from Auto Accident, heart trouble than will be killed in the US by guns from 1850 to date.
    Jared was in fact mentally ill and was missed either because the mental health laws are not working, or there just was no enforcement of that law at the time and we know several people knew of his mental illness. Its sad when a few have decided that guns are the problem when they are not. Mental health is the problem lets fix it.

  • JOEL714

    if it were not for armed security mr obama and his wife would not live through the day

  • Exton

    This is disgusting Marxist Liberal Socialist Propaganda. IT is based on lies, and in the hope that America will surrender its guns so that the ruling elite can control us, turn us all into subjects and/or criminals. How many guns does a average N. Korean own? How many guns were owned by the Jews in Hitlers Germany?

  • Patricia Hanthorn

    I am offended by these cartoons. Guns do not kill people; people kill people.

  • Mike W

    I say if police were stationed at schools and armed, this soft target would be safe. We pay the police to protect us , well ,go where we need you.

  • BobWeete

    Makes me boil, actually. I may be a wimp, but I am not sure I could shoot an American. Even a bad one. I figure if it is God’s will for me to die, I will de. He has given me almost 79 years that have been pretty good years and I am not sure that my killing some Godless gun-toting idiot is something God has planned for me to do.

  • Giray Emsun

    Do people really believe that since the invention of guns we started killing each other. Same people that attack the NRA also think that those same or worst weapons are no problem in Syria. How can any rational person blame the tool.

  • Ellys Helaine Blake

    They want us to forget that all of the spree shooters in the last 10 years were not members of the NRA, and all were liberals.

  • Fred

    All the great evil leaders were big on gun control! Liberal loonies!! All of them are so Progressive!

  • Cozyrn

    No! You willnever stop crazies from murder. The voices control them, not the guns.

  • E. Anders

    Chicago is taking a look at their strict gun laws. I am a gun owner and a member of the NRA. I carry a weapon every day. If those who choose not to carry or own a weapon that is their right. It annoys me that my choose is regarded as reckless and dangerous to society. However, many of those against me owning a gun are also pro-abortion. Could you imagine if the last image was of aborted babies. Instead of an AR15 it was a stethoscope and Planned Parenthood on the door? Who would be going crazy then?

  • William

    Yes, justified if your complicit to disarming the people so tyranny May reign .

  • Ulysses Geist

    I saw a movie where guns were outlawed and only the police and military had guns. I think it was called “Schindler’s List”.

  • Stephen Staggs

    im an ex marine also ,,,semper fi ,,, i protected this country and now they want my guns they can have them ,,after they try and take them ,this is my gun there are many like it but this one is mine. you want it be sure to grab it by the barrel first ,,,oops it went off somehow how ,,,,,next one may try now

  • Michael Koston

    You Liberals create these stupid things, yet it is not the NRA, Republicans, Libertarians or even Responsible Democrat gun owners who go to schools and other gun free areas and kill the innocent. No, it is you Liberals who do these Cowardly Acts. Everyone of them. Go ahead and try to debate the facts.

  • Freethinker01

    I wonder when one of these “artists” will be brave enough to post cartoons about the 10,000 people killed by alcohol homicides on U.S. roads every year.

  • Freethinker01

    Or perhaps an “Enough bucket deaths!” picketer with a picture of a few dozen toddlers drowned in 5-gallon buckets of water.
    Selective outrage is so ugly.

  • koowah

    The last one was past sick,

  • Radiant Studio

    The last one was particularly obscene and should not have gotten past the newspaper or news outlet editor. Has it been mentioned that the shooters were not members of the NRA?

  • Stephan Drake

    The uneducated leading the uninformed about the unknown

    • kurlis

      Is that the Democrat Party?

      • Stephan Drake

        Certainly the anti-gun crowd, but if the shoe fits…..

  • Michael Koston

    You Liberals create these stupid things, yet it is not the NRA, Republicans, Libertarians or even Responsible Democrat gun owners who go to schools and other gun free areas and kill the innocent. No, it is you Liberals who do these Cowardly Acts. Everyone of them. Go ahead and try to debate the facts. I just posted this. Looks like it was deleted. Wow how easy facts scare them. Well, here is another FACT for you. The first people Hitler offed as soon as he got into power the way he wanted was the very people who helped him get there. Being Obama’s track record is so very similar to Hitler’s I would watch myself if I was you Liberals. What do you thing he would want around, if he became the dictator he wants to be, those who work or those who do nothing and expect everything.

  • DuckIntegra

    Guns are like any other weapon.
    They don’t go off and can be wielded by themselves.
    People kill people. If they’re gonna bitch and whine about it then ban all weapons. Fucking idiots. GTFO of America. Obama is a bitch.

  • JDalco

    Sickening. . . these cartoonist need to get help. Seems like they have an unhealthy fear of inanimate objects. . . .

  • Kathy Gray

    For generations families have had guns to use as tools and for protection. People used to feel responsible for themselves and their families. It was not until the government began controlling so many people through handouts that the sense of responsibility began to be lost. Those crying for gun control are not educated about the Constitution or real history. They either are part of the gang that wants to destroy this nation and build a tyranny in its place or they are clueless about what disarming the population really means.

  • DuckIntegra

    Guns are like any other weapon.
    They don’t go off and can be wielded by themselves.
    People kill people. If they’re gonna bitch and whine about it then ban all weapons. Fucking idiots. GTFO of America. Obama is a bitch.

  • Gene Alan Olson

    Just give up your guns, the government will protect you.

    • THX_1139


  • Eric

    We’d be serving the planet a lot better if we just banned the U.N.; I’m pretty sure the incidents being caricatured in the cartoons had a lot more to do with the people who did the shooting than with the guns they used to do it. All those cartoons do is reinforce my belief that I need my guns to protect myself from that ilk; I’m pretty sure waiting 15 or 20 minutes for the police to respond to the 911 call won’t do a heck of a lot to help my situation.

  • Naoma M Fick

    It just boggles the mind. What next a ban on drunk cars? Oh yah cars don’t drink. And Box knifes don’t take over air planes. And bombs don’t walk up to a Marathon either. When are radicals going to learn it’s the nuts out there that do these kind of heinous crimes.

  • Jacqueline Dana

    Liberals are idiots. What is so bad is that they won’t have a debate about anything. Their minds are so concrete poured shut that there is no way for the truth to get in.

  • therealdjfade

    2ND Amendment remains strong libtards

  • ChristCrusader

    Will these gun-fearing/hating nutters ever understand the truth?

  • TedCrunch

    Guns are a fact of life, needed as a means of self-defense against armed criminals. The NRA has long championed gun safety, yet a few months ago a college stopped the NRA from teaching gun safety to the students. So some of those students will eventually buy guns and have no knowledge of gun safety. This, and those disgraceful cartoons, are the way of the anti-gun loonies to attack those with whom they disagree because they don’t have any truthful facts to back up their attempts to disarm law-abiding citizens. Anyone who resorts to disparaging gun owners has already proven themselves to be out of touch with reality.

  • Jeff Hail

    “Shall not be infringed”

  • average joe

    NO I think they are discussing and the artist should be JAILED. Any publisher of these should be boycotted permanently.

  • Hoschi0913

    since when is this Loughner supported by the NRA ?? he was and is a military Soldier, therefore the Gov’t is to blame for his action, they gave him the weapons
    and on the last one, there was NOT an AR Rifle involved in this shooting (as displayed), that guy followed Joe Bidens advice and used a Shotgun

    • ShadowHawk

      None of them have anything to do with the NRA. PERIOD.

  • Hannah Plympton

    How long will we put up with such divisive hateful characterizations of each other? A nation divided against itself cannot stand. These “cartoons” are nothing but hateful propaganda to increase disrespect for each other in the land.

  • Weerd Whale

    If we take away the legal guns, we’ll live in a world where candy just falls out everyone’s ass, and all that will remain are the illegal guns. Hey, you know what would be funny, but definitely wouldn’t happen? Like, I mean it could never happen? Someone who is deranged enough to kill another person with a gun would illegally obtain a gun. That would NEVER happen.

    So said every liberal who ever lived.

  • hueychief

    My right.

  • Rodney Elkins

    Definitely not justified.

  • Charles W. Bell

    they forgot to mention that they were registered DEOMCRACTS

  • Dat’s Racis’ (.com)

    I like how they paint the NRA as the bad guy here instead of progressive liberals– the people that are always the perpetrators of such heinous crimes.

    But noooooo, can’t tell ’em that. Blame ‘dem Tea Baggaz!! Hope, change!

  • TattooedWhite TrailerTrash

    Not a single NRA member has ever been a perpetrator of these Heinous Crimes.

  • morgus

    These cartoons are really pretty funny, the liberals are going for the “shock” effect. Personally I believe the liberals should have a holiday in their honor a “Liberal Day”, on this “Liberal Day” we non liberals can show show our gratitude for the hosing we have received for the last 5 years with a throat punch to every liberal who has voted legally and 2 throat punches to the non legal liberal voters, this would help me feel so much better how about you?

  • Robert Doggart

    It is sad that the frightened people out there criticize guns principally because they ignorant of the need for them and the technical aspects of their operations. Expert Gunners are not afraid of the weapons, it is the people behind them that are the problem. There should be no issue with 100% background checks, mandatory minimum 8 hours of training with a practical examination at the end. Also, buying weapons at Gun Shows without any type of scutiny is just plain wrong. Law-abiding citizens should have no problem with what I have just said. Is our Nation really that unwise as to not realize this? Dr. Robert Rankin Doggart

    • morgus

      bought a lot of my guns from gun shows, had the same background check that Academy gives .

      • Robert Doggart

        Good to hear. In Tennessee, Gun Shows do not do any background checks. I think anyone who really wants a weapon and is law-abiding, and even maybe a Patriot, should have no issue with what you just informed me of. Thanks for the clarification that Gun Show background checks maybe be different Sate-to-State.

  • sandyjjensen

    HELL NO!

  • Warren Peterson

    those are just sick….using the blood of innocent people to promote your ideas…hmmm…NAZI TACTICS?

    • ShadowHawk

      Nazi, Stalinistic, w/e

  • Mike Loveall


  • Terry Burns

    To everyone who wants to live in a country where no citizens are allowed to have guns, no problem, there are planes leaving the USA almost hourly and with a few connecting flights you can be in North Korea with Dennis Rodman. You won’t be missed here.

  • Where’s the “D” for democrats? You know, because the HUGE majority of these mass shooters were registered Democrats. #oops

    • ShadowHawk

      Try ALL were dumbocrats.

  • Georgia Girl

    Hmmm, now what did all those shooters have in common besides guns….the govt doesn’t want you to know they were ALL on pschotropic drugs….maybe there’s the connection….

    • ShadowHawk

      How about the actual fact that they were ALL liberal Dumbocrats.

  • ajr

    Gun control created the “gun free” environment in all these shootings that made sure the shooter could keep shooting uninterrupted.

    And they blame the ones MOST equipped to stop it? The NRA is nurses, doctors, paramedics, firefighters, teachers, etc. Sure, blame the good guys they could have actually stopped it.

  • ajr

    The NRA is made up of police and military too. those are the people we call to stop the shootings. Sure, lets blame the heroes. Ridiculous.

  • icy69hot

    There are some sick liberal bastards out there by just seeing these cartoons.

    • Terry Burns

      You are correct icy69hot. I do hope that none of the families of the victims see these so-called cartoons.

      • icy69hot

        It’s not the NRA the families should be concerned about but the Mental health industry for not reporting and monitoring these deranged persons. You can’t blame a gun for the death of anyone you can only blame the person using that tool, because a gun is just that a tool. It is used to protect a person or family or a Nation, it is used to provide food by hunting and yes by deranged persons it is used to attack, but was it the guns fault? If you want to kill you will find a way regardless of the way you do it.

    • The_Dadster

      What do you mean “SOME” sick liberal bastards? They are all sick.

  • Terry Burns

    When was the last time someone shot up a police station and killed numerous police officers? Let’s see: NEVER. So you anti-gun people can just keep hanging-out in your “gun free zones”, I’ll stay armed and ALIVE.

  • Tonethousand

    Leftists want you to be unarmed so that only the government (you know, the big bloated one they support) will gain and maintain a “monopoly on force” over the people. The intention of the 2nd ammendment is to DENY the government that monopoly. The guns you own are not only for self-defense but to protect the homeland against “all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC”. The part about a “well-regulated militia”? WE ARE the militia.

  • bikerdogred1

    Democrats go give your life for the cause.

  • pamelajfrench

    Freedom of speech no matter how STUPID the content.

  • tepes

    this is disgusting ! but then what can you expect from morons ! you`ll notice they never mention that all the shooters have been left wing nutcases !

  • Don Marsh

    Pretty shameless propaganda from the usual suspects: communists, liberals, progressives…

  • Becky Kelly Davidson

    Just shows how absolutely ignorant the left is.

  • John H


  • Rick Vandiver


  • CSHJ

    It’s the people on the LEFT that shoots the guns that kill all those kids. Guns just lay there and do nothing. They are the laziest tool in the world. A person actually has to pick it up, put bullets in it and pull the trigger. It won’t even point itself at anyone or anything. It’s too bad that our media is so bad that they can’t/don’t report that factoid.

  • gjsmith_62

    That last one is pretty despicable, talk about using children.

    • The_Dadster

      The left dances on the graves of the dead kids in Newtown every chance they get.


    I find it so ludicrious that so many DemoRats are for taking away Our Rights as Free Men and Women, But then again , they have hated the NRA since it was founded to combat the DemoRat KKK, and the fact that all Presidential assassinations and all mass shooters have been either registered DemoRats or raised in a DemoRat Household. Considering how many of these shooters were mentally deficient doesn’t give me a lot of faith in the average Mental stability of any DemoRat, and look at some of the Politicians, Pelosi said, we have to pass Obamacare to see whats in it, they’re still writing “whats in it” as we speak, how is it a “”law”” get passed and they don’t even have it finished. And Feinstein has “”LOOKED “”AT so many pictures of guns, she thinks she’s an expert, but for a photo op, they get a picture of her with a rifle pointed at one of her underlings, and her finger is on the trigger, NOT ONE, BUT TWO BIG NO-NO’s of GUN SAFETY. And I bet she had no clue how to check to see if it was loaded, and didn’t even bother checking, Another big NO-NO of GUN SAFETY.

    • ShadowHawk

      Or intelligent enough to make sure the safety was on.

  • Catherine Babusiak

    Reasonable discourse went out the window when these cartoons were published. Remember that we are allowed to own guns to protect us from those who own them illegally and want to harm us and from THE GOVERNMENT.

    • Jeanne DeSilver

      “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” George Washington

  • Scarecrow

    its the new American past time, blame someone else for your faults. I see this chit everyday, oh because I was bullied I must kill people, oh that video game made me do it, the voices in my head made me do it the devil made me do it, its because of the NSA I am doing it. its all bs man up and just freaking say I did it because I am shit stain….and stopping guns wont fix the problem, because only the aholes will have them.

  • Joe Edwards

    Yes these are definitely outrageous cartoons. People should also be outraged at the irresponsible cartoon of the Sandy Hook Children being laid out dead to spell NRA. That is an exploitation of murdered children as the gun grabbing left loves to do. Most of the murders in this country are not done by guns. More people have protected themselves because they were armed, and have been responsible for drastically reducing the death toll by protecting themselves…and others. But you won’t hear to much about that from the liberal left controlled media.

  • jhrabos

    Oh hell no. They didn’t just go and do that did they? How low some will go to get a rise out of others. It is not the gun that kills it is the idiot behind the trigger that does it.

  • Joey Ramone

    Ironic how they paint the NRA as the push behind it when most of the recent mass shootings were done by registered Democrats…think about it.

  • Dennis Wesley

    This is made up by the same idiots who get their meat from the store because no animals were hurt. Get yourself a life cause I’m tired of you screwing with mine.

  • MnVoiceofReason

    How many serial killers were in the NRA?

  • mark2win

    Those “cartoons” are disgusting, tasteless, lies about the NRA and even tho we gun-owners know they are lies, many in the public might believe that these “cartoons” tell the truth about the NRA. We have to call them on there lies and continue to try to educate our friends, neighbors, and co-workers about the NRA.

  • Mr “C”

    Were these nut cases democrat or republican ?

  • The_Dadster

    Considering the low watt mentality of the average leftist, their inability to think beyond stereotypes and talking points, and their well known propensity for being mindless reactionaries, I’m sure these cartoons will hit home the same way Pavlovs dogs reacted to repeated stimuli.

    Speaking of dogs, liberal women are pretty doggy looking, but thats another topic for another time

  • Eli

    “All political power emanates from the barrel of a gun.” Mao Tse Tung

  • Aluminati Joe

    The last one was especially nice. I’d like to see a conservative remake spelling out ABORTION.
    There are more than three thousand babies killed each day in the liberally funded and fiercely defended abattoirs. Yet we are supposed to believe they value human life?

    • The_Dadster

      Look at the way they supported communist dictators for decades. 125,000,000 dead from those leftist thugs and now we are supposed to believe them when they cry crocodile tears for some murdered children?

      yeah, right.

      • Aluminati Joe

        I only have the one piece of advice my dad gave me concerning the liberal communists and their propaganda machine..
        “Son, if their lips are moving, nine times out of ten, they’re lying.”
        They tell the truth when they vocalize their support for actively killing abortion clinics while abhorring heavy and inanimate firearms.
        I haven’t found the rose colored glasses they see through but I’m sure they’re out there. Some factory is cranking them out 24/7/365 like CCI does ammo.
        Where’s the EPA to shut down their crud smelting facility?

        • The_Dadster

          The rose colored glasses can be found at any public education indoctrination center.

          • Aluminati Joe

            That’s why we homeschool, my man!

  • spatin

    Stalin didn’t like the civilians having guns either.

  • Bill R

    What could be more unjust, violent vulgar and profane then the use of these poor victims for political purposes. God Bless the protectors and the innocent.

  • Leadman

    Once he gets the guns what stops him from taking everything else?

  • spraynandprayn
  • Mark Wandrey

    Start the fight, statist pricks, I’m tired of waiting. Bring it.

  • Rukhama

    Those cartoons are disgusting. They are lies, that’s all.

  • mercyonus

    these are desperate and pathedic.

  • 1911HeadBanger

    LibTards are sick people who haven’t got a clue and do not live in reality.

  • austin

    if you don’t like me having guns come take them!!!!

  • Frank Swart

    Blame the NRA and gun owners when they are banned from protecting those children?

  • spraynandprayn
  • Stefan

    Ignorant at best.

  • Antonio R. Sanchez

    I, for one, don’t believe ’emotional’ cartoons.

  • Amy N Joe Curtis


  • Lena Livingston

    How discusting. Personally I don’t care for guns, but I believe in the Constitution. It doesn’t matter how many gun laws are made, law abiding citizens will follow them and the murderers will ignore them just like they do the ones now. I can’t believe someone would use the children to make a point. It is people like that, we need to watch out for. God Bless America !

  • Vrahnos

    Wow what a bunch of crap.Don’t you love it when anti gunners lie?


    Just goes to prove that gun-grabbers waste no time capitalizing on the deaths of innocents, ESPECIALLY children. Only a sick mind can do things like that.

  • Donald Walker

    Fear mongers one and all. Anything to push their agenda and make a few bucks on the back of tragedy caused by the mentally ill. Th old adage, “Where there is chaos there is opportunity” allows some the making a buck from the masses after a tragedy and makes for good fat bank accounts for some willing to “Work it.”

  • Juan_El_Flako

    YES, YOU CAN…. blame obama on this one.

    Yes, you can blame obamahellcare for killing jobs.

    Yes, you can blame obama’s anti industry agenda for killing

    Yes you can blame obama for withholding drilling permits,
    and fewer jobs.

    Yes, you can blame obama for not enforcing immigration laws,
    which has robbed Americans of employment opportunities.

    Yes, you can blame the socialists/communists in government
    who pander to their sponsors.

    Yes, you can VOTE THEM OUT !!!

    • Nameless App 1989

      You lost me on the “voting them out” part. If voting were so effective, the elite would have it outlawed ages ago.

  • Sharon Foley

    Who made these cartoons ? They are disgusting and disturbing and haven’t a dam thing to do with the Nra or decent people having guns and stop making it look like the NRA doesn’t care about children they have children too but would like to see them have a life of freedom not under a dictatorship. An really if you think about it what is going on in countrys when they have gun control ….They are being pushed around by Muslims.

  • John Jett

    This is a form of narcissism really. These idiots hide their control freak mentality by claiming to be so good and so for the children and education. In reality they are just control freaks who want to impose themselves on other people. It is in their self esteem. By being against any form of gun control you are personally against their sense of being so good and feeling so good about themselves. William Cooper wrote that this would happen in 1991 in his book “Behold a Pale Horse”. Who knew the police would murder him ten years later. Something is up with this school/theater massacres and I bet the government is behind it all.

  • LarryECollins

    Gun deaths are HIGHEST where gun laws are STRICTEST. We have very few gun deaths in Texas. In fact overall murders in Dallas are down 9% – the biggest drop in any major US city. Why? BECAUSE CRIMINALS KNOW THE REST OF US ARE ARMED! Historians tell us the only reason Japan never invaded the West coast of the U.S. is because they knew Americans owned guns. WAKE UP PEOPLE. If the disarm the law abiding, only the criminals and the government will have guns. THAT’S THE POINT OF THE 2ND AMENDMENT!

  • Guest

    IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHY I CARRY…. GO TO http://WWW.PEAK.ORG/JMW/CARRY and scroll down the page

  • Juan_El_Flako


  • Obie Nicolanti

    The truth about the perpetrators needs to more broadly communicated – all these killings have been done by liberals. if liberals want to banish guns, they may have a case for taking them away once you vote Democrat.

  • chad

    I find it funny when people argue with the assumption that every gun owner also has small children. Not everyone that owns guns has kids or even young children. So enacting regulation on the false premise of protecting children at home infringes on the rights of those who do not. This is why I have an issue with any “blanket” law or regulation, not everyone fits into your mold. And besides that point, children are a lot smarter than you are giving them credit.

  • Sharon Millhouse Anderson

    If you arm only a few…police…military….ect….then when they have been corrupted…they can mistreat honest, hardworking citizens…or like the Nazi….KILL YOU….because you cant fight back….so for all the idiots who think guns kill people….it is the people behind the guns STUPID….guns don’t think…..guns don’t pull their own trigger….the finger on the gun does….so tired of the SUPIDITY…..

  • Frank Tillman

    You have to be a “special kind of stupid” to fall for the message for this false message. Guns keep the progressive/socialist/communist crooked evil ratba$tard POTUS & his AG from killing us.

  • jeremyjbutler


  • Sharon Lynn

    I’m sure all 12 of the liberal viewers of these cartoons were rallied to action lol

  • DenverDiva

    HORRIBLE! When will these idiots realize that no ‘gun’ killed anyone! It’s the person behind it that kills someone! In an accident, do we blame the car? In a drowning do we blame the water? In a train crash do we blame the train? Where is the common sense??

  • James Lawson

    It’s amazing to me just how blind people are. People kill people. I have yet to see a gun jump up by itself and kill anyone. Then they’ll want the knives, and the axes and any other object they can think of. ENOUGH! Concentrate on the real problem. >>>>>>>Our youth that has no guidance.<<<<<<<

  • Chris Loveless

    This is utterly vile and complete BS.

  • whocares

    A story concludes that school shooters aren’t interested in a fight; they’re interested in soft targets that will leave them in control of the situation long enough to accomplish their evil deed. In this case, the perpetrators was met instead with a hard target — an armed, qualified security presence that was ready and willing to stop him — and did so in just 80 seconds. Gun-control laws didn’t stop a possible massacre at Arapahoe High School. A good guy with a gun stopped the rampage and in doing so almost certainly prevented much greater harm. For that, we can all be thankful.

    When an armed school resource officer entered the room, Pierson believed he was cornered and turned his gun on himself, Robinson said. The entire attack lasted approximately 80 seconds and was captured by security cameras.

    I could go on and on but the cases where people saved lives with guns is endless and includes children saving their own syblings thanks to a gun being available in the home.
    Florida has teachers taking gun lessons. realize it is a act of cowardice in the first place and these cowards back down when met with a gun.

  • chelseachablis

    the reason these anyone died at all is because the the RIGHT people WERE NOT ARMED!!!!….GET REAL!!!

  • Tim Pearce

    Well, it’s not as though they have logic of facts to back up their side. What’s left but this sort of bigotry?

  • Constitution lover

    Its disgusting that they stand on the bodies of babies to push their liberal agenda

  • greywulf1064

    I’m guessing they’re pro-abortion though.

    • Nameless App 1989

      Or pro-Syrian War, or pro-predator drone, or pro-Big Pharma, or pro-Monsanto, or pro-chemtrail, or pro-fluoridated water, or…

  • James Brien

    To bad all these shooters mentioned were registered democrats. I guess that’s the answer democrats can’t own guns.

  • VanceJ

    They are against guns until they need one, then they justify it.

  • Kathy McKinny

    as soon as OBAMA’S secret service turn in ALL THEIR GUNS so will I!!!!

  • cherykie

    The last one looks like the Clintons’ or 0bama’s hit list…

  • Ann D’Arcangelis

    They have a right, although I definitely don’t agree, to voice their opinion even if it makes them look like idiots.

  • Sruss745

    Blaming an inanimate object for a behavior is ridiculous!!!!

  • BaseballBill

    If the NRA created a political cartoon even 1/100 as one sided as these which were no-doubt created by sick,feeble minded, brain washed, totally uninformed, and simple minded idiots they would never see the light of day in any publication in the USA.

  • ARMYOF69

    I agree that we do need to take away the guns, from ALL DEMOCRATS. Those guys are truly dangerous.

  • Reader

    Anyone that would present, or appreciate and/or agree with, such political cartoons has clearly demonstrated that they have no interest whatsoever in honest debate about the subject and that their opinion is not worthy of public consumption.

  • Marvin Newman

    Speaking to the cartoons..Very distasteful to compare an insane person to the NRA.. Not a member but the ones I know who are, are not insane. The laying out of the children in the NRA initials is without taste and disgraceful, the artist should be ashamed to have drawn it. Just in case one of the parents or relatives might see it. Owning guns carries a responsibility to know how to handle them, to know how to shoot them, and to know how to be safe with them, and keep them safe from those who have no training or knowledge of guns.

  • Lucy Mauterer

    I’m sorry but these cartoons are just awful.

  • Billy Turner

    I have been told that Obama is not after our gun. Nor is the U.N.

    • Nameless App 1989

      I don’t know who told you that, but I’m guessing it’s either Mainstain Telly, a government shill, an ill-informed friend, family member, or citizen, public school, or anything government-controlled.

  • Not_in_Denial

    Typical leftist gun attacks that have no basis in reality! Their motto, “don’t confuse me with the facts!”

    • jim

      and never tell or believe the truth”guns don’t kill people do”

  • PatriotVet

    You people are sickos. You disgust me. I pray that the day comes when YOU need a gun and there are none available to YOU!

    • Nameless App 1989

      We didn’t write them, and the only one who applauds these warped editorial 1 panel atrocities is Scooter Livingston.

  • John Beam

    All of the leftist cartoonists draw crap like this. They portray people in the tea-party as clowns one day, and as horned-helmeted barbarians the next. Anyone who supports our 2nd amendment are portrayed as blood-thursty maniacs. Go to and check out all of the leftist political cartoonists (they are listed according to their partisan loyalty. I used to, but the garbage that they spew is just utterly disgusting. It’s comparable to the propaganda that the Nazis used to dehumanize the Jews.

  • rycsailor

    How come the cartoon showing Obama entering a classroom armed has an NRA flag? During the the Revolutionary War this was the technique of privateers in order to get close to the quarry…….

  • James M Morriss

    It’s not the guns that liberal fear, it’s the possibility that they might actually have to make a decision, take action, and be RESPONSIBLE for it.

    • AG Dot Com!


  • RightBeingRight

    When they come to take our guns away, will they be armed?

    • NotJim

      Of course. They’ll also be armed when they come for many other reasons, such as errors on your tax returns.

  • AG Dot Com!

    Where are the cartoons of the literally hundreds of stacked bodies from Fast & Furious guns bought for foreign nationals by Eric Holder and his corrupt DOJ?

  • Human

    Looks like the new world order wants to take away the 2nd amendment. They could save some money if we would just give it up. I don’t think we will give it up thank you, so you and the anti-Christ will just have to come get them!

  • Steve Lodge

    Sick cartoonists – all of them!

  • If I remember correctly, none of the shooters belonged to the NRA. 99% of mass shootings happen in ‘Gun Free’ zones by individuals who are on some kind of physco drugs. This fact is contently not shared, aired, or covered by lame stream media. Places where there are higher gun control have more violent crimes, where as places with lower gun control have less violent crimes. But what do statistics matter to those who are emotional, illogical, and lack the use of common sense…?

  • Montanajimz

    The sadists that Drew and Published these”cartoons” ,if they can be categorized as cartoons,(funnny as most cartoons are supposed to be) really need some deep therapy in order to correct their evil, dire,outrageous and devious thought process. They have got to be real sick to even think of this garbage, let alone have it published!

  • Dice Warwick

    for the most part, the the comics are quite harsh, and the only one that has a real good point is the first one. The big problem I have with the NRA is their indifference to such events, making them selves look like jack asses who rather blaim vidio games then talk about gun safety. The NRA can’t be held responsible for what crazy people do, but they are not helping when it comes to bad habits of some gun owners, which is why they are an easy’ish taget for the left.


      Don’t you think that a big part of the NRA looking like jack asses is how the main stream liberal media portrays them? Do you believe you get God honest reporting which reflects the truth without elevating one point and villainizing the opposing side? Pertaining to gun control here is an idea! One of the main focuses of the NRA is education; invite the NRA to our schools to teach gun safety courses. Education always trumps regulation!

      • Dice Warwick

        I have stopped wathing the main stream Conservative media for over a year now(even MSNBC bows to the conservatives despite being “liberal” it’s why they all fear fox news, they all want to work for fox news) From what I’ve seen, The NRA have little to make themselves look like the adult in the room, being more interested in blaming video games, then fixing any problem that might be there.

        another thing, we sound not have to invite the NRA to our schools to make them safer, education is important, but that is not the problem with what has happened with the mass shootings. even with good education, most of the people that did the shootings were mentally handicapped, and should not have been around guns in the first place. You can educate a person about how to eat healthy all you want, but it’s not going to matter if all the food they are given is poisoned. What we need to talk about is what kind of regulation for guns will work without getting in the way of the second amendment, yet the NRA shuts the debate down every time.

        It’s a lesson that the gaming industry found out eary on, “if you don’t regulate yourselves, some one will do it for you.” and the NRA and other gun groups can only avoid that problem for so long.

    • Pat De ESposito

      Easy target? Their ranks have increased by one million members since I joined!

  • sprdthewrd

    Guns do not kill people. People Kill People…Repeat after me….

  • Strangerinastangeland

    Every tryant believes in gun control.

  • johnmburt1960

    The first and third ones are a bit crude and clumsy.
    The last one is just about spot-on. I’m reposting it to Facebook — thanks!

    • Kent Horton

      If you’re really serious about looking for someone to blame for school shootings, you might look at the person who made schools “gun free zones.”

  • Ray M

    Thanks for the eye opening cartoons, I am headed to the NRA site to contribute.

  • jaxtom

    Goebbels would be so proud…

  • steveafrikaner

    What a bunch of uninformed idiots!

  • Essa Adams

    Not justified. We need a cartoonist to depict the security guard in school that came around the corner and when facing down an armed guard the student gunman that just shot a fellow student then shot himself instead of continuing the killing spree. A cartoon of the NRA mother in her home protecting her family from the non-NRA intruder with the chainsaw, saying OOPS but not so sorry. Counter these NRA bashing cartoons with truth!

  • Lorraine Butler

    Sad comment on our country that we don’t feel safe unless we are carrying a gun or have a few at home. And most of the killings that happen are by men, hmmmm do you think that men are the problem, I don’t read, on a daily basis that women are out shooting up each other or mass killings, some involving children. Just my opinion.

    • Dissident Aggressor

      nah, women are too busy blaming their failures on the culture that they helped create. go hug your cat an drink your wine, Lorraine.

  • Scooter Livingston


    Truth hurts you teatards…doesn’t it……

    • Dissident Aggressor

      Yeah, why don’t you check the score card and see who really gets hurt in elections when this subject is on the ballot. Americans aren’t stupid, just lazy. But, now, you effing libtards have rattled the hornet’s nest and you will soon know that the Silent Majority is now Awakening.

      • Scooter Livingston

        “…the Silent Majority is now Awakening…”


        People now realize how whacked you teabaggers are. They regard the NRA as a bunch of lunatic fringe fruitcakes. Those cartoons are spot-on and it galls you teatards to no end..

        So what are you Silent Majority looney tooners going to do? Stage a coup? *lol*

    • Nameless App 1989

      Okay. I got some truths for you.

      Exhibit A: Just about every shooting that has happened happened in gun-free zones. Crooks are not gonna drop their weapons just because the sign says to.

      Exhibit B: The Klu Klux Klan wanted gun control so that blacks could not be protected. So not only are gun rights not racist, gun control is, by your warped logic… racist. (Additional note: The KKK is a proud by-product of the Democrat Party, i.e. Obama.)

      Exhibit C: Gun control is not even about guns, it’s about control. If they take our guns, what’s stopping them from taking everything else? Remember, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.”

      Exhibit D: You are trusting a mass murderer of a president to protect us from other mass murderers. Never forget the people killed in the Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Yemen, etc.

      Exhibit E: The people who come up with said laws are exempt from said laws.

      Exhibit F: Th exact same day Sandy Hook happened, someone in the Eastern territory actually went on a killing spree using only a knife. (Utensil Control, Anyone?)


    All of the major shooting in the past two decades were with ILLEGAL possession of the fire arm and in “gun free” zones. Why do they choose gun free zones u ask? BECAUSE THERE IS NO ONE WITH A GUN TO SHOOT BACK! The NRA isn’t anymore responsible for the sandy hook shooting as the bartender the drunk driver had before he decided to drive drunk. You can thank Obama’s fast and furious scandal for releasing more guns to people who will obtain them from thugs ILLEGALLY! And use them against innocent unarmed Americans! Don’t punish those who follow the law because peole who don’t follow the law misuse guns! If that’s the case then I suppose we should punish those who come to America and follow the law and due the process of becoming a citizen and give free citizenship to people who come here illegally. A$$ BACKWARDS LEADERSHIP!

  • Holm Wrecker

    I find them disgusting. But what I think doesn’t matter as free speech is there specifically FOR offensive speech. To suppress their freedoms is to suppress mine as well and I won’t stand for it. Again, I find this disgusting, but freedom cuts in all directions and it HAS TO.
    My bottom line is this; You don’t like my owning guns? Come and take em then if you dare. You better have more ammo than me and be a better shot.

  • Jacob

    These pictures are atrocious! Have any of the gunman even belonged to the NRA? Not that it matters. What does history show us? When the government did not have their hands in the pot gun crime hardly existed. End of discussion.

  • Jacob

    To add as a second thought…. I own two firearms and both are out in plain sight. I have 6 children. Not a one of them will touch a one without permission. My youngest is 5. She has been around them most of her life. And when I am not around each has a trigger lock. I carry everyday and all of my kids have fired my glock.

  • williampenn

    Communist Party control can’t be complete while America’s citizens are armed. Comrade Obama and CPUSA will never back off on this issue; not for one second.

  • rhh33672

    Time for revolution to throw out the tyrant as 2nd amendment intended.

  • Charles Sansing

    This is the left and they are showing how truly stupid and sick they really are,this is more than outrageous this is about as low as any group of people could ever Go.
    The Liberals are really crawling out of the sewer on this one!!!

  • BlueEyedAl

    To change the lies to the truth, just substitute Democrat Party for NRA. All of the mass murders of voting age were Democrats. Those not old enough to vote had parents that were registered Democrats and very liberal.

  • Terry

    These people are idiots. A lot of us have had guns all our lives. If you don’t like them, don’t have one. But don’t tell me I can’t just because you don’t like them. Who’re you going to call if someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night? Someone who will bring tea and cookies????

  • Sheila Croston

    Hitler, started out a nice guy, a man for the people …Obama started out CHANGE, FOR THE PEOPLE. Look where he has gotten us. We can blame gun accidents on no discipline for our kids. I was raised in a strict home with love and discipline, all my dad had to do is give us that, LOOK, we knew exactly what he meant. I said all that to say, we have to take a stand against the NRA, OBAMA, or whoever wants to take our protection away from us…we have to PROTECT OURSELVES and our FAMILY AGAINST THESE so called, leaders that are trying to take away not just our guns but our, FREEDOM. IF WE Don’t, ALL OUR fight, our military, some dying for us will be in vain. When we are a socialist country, which is where we are headed…who’s going to protect us then!!!

  • 2mil

    A gun is a piece of machinery, just like a car. More people are killed by cars than by guns. In and of themselves, neither guns nor cars can do any harm. It’s not until someone uses the piece of machinery that it becomes a potential problem. If the anti-gun crowd was honest, they would also be in favoring the automobile, as, again, more people die because of cars than because of guns.

    • Meathead

      I’ve owned firearms for over 63 years. During that time, Ted Kennedy’s car killed more people than any of my firearms.

      • 2mil

        One minor correction to my comment. “If the ant-gun crowd was honest, they would also be in favor of banning the automobile,…” Sorry for the poor grammar.

  • mbm

    How is it humanly possible for anyone to be so ignorant to actually believe guns are to blame? Or, law abiding citizens? When was the last crime committed by a law abiding citizen? What part of “criminals don’t and won’t obey gun laws” don’t liberals/communists get? What part of “it’s not about the guns; it’s about gov’t control” don’t commie libs get? What part of “liberals have a mental disorder” don’t liberal commie progressives get?????

  • These liberals who attack our rights to protect ourselves, our property and our liberty by ownership of firearms, where do they stand on the death penalty? Eliminate the criminals first before you start attacking us law abiding citizens!

  • iitywybad

    It stretches the bounds of reason to call these “cartoons”. They are the projection of a sick and twisted mind.

    • Meathead

      Agreed! It took a deranged mind to conceive these.

  • Victor Kimbrough

    I hate liberals

  • Victor Kimbrough

    Why is it ok for a liberal ore progressive democrat to own guns but not a veteran there trying to disarm America don’t let them do it stop voting for democrats and take our country back

  • Law_dog1

    Why not just attack the law abiding citizens….just cut through the BS. None of these should be published. They have know idea about the NRA and people protecting their families against THUGS who break into your house at night….

    • Scooter Livingston

      You mean gun owners like that thug Zimmerman and that psycho Michael Dunn?

      • Meathead

        Some younger and heavier Negro is beating your head into the concrete, would you just let him or put a bullet in him?
        Zimmerman only fired one shot. He wasn’t even educated to “shoot in pairs” to eliminate a threat. If he had fired in anger, he would have emptied the clip into the little a-hole.

        • Scooter Livingston

          Zimmerman stalked Trayvon. He was told NOT to by the dispatcher. Bet you thought the murder of Jordan Davis was OK too….

          • Nameless App 1989

            He had two-thirds of ingredients to make a dangerous cocktail called “lean.” I’d stalk the degenerate too.

          • Scooter Livingston
          • Nameless App 1989

            All he needed was Robutussin (spelling error?), then he’d have that cocktail.

          • Scooter Livingston

            Again…Zimmerman knew this?

          • toothii

            Ulimately, It was Martin who physically approached and accosted Zimmerman. A little fact you conveniently forgot!

      • Law_dog1

        Hint; law abiding citizens.

        • Scooter Livingston

          Michael Dunn is a law-abiding citizen?

  • john lam

    Each year, about 2 million criminal incidents are prevented by firearms. On the other hand, only 0.01 % of all firearms are used illegally to commit a crime that hurts people. Compare that with a lifetime 67% chance of being in an car accident !! Should we ban cars ?? Cars are the leading cause of accidental deaths in the USA, not guns …not even close.

  • Lyvnxxl

    No, Not justified. not even close to being correct.

  • Harshrealm46

    Most if not all mass murderers are liberal democrats. I suggest just keeping guns out of the hands of liberals. I bet if they did a poll most of the idiots that left thier weapons out so thier kids shot themselves or someone else are also left leaning. Those are some reasons why they are against firearms because if they are so irresponsible and can not even trust themselves then everyone else must be just as moronic and cant be trusted.

  • Pat De ESposito

    The entrenched anger displayed in these obscenities is a measure of the jealousy the libs have against those they know in their hearts are right (no pun intended)..

  • Crowds Gather

    The anti-gun folks don’t want a principled, rational discussion of this subject. They just want to portray those of us who believe in the 2d amendment and the right of reasonable self-defense in these cartoonish and offensive ways to generate emotional negative feelings towards us. Demagogues and ideologues are like that.

  • ReaganConservative1

    These cartoon are outrageous

    • patriot2

      outrageous is an apt description but the newspapers they are printed in don’t tell the truth on anything else either.they still portray obama as a wonderfull humanitarian,but we know otherwise.

  • David Nemirow

    Holder and Obama will likely crucify the Detroit Chief of Police for saying he thinks that more guns in the hands of honest people will lessen violent crime in that city.

  • Truth or Vanity

    How much more appropriate would lines of bodies spelling out “gun free zone” be!

    • patriot2

      gun free zone?much more appropriate of course,but then gun-hating liberal democrats seem to think that they are the only ones that’s ok to sink to this level of depravity to advance their brand of politics.the democrats seem to think it’s better to blame a tool most often used for good,while the NRA people actually go to the schools to teach safety.

  • Harshrealm46

    I suggest we send liberals to the criminals houses to ask for thier guns first. When the crime, murder, and deadly assault rates are at zero law abiding citizens will still be responsible and if some syco pops up end of story. The criminals do not obey the laws thats why they are criminals.

  • CQQL33
    Here is a positive add that nobody in the main stream would air…………..


    TRUE AMERICANS need to WAKE UP and STAND UP! Say NO to everything coming out of D.C. and especially from the mouth or pen of the POSER! To allow our guns to be removed from us is to give up our lives, pride, history, patriotism, and freedom. What is going on in this country is something the British couldn’t accomplish, expand their influence, This time the battle will be between Islam and Communism to find out who gets the biggest share of the, “Unarmed American Pie”! REMEMBER!….. SURRENDERING YOUR ARMS IS TO CEASE TO EXIST!

  • KatrinaAnon

    Be sure to remind people that 1994 Safe Schools Act set this all in motion. Schools that allow armed defense (like Utah) have not been attacked.
    I like to call Gun Free Zones “Magnets for Maniacs.”
    Then ask them another question. If guns do not discourage thugs, then why arm police?

  • Sam

    These drawings (not cartoons) are as sick as the minds of the people who came up with them.

  • Frankie Addiego

    I have a question for the administrator: I wrote a couple of posts that I later regretted and deleted them, and if you want to ban me, I understand. They were wrong and I don’t deny that they’re wrong. But why–especially when you say in your posting policy that you have no tolerance for vulgarity, profanity or discourteous behavior–did they reappear as posts of an anonymous guest?

  • Ken Bowman

    The THUGS are the Obama administration acting exactly like NAZIS! Liberals are VILE individuals in league with Bankers who are part of the Fascist Government one world government mob.

    Communist Liberals and their Useful Idiots are working against their own self interests while too damn STUPID to comprehend they are being despite fully USED!

    The CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to the entire Western Society is the Brotherhood of Darkness who control Islam, Communism, Socialists, Liberals and Bankers!

    They are the CHURCH of SATAN the whore of all the Earth.

    Isaiah 32:5-8

    King James Version (KJV)

    5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.

    6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

    7 The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.

    8 But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.

    Isaiah the Prophet of God saw into the future over 2,500 years ago. Even naming what VILE individuals would call themselves. LIBERALS! They are happily denying Christ speaking villany against Jesus Christ. our Lord. These VILE individuals will not survive the day when Jesus Christ returns.

  • MichaelCarl

    The factual problem with the last cartoon is that ballistics proved it was a 9mm handgun that was used to kill the Sandy Hook children. But to the anti-gun crowd, facts don’t matter. Your best defence is to spend time teaching people that the real reason for the 2nd Amendment is self-defence from tyranny and defence of the home. It’s not about hunting, target shooting, or collecting antique firearms.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Target shooting was unheard of in 1776, unless it was another soldier shooting at you, an attacking bear or other large predator or game for your dinner table running away.

  • grumpyolguy

    These are all sick cartoons. I hope the people who produced them don’t own guns. THAT would be scary.

  • Sunshine Kid

    The left wing nuts don’t understand the word “debate” at all. To them it is only how well they can denigrate and insult with no facts necessary.

  • ICorps

    Those cartoonists are the same ones who work to protect Muslim terrorists and who defend the Muslim practices of stoning women to death, beheadings, and blaming gang rape on the woman. They are “artists” who think submerging a crucifix in urine is art.

    Those cartoonists are nothing more than the human equivalent of monkeys in the zoo throwing dung at passers-by (with my apologies to the monkeys for the comparison).

    • Michael Scheck

      NICE!! LOL.. But I believe the correct pronunciation is “arteeest”

  • Busdriver Bill

    It would be laughable, were it not taken seriously by otherwise intelligent folks. It is just amazing how folks with intellect can fall for this clap-trap. It is indeed slanderous, and I hope the leadership at NRA presses charges. (The spreaders of the propaganda know what they are doing, but the fools who fall for it are just mesmerized).

    Why is this site called “Gun Debate?” There is no debate. The “Framers” said it all, clearly. Nobody seems to want to read them anymore.

  • 1bob

    Misguided, perhaps, the statistics be damned….typical liberal reaction. They’re not much at learning from history either.

  • Gun Control is not about crime control, it is about people control. They who control the guns control the people. ASK ANY DICTATOR. Enough said, right.

  • yacope

    It takes a really sick mind to make these assumptions about an organization that you know nothing about. I see who really need to stay away from guns and is not the NRA, it’s the sick cartoonists that can come up with these disgusting images. I hope that they never are in a situation where they need to defend themselves and are not able because they are unarmed, there’s no one around them to help and the police are not there in time (like in Dallas when they took 74 minutes to show up AFTER a shooting involving 5 armed men). Fantasy land is great right up until the moment the dragon shows up and tries to cook and eat you.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Don’t left psycho Democrats own guns and the world will be a safer place.
    Don’t left Democrats off their meds and the world will be EVEN BETTER!

  • terryk

    Armed citizens are the best prevention to thse cartoons. these are in bad taste and should be flagged

  • gerdie0153

    None of the nuts that kill innocents belong to the NRA!!!!!

    • UrbanCyclist666

      Like John Spooner.

  • red55bird

    American history of the Revolution war, the British were coming for our guns and the people resisted and the people stood they’re ground, is this again another attempt by those who want control over the people by disarming them, but this time it’s our own Government. Wake Up America.

  • Bevan Tim

    Hummmm , it is time to post signs in the yard of every anti-gun nut….
    “This person is anti-gun , therefore there are no guns here”
    We can get them made for about 50 cents each… Any takers out there??? Remember it is always about control , no just gun control…

  • AZWarrior

    None of these assclowns EVER had anything to do with the NRA. Screw a bunch of libscum.

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwackos hate it when ordinary people have the right to defend themselves. They love criminals and thugs!

    Leftwingwackos are bloodthirsty. To them, ripping a child limb from limb with a knife in the most painful method on earth is OK. But shooting children who then die with less pain is horrible. That shows how they love to inflict pain on children, and wish to maximize pain. Leftwingwackos are sadistic.

    Leftwingwackos also believe that you must trust teachers with the most precious – children – but you cannot trust these same teachers to have a gun to protect your most precious.

    In short, leftwingwackos hate children, parents, and anyone who wants to protect the innocent.

  • James in Texas

    Disgusting, nothing more and far more so! Whomever drew these so called cartoons is a person without principles and/or courage. The folks who are members of the NRA are among America’s best supporters and are people of high value responsibility! Bottom line………………”Come and Take Them”, if you have the courage of having “right” on your side! Said Right is the 2nd. Amendment.

  • akoby

    None of the sickos had anything to do with the NRA and everything to do with failed mental health systems, violent video games and the failure to enforce the laws we have now. But gee, why tell the truth when you can distort it. Reminiscent of the good ole days of Hitler, Stalin, Mao

  • Chiefbuck

    A huge problem with firearms is possession of firearms by those prohibited from owning them. As a veteran I will keep my firearms and encourage all people who are permitted to own firearms to do so. This action is necessary to prevent criminals and those prohibited from owning firearms from causing harm to others. The police have been restricted in many cases from removing firearms from those who are prohibited from having them by the same elected officials who are trying to remove YOUR firearms. To clarify, the convicted felons who are not permitted to possess firearms seem to be exempt from efforts to have their firearms taken.
    This folks is liberal progressive out of control government. It shouldn’t be necessary for me to identify the organizations who are responsible.

  • brentondadams

    Typical leftist stage one thinking. These ‘cartoons’ are the equivalent of a toddler throwing a temper tantrum.
    If ANY of these lunatics, not the ones that make these shitty cartoons, but these mass shooters the media loves so much, was in the NRA I’ll apologize and admit Im wrong.
    But we know that’s not true. If gun owners were as sick and violent as liberals, there wouldn’t be any liberals left. Think about that.

  • VinceD2

    These “cartoonists” are nothing but character assassins
    taking advantage of tragedies to push their agendas. This is shameless and complexly
    unacceptable. Are you sickos happy to have children killed so you can push your

  • David M

    Hang on to your guns. Buy more ammo. Be willing to pull the trigger to protect your family and yourself. Owning a gun is one thing. Being willing to use it is another. Which are you?

  • JustinMontana

    And yet they wink at Islam and fund them as well.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • miprecinct9

    Just a little bit of a misrepresentation. Funny, I don’t condone the murder of innocents. Nobody I know that belongs to a firearms advocates’ group does either. I wonder where these cartoonists get their information? Oh, yeah, that’s right, it’s propaganda, my bad…..

  • Robert Hickman

    Hitler was insane just like the people that make this crap.

  • thecelt1

    These drawings are NOT CARTOONS. They are a DISGRACE. The NRA is the most powerful organization to support and protect our Constitution. I joined the US Air Force at the beginning of the Korean War and I took an Oath to serve our country and to serve and protect the Constitution from ALL ENEMIES, BOTH FOREIGN AND DEMESTIC! I still live by that Oath and will fight if necessary. It’s their right to draw these rotten pictures because our Military Protects That Right. I also have the right to be outraged by these pictures and to voice my thoughts and opinion! I have been a member of the NRA for nearly 50 years and Damn Proud of it. I also proud to be an ANERICAN. Are You?

    • UrbanCyclist666

      God bless Anerica!

  • johnnywood

    These “cartoonists” are despicable at best.

  • Russell Smith

    Tasteless, but typical. The anti-rights crowd likes to wave human bodies like flags to justify their evil. These cartoons are just the most obvious corpse-waving.

  • Son of Liberty

    The liberal-left in America IS our Mao – and they believe the people of China were better off under Mao…

    Real Americans need to STOP listening to the likes of the dirt bags in Washington that support the tyranny, and take matters into their own hands.

    STOP being nice guys or you WILL finish last.

  • Bill Robison

    It was never the intention of our Founding Fathers to have the government protect the people but rather they defend themselves, their families, their country and the government only as a last resort.
    Remember to vote the Obama and all the shysters that side with him on any thing even the air they breathe. Do away with the home grown non-american tyranny and the people that believe that is gospel.
    Buy more guns, ammo and VOTE them out and start over with people that have our freedom at heart.

  • Phil Bronner

    Strange that the left-wing loon gun control crowd is trying to blame the NRA for the left-wing loon mass shootings their own “insane” are perpetrating!

  • mattzweck

    We have a right to bear arms.

  • hijinx60

    The Court rules that it isn’t the duty of police to protect you from crime. Now, they want to take your guns so that you cannot protect yourself from crime and does anyone seriously believe that a “No Guns Allowed” sign is a deterrent to crime?? Anyone who is for gun control needs to take their brain out of cold storage and use it.

  • Harvey Melton

    the propaganda masters think everybody in this country is without a brain, when it is them that daily show just how ignorant they are and how out of touch they are with reality. All gun free zones are nothing less than death zones when it comes to a deranged killer using his guns to kill with. These antigun freaks would have us believe that if we would give up our guns then everything will magically be perfect with the world all the bad guys will say gee I will give up my guns too, not. The govt is the biggest anti gun entity around as they do not want armed people standing in their way of enslavement. They more than likely fabricate these many gun tragedies themselves as a way to push gun control and gun confiscation. They have the resources to do it in many different places and many different ways everyday if that is what they wanted. Just so they can convince enough people to give up so they will ultimately have total control.

  • whatever

    Do not forget the one with the milk cartons and building blocks… spelling NRA.. covered in childrens blood… a painting.

  • whatever

    It is really simply foks. Here is the propaganda:
    It is classical conditioning (psychology term), aka brainwashing.

    1)Show dead bodies, evoke fear, hate, anger.

    2)While this anger is running strong (show photos of dead kids, bring in their families, etc) show photos of anything or talk about any topic you want ANYTHING.

    3)Do this a LOT, non stop, media saturation, “ad nauseam propaganda”

    4) Use “appeal to authority” propaganda as well, where a president, doctor, or person of authority is the one discussing the topic to be paired with the raw fear, hate, and anger.

    THATS IT! Do this enough for any thing, any one, any group… Jews, Blacks, gays, gun owners, specific rights or freedoms….. you can demonize anything!

    How it works, classical conditioning: The emotion of the spree shooting, anger fear and hate, are paired with photos of the NRA, an AR15, or self defense rights. Over time the photos and victims of the spree shooting are NOT required to evoke the fear, hate, and anger; the target audience (US population) as LEARNED to associate these negative emotions with the demonized stimuli (NRA, AR15, self defense rights in this case).

  • Pat De ESposito

    How come the castrated sheeple responsible for the so-called ‘gun-free zones’ are not held accountable when shooting tragedies inevitably happen?

  • rockyvnvmc

    Barry Soetoro/Soebarkah aka BArack Obama aka Harrison Bounel (or Whatever his Real Name is) is copying Hitler’s gun control theme, right down to using the Same Words that ‘Uncle Adolph’ used !

  • Larry

    No one would need guns if there weren’t so many bad people in the world. You can ban guns like Canada did, then everyone will carry a knife. A more useful tool, you can peel fruit with it.

  • John Machado

    a/ The NRA is a fraud and its loyal puppies pure fools. b/ Hitler took weapons only from those he wanted to destroy .. never took weapons from most citizens. Try checking facts…but, then,
    how can you be a loyal NRA person and do that? .. sorry, my bad.
    c/ 2nd amendment is about and only about militia .. it was written in English .. learn some.
    d/ no sumbich anywhere needs an AK-47 or the like … except to become a potential mass killer….

  • Paul Streiber

    If you’re ignorant enough to think the NRA defends the Bill OF Rights for monetary profits, what does that say about the Federal Government, which collects 11%of the price of every rifle, pistol, revolver, cartridge, holster, ect ect ect sold in this country?

  • Truthsayer

    Same old stupid tired crap. The democrats love to use fear and falsehoods to push their agenda. They do it with everything not just guns. And they are stupid enough to not get the fact that if the guns are gone, what stops anyone from taking the rest of our freedoms? How long until freedom of speech or the press is taken away? Read some history. Learn what has happened when guns are taken from the populous. Guns are the reason why we are free. Get over it. Oh….. And if you created a billion more gun laws and took them away from all of us law abiding citizens, the criminals would still have them and would still kill people with them. Criminals laugh when you tell them it is illegal to do something. They don’t care! Wake up and get a clue. People without guns are sheep.

  • Darthkuriboh

    these “cartoons” were obviously drawn by the same semi-literate liberals who refuse to admit black on white crime exists, that black on black crime exists, and someone other than white males can commit hate crimes.

  • scott

    funny thing is,in France guns are illegal and a muslim was about to shoot up a train with what,A GUN,AN ILLEGAL GUN,who stopped him,not some faggot frenchman,it was 3 Americans.These idiot liberals do not realize a few things,
    1)the guns used in these events were illegal
    2)non of these shootings happened under other POTUS’
    3)it is all part of Obama’s gun grab
    4)liberals love to say conservatives only care about their god and guns,I guess they never met a muslim

  • Jeff

    It’s amazing that people can be this stupid.

  • 56goodbadugly45

    In backward countries like Great Britain you are only allowed to own a shotgun and only by permit only. God help you if you get caught with a semi-automatic pistol or a revolver or a rifle. In backward countries like Great Britain they will regard you as a felon if you get caught with a revolver, pistol, or rifle. Great Britain is not alone. There are other backward countries like that. In forward-thinking America we regard the firearm as the only thing that stands between us and Dictator-wannabees like that communist coon in the white house.

  • Christopher Davis

    it would be down right fkn funny to see some of you try and ride horses when they recall all the cars after the next DUI fatality! -.-

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