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  • this has nothing to do with guns

    • Meathead

      To an anti-gun liberal, EVERY THING has to do with denying citizens the ability to protect themselves from government. Worked well for Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc., didn’t it? Liberals just can’t understand that they will be among the first into the FEMA Camps.

    • DRLJR

      So? It is an interesting set of photos. Notice that the cheetah has a tracking collar so the animal is probably used to people.

  • dmacid

    The cat is use to being around some people. Even has a collar on. But I still like the pic.

    • Billca

      I don’t know that the cat is “used to” being around people. That’s a radio-tracking collar on the cat. It seems the Cheetah, one of the more solitary big cats, is very inquisitive. One professional handler claimed they were also quite affectionate. Go figure.

      • dmacid

        Maybe not “use to” but seems to have lost some fear and not aggressive in the pics. Sure is a beautiful animal.

        I new it was a tracking collar. They don’t look comfortable like they could get hung up on something.

        • Billca

          The UK Dailymail article clears it up. This is at a game preserve in Africa where she frequents. “The gorgeous female Cheetah, named Mtombi, is tame to the camp but still runs wild and hunts for herself.” So she IS used to people but is still wild born and not dependent upon humans.

  • Meathead

    Pure BS. Semi-tame kitty posing with a knucklehead with a camera. Hope the “liberal” doesn’t rub off on the cat.

    Open Season on the two-legged critter?

  • wait til you see what ol’ Harvey Weinstein’s gonna try to do- take out the NRA,LOL! with Meryl Streep as ‘secret weapon’

    • gipbmac

      What I love about this is that it will backfire on these hollywood moron hypocrites! Let him make the stupid movie – no one but hypocrite follywood libtards will go see it – but for the most part, it will do NOTHING to the NRA – it will end up helping them lol

  • Kittykat’s too smart! it’s probably a Libertarian!

  • Kaitty

    He is very young and has a special collar on his neck so he is acquainted with humans which may cause him to lose his life later on
    by not knowing the difference between the good and bad guys..

  • Robert Staggs

    Big Cats will do surprising things according to whether they are hungry, feel threatened or they are being protective of their young. Most wild animals wont bother you except for those reasons but still they are wild animals and can suddenly turn on you at anytime.
    I grew up in the Everglades and have studied Animals all my life. I frequently watch one of the best Wild Animal Photography shows on the ANIMAL Channel and have seen Lions, Leopards and other Big Cats get up on the top of the Four Wheel Drive Vehicles that have an open top, not more than a foot or two from the men and even one Lady photographer inside the vehicle. The big cats lay there just above their heads and scan for prey but never bother the people in the Vehicle.
    You must know how to act when doing this because animals can sense very quickly if you make a quick move or give off certain smells that indicate negative to the animal.

  • Dempsey Coleman

    No I would not Shoot his tamed Cheetah but like all Wild Animals they are more likely to
    turn on the Owner than a Pit Bull Dog so
    if out on a Hunt you are most likely not
    looking for a Pet.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Great Cat. Would love to have one stuffed in my living room.

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